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Whiskey And Coke



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro: Erick Sermon] [简介:埃里克讲道]

Number number number number niiiiiiinnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee!!!! 号号号号niiiiiiinnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee !!!!

Erick Sermon! Twon Gabz! New Def Squad! 埃里克讲道! Twon Gabz !新防队!


[Verse 1: Erick Sermon] [诗歌1 :埃里克讲道]

Uh! Yeah! Globe-trottin, got money to travel 嗯!是啊!全球范围内, trottin ,有钱去旅行

I'm wine sippin, I the valley of Napal 我啜饮着酒,我Napal谷

I'm gettin money you puttin in raffles 我刚开的钱,你在莱佛士puttin

You can't dig up with that shit, you assholes 你不能再挖了狗屎,你混蛋

My dough stack high like flagpoles (HUH!) 像旗杆我的面团堆高(呵呵! )

This gun shoot you then I grab soul (Gimme it!) 这把枪射你,然后我抓住灵魂(给我吧! )

The reaper, model styles 收割,型号款式

A headband, blue jeans, zip up and sneakers 头带,蓝色牛仔裤,拉链和运动鞋

Who got the nerve to blast on me?! 谁的神经爆炸对我?

All that singin I'm hearin, y'all belong on Glee 所有这一切嬉我赫林,你们都属于上欢乐合唱团

Flee...dog (UH HUH!) 逃离...狗(嗯! )

These broads are hangin around me like bird around tree 这些湖区都挂着我身边像周围的树鸟

E! I got that roster, ask Diddy (UH!) 电子!我得到的名单,问吹牛老爹(嗯! )

I got that Formula, ask 50 (Yep!) 我得到的公式,问50 (是的! )

Me and Twon terrorizin the city (HUH!) 我和Twon terrorizin市(呵呵! )

Up in the spot with these big butts and TITTIES!!!!!!! 在与这些大烟头和的titties当场!!!!!!!


[Verse 2: Twon Gabz] [诗2: Twon Gabz ]

I live a vida loca, spit on ya 我过着一种VIDA LOCA ,吐雅

Middle finger ocho then arriba docha 中指八条再阿里巴docha

It's over, bag more chicks then Dolce & Gabbana did 它已经结束了,包包更小鸡那么Dolce&Gabbana的做

Rap's ate more niggas then Jeffrey Dahmer did 说唱的吃了更多的黑鬼然后杰弗里·达默做

Cookin fam on your face like Benny Honda did 乱打FAM你的脸像尼本田那样

So I got more haters then Osama did 所以我得到了更多的仇敌,然后做了奥萨马

I took more shots then 'Pac and 50 did 我把更多的投篮,然后小精灵和50做

That's truth homey, I got proof homey 这是事实的家一样,我得到了证明温馨的家庭

I took a hundred rounds of Grey Goose homey 我花了三百回合灰雁的家一样

Huh! You ain't a real rapper you a spoof homey 呵呵!你是不是一个真正的说唱歌手,你恶搞温馨的家庭

I'm gourmet you Ramen Noodle food 我的美食你拉面食品

A drunk slur to your girl you Beau-tiful 一个醉汉嫌弃你的女儿,你博, tiful

I feel good this evenin 我感觉很好,这evenin

See what that God blessed me to be breat-hin 看到神赐福给我作breat欣

And that's a good enough reason ,这是一个足够好的理由

Good mo'nin, me and my eggs both cheesin 好monin ,我和我的两个蛋cheesin


[Verse 3: Fish Grease {Erick Sermon}] [诗歌3 :鱼脂{埃里克讲道}]

Uh! Fish Grease yep! I'm the shit! 嗯!鱼脂是的!我是狗屎!

Prosthetic leg but the strut ain't switched! 假腿,但支柱不切换!

Hated in the hood, but loved by your bitch 讨厌的油烟机,而是由你的母狗爱

I would come out and play but she's all on my dick (WOO!) 我出来玩,但她的一切在我的鸡巴(呜! )

Like Taylor Allison, I'm Swift 像泰勒佳佳,我是斯威夫特

Hit them off everytime, never miss 打他们了,每次,不会错过

Like Jordan from the line, every rhyme's a swish 像乔丹从行,每一个韵是一个时髦

Styles upon styles I can sit and pick 在风格样式,我可以坐下来,挑

Like this one's for that and that one's for this 像这样的为那一个对这个

(Uh!) Switch 'em up with their outfits like kicks (嗯! )开关,把他们与他们的服装一样踢

(Yeah!) Def Squad raised me, y'all can't phase me (Uh!) (是的! )防队把我养大,你们都可以不相我(嗯! )

Fuck you, pay me, test tube baby! (LET'S GO!) 去你妈的,给我,试管婴儿! (我们走吧! )

I bet it all, we bet it in the mall 我敢打赌,这一切,我们打赌它在商场

'Cause, rappers today is wack {And I'll say it!} 因为,今天的说唱歌手是怪人{我会再说吧! }

But like Chuck D I don't believe that hype 但是,像查克·D我不相信炒作

I bet you, run for your life in a pillow fight {HEYYYYYY!!!!!!} 我敢打赌,你运行在一个枕头打你的生活{ HEYYYYYY !!!!!! }


[Verse 4: Kapone] [第4节: Kapone ]

Hi my name is Kapone and I'm an alcoholic 大家好,我的名字是Kapone我就是个酒鬼

I blacked out for awhile but I really can't call it 我昏了过去一段时间,但我真的不能称之为

Your boy been nice since Jordan's since rolled 你的孩子是因为乔丹的好的,因为卷

Drinkin shots of Tequila with the Vodka Alimoe 喝龙舌兰酒的镜头与伏特加Alimoe

Lil' purp, lil' vic, lil' haze pocket right 律 PURP ,律 VIC,律霾口袋

Red eye flight, with the red eye sight 红眼航班,与红色眼睛视力

Baby drinkin Reesemen's, Remy Martin martini's 婴儿边喝边Reesemen的,人头马马丁尼的

Drink Bacardi Lemon, I think I hear Biggie speakin 百加得喝柠檬,我想我听到大不了speakin

I make your mouthpiece obese, and guns squeeze 我做你的代言人肥胖,枪挤

Come up off the cheese more Jack Daniel's please 想出掉奶酪更杰克丹尼请

Like Red Foxx to Grady dummy you talkin out of line 喜欢红色福克斯到格雷迪笨蛋,你说话脱节

I know I gotta be drunk, 'cause Aun't Ester lookin fine 我知道我得喝醉了, “造成Aunt酯看着细

I'm drinkin Louis 15th or Louis Chaundon 我喝路易十五和路易Chaundon

In my Louis Vuitton, yo baby get it on! 在我的路易·威登,哟宝宝得到它!

Words stay slurred off the icky and herb 也就是说保持含糊掉过甜和药草

This is Def Squad baby were the bottom on the curb 这是防守队的宝宝是底部路边


[Outro: Erick Sermon] [尾奏:埃里克讲道]

Whiskey and Coca-Cola, Vodka and Lemonade 威士忌和可口可乐,白酒和柠檬水

It's just the music baby, that make me feels this way 这只是音乐,宝贝,让我觉得这种方式

Whiskey and Coca-Cola, Vodka and Lemonade 威士忌和可口可乐,白酒和柠檬水

It's just the music baby, that make me feels this way 这只是音乐,宝贝,让我觉得这种方式

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