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U Can't C Me



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

Now you can't hang around, my crew or my clique, 现在,你可以不流连,我的船员或我的集团,

Especially if you ain't about no gangsta shit, 特别是如果你是不是没有黑道狗屎,

You can't hang around, my crew or my clique, 你不能流连,我的工作人员还是我的集团,

Especially if you ain't about no gangsta shit 特别是如果你是不是没有黑道狗屎


[First Verse:] [首诗歌: ]

Kirby's round the corner playin' bones with Russ, 柯比的拐角处弹了骨头拉斯,

I'm waitin' for my bitch to get off of the bus, 我等待我的母狗下车的,

She told me she could make it to my house by twelve, 她告诉我,她可以让我家的12个,

So we could get it on, just amongst ourselves, 这样我们就可以得到它,只是我们自己之间,

She came to, I had a blunt to blow, 她来,我有一个钝吹,

After that, I'ma be ready to fuck this hoe, 在那之后,我是准备去他妈的这个锄头,

I ran up in it for an hour or so, 我也跑了一个小时左右,

Put her back in the bus and took a route to the store, 把她背在公交车上,并采取了路由到店,

Picked up some brew for the rest of my crew, 买了些冲泡我的船员休息,

And a couple of cigars for a blunt or two, 而对于钝或两个一对夫妇的雪茄,

Headed for the D.J. Way on Teledonna, 为首的D.J。在Teledonna方式,

Now this area was all about drama, 现在,这个区域是所有关于戏剧,

Hoes was sweatin', I had my shades on, 锄头是sweatin “ ,我有我的色彩上,

Ready to put the dick on any bitch that I played on, 准备把鸡巴上,我玩过的任何母狗,

Now what's the haps with you and your clique? 现在,什么是你和你的集团的HAPS ?

I don't think you want no more gangsta shit, 我不认为你想没有更多的黑道狗屎,

Mo I can roll, I'm just a baller from the South, 莫我滚,我只是一个控球来自南方,

Ready to knock any muthafuckin' pussy out, 准备敲任何的muthafuckin 猫出来,

I got bitches on the side wanna ride with nine, 我上了一边想骑母狗九,

But don't understand the way that I kicks the style, 但不明白,我踢的风格的方式,

But I'm a flexor, to riggedy-wrecks-a nigga from the Nolia, 但我是一个屈,以riggedy -残骸,距离Nolia黑鬼,

I'm goin' out everytime when I kick I'm like a solja, 我要去了,每次当我踢我就像一个solja ,

Niggas don't understand the way that I flow, 黑鬼们不明白,​​我流的方式,

The fliz-no is slow, so check this out bro 该fliz ,不慢,所以看看这个兄弟


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Second Verse:] [第二段: ]

I kicks the shit that make them niggas say "ooh", í踢,让他们黑鬼说:“哦”了狗屎,

That'll make them hoes say "Yeah, that must be that nigga Juv", 这会让他们的锄头说:“是啊,这一定是黑人朱韦纳尔”

I'm from the, wild side of the city, 我是从这个城市的,野性的一面,

What a pity, I'm wild, like a muthafuckin' crazed Frank Nitty, 真可惜,我是野生的,像的muthafuckin 疯狂弗兰克基本事实,

I'm not the old days nigga that's comin' with the gats, 我不是昔日的兄弟们说的科曼与服务贸易总协定,

Nigga where you at? Nigga where you at? Nigga where you at? 黑鬼你在哪里?黑鬼你在哪里?黑鬼你在哪里?

Give me a bag of powder, watch me twitch, 给我一包粉,看我抽搐,

I might go crazy and wanna kill in this bitch, 我可能会疯了,想杀死在这个婊子,

I seen a lot of niggas talk shit about me, 我已经看到了很多的黑鬼狗屎谈谈关于我的,

But don't know a muthafuckin' thing about me, 但不知道的muthafuckin 的事情对我来说,

So keep my name outta your mouth and you just might just don't see the glock, 因此,保持我的名字就走你的嘴,你就可能只是没有看到格洛克,

POP everytime I see your ass on my block, 的POP每次我看到你的屁股我的块,

Shop close for the hoes, that used to think that Juv would trick, 附近开店的锄头,那曾经以为朱韦纳尔会故弄玄虚,

But bitch how you feel? Cuz you ain't got shit, 但是,婊子,你感觉如何?因为你是不是有狗屎,

Niggas wanna play these games and don't know, 黑鬼想玩这些游戏,不知道,

That I am the wickedest one you know bro, 我是邪恶的一个你知道的兄弟,

I'm just a nigga from off the side, 我只是一个从关闭侧黑鬼,

So what's up? I'm bout to rock in the house, right? 那么这是什么一回事?我就要动摇的房子,对不对?

Microphone check one two, now what's the haps? 麦克风检查一二,现在有什么HAPS ?

It's time for me to put my neighborhood on the map, 这时候,我把我的邻居在地图上,

I'm from the neighborhood of the wild Magnolia, 我是从野生厚朴附近,

Home of the killas, the trillas, the soljas, 家里的killas时,特里利亚斯的soljas ,

Droppin' muthafuckas like an everyday habit, 丢下“ muthafuckas就像日常习惯,

If I see your fine, sexy bitch, I'ma stab it, 如果我看到你的精致,性感的母狗,我是个刺它,

Comin' from my head, my skin tone is red, 从我的头坠落,我的肤色是红色的,

Ready to put the muthafuckin' black boy to bed, 准备放的muthafuckin 黑人男孩睡觉,

I ain't never was afraid of no war, 我从来没有害怕没有战争,

Cuz where I come from, we snort powder and we roar 的Cuz我来自哪里,我们嗤之以鼻粉和我们咆哮


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Third Verse:] [第三段: ]

I'm in the Nolia, lookin' for the Poppers, 我在Nolia ,看着为樽,

Took me a hit off the blunt, then I spot her, 我花了一击断钝,那么我发现了她,

Hoe that I know, bout twenty years of age, 锄,我知道,回合二十岁时,

A pepper-red bitch with extensions in her head, 辣椒红母狗在她的头扩展,

Now she was the type to put you in a plot ball, 现在,她是把你的阴谋球的类型,

Her last old man done got his head knocked off, 她最后老头做了他的头打掉,

But fuck I want the pussy so let's see what she's about, 但他妈的我想猫让我们看看她的有关,

She gave me the phone number and the address to her house, 她给我的电话号码和地址给她的房子,

I passed by late, she stayed on South Mero, 我经过后期,她住在南梅罗,

Walked in the door with my three eight zero, 走在我的三八零大门,

Popped on that ass, got her nothin', I was outty, 在弹出的屁股,让她没什么,我是outty ,

Now she calls me sayin' how she feel about me, 现在,她打电话给我说她对我的感觉,

"Come back to me, Juvenile, I'm beggin' you please", “回到我的身边,少年,我开始请你” ,

"Won't you just come back to me, Juvenile, I'm beggin' you please", “不会,你刚回来给我,少年,我开始请你” ,

Now, if I was King, just imagine that shit, 现在,如果我是国王,只是想象一下,妈的,

I'd have the Queen back smackin' that bitch, 我不得不女王回来smackin “那个婊子,

Now drop to your knees and kiss, and you tease, 现在下降到你的膝盖和亲吻,你逗,

Of that, hell of a guy Mister J-U-V, 这一点,对一个人先生的J- U-V地狱,

I want riches, fuck bitches and them hoes, 我想要的财富,他妈的婊子和他们的锄头,

No better than a sweater, fella, cuz I won't let her, 没有比毛衣,小伙子比较好,因为我不会让她,

Hoe blow my head off, and take me off ground, 锄吹我的头,把我掉地上,

Knowin' inside that a bitch could bring me down, 深深地知道“里面那个狗娘养的可以给我下来,

Juvenile let a hoe trap me? 少年让锄头陷阱吗?

That ain't the hamp, I'm on the map aiyyo I'm in the house, 这不是HAMP ,我aiyyo我的房子在地图上,

And I'm on the map G 而我在地图G于


[Chorus] [合唱]

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