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Westwood Classic Freestyle



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[Nas:] [纳斯: ]

Foreign cars 外国车

Three for Alize niggaz deceased or behind bars 三为阿利兹死者的兄弟们,或身陷囹圄

I rap divine Gods check the prognosis, is it real or showbiz? í说唱神神选中的预后,是真实的还是娱乐圈?

My window faces shootouts, drug overdoses 我的窗前面临枪战,吸毒过量

Live amongst no roses, only the drama, for real 生活当中没有玫瑰,只有话剧,真正的

A nickel-plate is my fate, my medicine is the ganja 镍板是我的命运,我的药是大麻

Here's my basis, razor embraces, many faces 这里是我的基础,剃须刀拥抱,多面

Your telephone blowin, black stitches or fat shoelaces 您的电话飘荡,黑色缝线或脂肪鞋带

Peoples are petrol, dramatic automatic fo'-fo' I let blow 人民是汽油,戏剧自动fo佛我让打击

Back down po-po when I'm vexed so 背下来PO - PO当我烦恼等等

My pen taps the paper then my brain's blank 我的笔水龙头的文件,然后我的大脑空白

I see dark streets, hustlin brothers who keep the same rank 我看到黑暗的街道, hustlin兄弟谁保持相同的秩


[Chorus: Nas] [合唱:纳斯]

It Goes On to the Break Of Dawn, Listening to Words, Knowledge, Word Is Bond 它继续在打破黎明,听词,知识,字是债券

It Goes On to the Break Of Dawn, Listen to the Words, and the Knowledge 它继续在打破黎明,听的话,而知识


[Nas:] [纳斯: ]

I keep a gem-star razor under my tongue... and near my gums 我把一个宝石星级剃刀在我的舌头......和近我的牙龈

When I'm not strapped... blow just before you cock your glocc back 当我没有绑...吹只是你公鸡你glocc回来之前,

Touch your temple, leave you leaking, while I'm speaking 触摸你的圣殿,让你漏水,而我说

The shit that I be freaking, gives me papers, while I'm sleeping... G 我被吓坏了,妈的,给我的论文,而我睡... G

Walk around mega hard, like wateva God... 逛完大型硬,像wateva神...

You could'ntcount how many niggas my bretta scarred 您couldntcount多少黑鬼我bretta伤痕累累

I light the marijuana smoke, and chicks 我点燃的大麻烟,和小鸡

And posers that I'm smoking with 而posers说我吸烟与

Could'nttake it, my ganja left emotionless Couldnttake它,我的大麻留下无情

I leave your brain stuck 我离开你的大脑陷入

Giving hoes a plain fuck 给锄头纯他妈的

They call me Nasty, but I'm not with the strange stuff 他们叫我讨厌的,但我不怪东西

When I'm drunk, I stagger right and lyrics with a dagger 当我醉了,我踉跄权利,歌词用匕首

Next stabber catchin reck, badder than a tec would had of... 接下来锥子捉RECK ,比TEC将具有巴德...

Lefted struck, now whose next up... Lefted来袭,现在她的下一步了......

I murder, send me to San Quentin and I'm lynching niggas... Word Up í谋杀,送我到圣昆廷,我私刑黑鬼......新词涌现

A sing-sing, fuck is a hang, still is the same thing... 个唱星,他妈的是个坑,仍然是同样的事情...

No... matter the cell blockNas will be named King 不......不管电池blockNas将被命名为王

Slaughter... drinking head rock... 屠宰...喝头岩...

Forget water, peace to my niggas with my shit in ya tape recorder 忘了水,平安我的黑鬼我在雅录音机狗屎


[Chorus: Nas] [合唱:纳斯]

It Goes On, Word Is Bond... Word Is Bond... Lettin Nas Nas be Born... With Westwood 如此下去,字是邦德......字是债券......释放Walking纳斯纳斯出生...随着韦斯特伍德

Yea 是啊


[Nas:] [纳斯: ]

Pardon the Curses, but just in the verses, when I... 原谅诅咒,只是在经文中,当我...

Was a kid, I used to blow up the churches 还是孩子的时候,我曾经炸毁教堂

But now, I got older, snatching purses 但是现在,我长大了,抢皮包

Walking around, I'm a nervous reck 走来走去,我一紧张RECK

What the heck? 什么鬼?

Don't disrespect... 不要不尊重...

Cause if you do... you might get hit with the tec 因为如果你这样做......你或许会碰到的TEC

Off the top of my head 从我的头顶

Yes, I'm a blunthead 是的,我是一个blunthead

The F.I... F.B.I. want me dead 该F.I ...联邦调查局要我死

But yea... I might stutter 不过啊......我可能会口吃

When I'm still crazy butter 当我还在疯狂的黄油

Doing whatever you want 做任何你想要的

I'm from the gutter... 我从阴沟里是...

Queensbridge, where I live... New York City 皇后桥,我住的地方......纽约市

Where it comes by, and the girls look pretty 凡涉及通过和女孩看起来漂亮

Like my man Malakai said... 喜欢我的人Malakai说...

It goes on, Word Is Bond... till the end, my friend I wanna drive me a Benz... 如此下去,字是邦德......到最后,我的朋友,我要开着我的奔驰...

I swear... and my motherfucking real name is Nasir... Yea 我发誓......我他妈的真名是纳西尔...是啊

It Goes On, Like Dat, It Don't Stop 如此下去,就像DAT,它不停止

I keep it real rocking that New York Hip Hop 我把它真正的摇摆纽约嘻哈

Straight outta Queens, by all means 直失控皇后区,通过各种手段

I chill with sess fiends, in Guess Jeans 我寒冷与SESS恶魔,在猜测牛仔裤

Yes, Yes, It's On 是的,是的,它是在

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