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[Floyd Mayweather speaks] [梅威瑟说]


[Ludacris:] [卢达克里斯: ]

Back up on dat ass, 备份的DAT屁股,

Back to put rappers on one knee like they bout to run 100 meter dash, 回来把一条腿说唱歌手像他们回合跑100米短跑,

Bow down to greatness, before I get pissed and run up in the stands like the Indiana Pacers, 跪拜伟大的,我被气坏前,在看台上像印第安纳步行者队跑起来,

Covered all my bases, straight, no chasers, 覆盖所有的基地,平直,无猎,

Diamonds on my chain look like my neck's full of glacers, 我的钻石链看起来像我的脖子上的全glacers的,

Titanic flow, Titanic dough, women on my nuts like "Where da Titanic go?" 泰坦尼克流,泰坦尼克号的面团,女性对我的坚果,如“阿凡达泰坦尼克号去了? ”

I been scourin' da earth, makin' my fans catch da holy ghost at my shows like ya grandma at church, 我一直scourin “大地球,金我的歌迷赶大圣灵在我的节目像你奶奶在教堂,

And the fat lady singin', it's ova for you rappers, 而胖女人唱歌 ,这是OVA你说唱歌手,

Can't none of ya'll bust your just sacs full of semen, 不能没有你们大家的胸围你只是囊充满精液,

And I got da women screamin', and they could catch my balls on any given sunday like my name's Willy Beaman, 和我大的女性尖叫,他们可以赶上我的球在任何给定的星期天喜欢我的名字叫威利比曼,

Or LL Cool, so if ya boyfriend thinks your loyal to his ass then he's a motherfuckin fool, 或LL酷,所以如果雅的男朋友觉得你忠于自己的屁股,然后他是一个他妈的傻瓜,

Got jewels on my pinky, jewels on my wrist 拿到珠宝在我的小指,珠宝在我的手腕上

Iconic status and his name is Ludacris, 标志性的地位,他的名字是卢达克里斯,

Bitch please, you messin with some real O.G's, 母狗请您messin与一些真正的O.G的,

With million dolla whips dat I ship from overseas, 随着百万dolla鞭子DAT我船来自海外,

Got a pocket full of G'z, and the inconvenient truth is that the ozone is back cause I been smokin' all da trees, 有一个口袋里装满Gz ,而不愿面对的真相是,臭氧又回来了,因为我已经戒掉“所有大的树木,

The globe is warmin' up when we fire up the blunt, 地球是warmin 了,当我们火起来的生硬,

And put it in the air like Evil Knievel stunts, 并把它像恶魔沃尔特技空中,

Wat you want from me? I got pistols for da haters, 笏你想从我吗?我有手枪的大仇敌,

Ya fam will be in black like the playin' for da Raiders, 雅FAM将是黑白的,如儿戏的大攻略,

And ya music isn't favored, and DJ's they neva bring it back like when you go and borrow somethin' from ya neighbor, 雅乐是不被看好,他们涅瓦的DJ把它带回来,当你去和雅邻居借事端一样,

Like a cup full of sugar, a rope full of salt, 犹如糖杯,全盐绳,

The name of my car insurance is YO fuckIN FAULT, 我的汽车保险名称为溜溜他妈的故障,

And if you sittin on chrome, I'll call up my boys and have you stripped of ya medals like Marion Jones, nigga... 如果你呆坐着的铬,我会打电话给我的男孩,你剥夺雅奖牌像马里昂·琼斯,黑人的...


[Floyd Mayweather speaks] [梅威瑟说]


[Ludacris:] [卢达克里斯: ]

Back up on da scene, back to put a nail in these rappers' coffins I got the hammer in my jeans, 返回上大场面,回来把指甲在这些说唱歌手“棺材给我的锤子在我的牛仔裤,

Call me Mr.Fixit, barrel hotter than a fresh batch of home-made buttermilk biscuits, 叫我Mr.Fixit ,每桶较新一批自制酪乳饼干热,

A-tisket, a-tasket, a custom-made casket, A- tisket , A- tasket ,一个特制的棺材,

Luda leaves intruders stretched out like Gymnastics, 旅大叶入侵者伸出像体操,

And acrobatics I'm superstar status, the mouth of the South like gangsta grillz you bastard, 和杂技,我超级巨星的地位,南方的嘴像黑道grillz你这个混蛋,

The international traveler, and I may not be much to you but I'm the sh*t out in Africa, 国际旅客,我可能不会有太大的给你,但我是SH * T在非洲,

So put ya fist up, even the statue of liberty lit a flame for the way that I lit my wrist up, 所以把雅拳心向上,自由连雕像点燃的火焰为我点燃了我的手腕向上的方式,

You can't compete with me, I got 'em stuck like I made a thousand rappers put shackles on they feet with me, 你不能跟我争,我得到了时间卡住像我发了一千说唱穿上他们的脚束缚着我,

And then I broke free, I'll let 'em loose when Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston become drug-free, 然后,我挣脱了,我就让时间宽松时,鲍比 - 布朗和惠特尼·休斯顿成为无毒品,

I'm the baddest mother shut it like Shaft was, leavin' rappers with headaches like bad drugs, 我是最不好的母亲关上它像一根轴,再走饶舌歌手与像坏头痛的药物,

They shoulda warned ya, you got defeated by the heat but, eh, we'll just say we Alonzo Mourn'd ya, 他们早该警告你,你被击败的热量,但是,呃,我们只是说我们阿朗佐Mournd雅,

So Cater coroner, I'll show up to yo funeral with some gators like I'm fresh outta Florida, 所以迎合验尸官,我会出现哟葬礼与一些鳄鱼像我新鲜失控佛罗里达州,

Call me the swamp thing, ya'll headed in the wrong direction like you hit the subway and caught the wrong train, 叫我沼泽的事情,使你们走错了方向像你打的地铁和抓错了车,

So don't f**k with it, I'm sendin' lyrical bullets right at ya dome f**k niggaz betta duck with it, 所以不要他妈的吧,我寄来抒情子弹就在雅圆顶他妈的兄弟们斗鱼鸭吧,

Or else you stuck with it, 否则你坚持了下来,

You'll get stalked so bad you'll leava da scene thinkin eight Young Buck's did it, 你会得到大步如此糟糕,你会leava大场面想着8小伙子的做到了,

But not in Cashville, you lost yo feelin' like comin down off X chasin' effects of yo last pill, 但在Cashville ,你失去了哟感觉就像坠落下来关闭X追赶哟最后丸的效果,

You fuckin Daffy Dill, You's a Daffy Duck, 你他娘的达菲莳萝,你是一个达菲鸭,

And I'm the undefeated champ, ya'll niggas suck! 而我的不败冠军,你们大家黑鬼吸!

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