歌词 "Trouble On My Mind" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Trouble On My Mind


歌词相关歌手:PUSHA T

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1: Pusha T] [诗歌1 :普沙T]

It’s the blackout, ‘rari got the back out 这是停电, “ rari得到了退了出去

Showing my black ass, engine in the glass house 显示我的黑屁股,发动机在玻璃房

Started in the crack house, Obama went the back route 开始在裂缝的房子,奥巴马去了后路

Kill Bin Laden, another 4 up in the black house 杀死本·拉登,另有4在黑屋

Still got the Macs out, pull the mask down like a mascot 还是得到了苹果电脑出来,拉面具下像一个吉祥物

Still trick with bitches out with money or with ass shots 与母狗还是欺骗了金钱或屁股镜头

G.O.O.D had room for one more, I took the last spot 好了房间多了一个,我把最后一个席位

Re-up gang Peter nigga, yey done hit the jackpot 再向上团伙彼得的兄弟们, yey做中奖

Whole ‘nother level, then you add fame 整个诺特尔的水平,那么你加成名

That’s a whole ‘nother devil, legit drug dealer 这是一个整体“诺特尔魔鬼,合法的毒贩

That’s a whole ‘nother bezel, the carbon Audemar 这是一个整体“诺特尔边框,碳Audemar

That’s a whole ‘nother metal, but still keep it ghetto 这是一个整体“诺特尔金属,但仍保持它的贫民窟

Behind the scenes, pull strings like Gepetto 在幕后,像拉弦Gepetto

The gun blow steam, whistle like a tea kettle 枪吹蒸汽,哨子像茶壶

Runnin’ like the rebels 天边像叛军

UNLV* sport shoe on a pedal, I let you niggas settle 内华达大学拉斯维加斯分校*踏板的运动鞋,我让你黑鬼解决


[Hook: Pusha T] [钩:普沙T]

Trouble on my mind 麻烦在我心中

I got trouble on my mind 我有麻烦在我心中

Trouble on my mind 麻烦在我心中

So much trouble on my mind 在我心中这么大的麻烦


[Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator] [诗2:泰勒,造物主]

Pharrell said, “Get ‘em,” so I got ‘em Pharrell的说:“你找他们, ”让我得到了时间

Tripped on Bristol Palin then I accidentally shot ‘em 绊倒在布里斯托尔佩林然后我不小心拍时间

Then it ricocheted and killed the game 然后跳飞,杀死了比赛

I’m a problem 我有问题

'Cause I wanna fuck the world but not a fan of using condoms 因为我想他妈的世界,但使用避孕套不是一个球迷

Pardon my French, I’m going hard as my dick 请原谅我的法语,我会很难,因为我的鸡巴

When I envision my tip on the crust of bitch’s lips 当我设想我的提示对母狗的嘴唇地壳

Mr. Lipschitz has been trippin’ since I mentioned Reptar’s 李氏先生一直践踏,因为我提到Reptar的

Triceratops dinosaur dick 三角龙的恐龙家伙

I feel it in my gut to kill these motherfucks 我觉得它在我的直觉来杀死这些motherfucks

As a must like the arm of my pits 作为一个必须喜欢我的坑手臂

You niggas coming shorter than a Bush Wick Billy costume 你黑鬼未来不是布什威克比利服装短

On sale during Christmas in Philly 在圣诞节期间发售在费城

Uhm, well, not really, it’s gettin’ kinda chilly 嗯,嗯,不是真的,这是刚开了有点凉意

Let’s hit a couple bars and get some bitches wet willies 让我们打了几杆,并得到一些母狗湿心惊肉跳

Soaked, getting’ jiggy with it in Bel-Air's richest 浸泡,让“ Jiggy运行与它在贝沙湾首富

With a bag of pills, couple berries and a biscuit 一包药,夫妇浆果和饼干


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 3: Tyler, The Creator] [第3节:泰勒,造物主]

I’m a fucking walking paradox 我是一个他妈的走悖论

And a really shitty rapper in my favorite pair of socks ironed pair of dockers 而在我最喜欢的一双袜子一个非常低劣的说唱歌手烫对码头工人

Two Glocks cocked screamin’ West Side! 两个Glocks翘起尖叫西城!

With the speakers blastin' a pair o' pacs 随着音箱BLASTIN “一对O PACS

Yonkers 10 milli, you’re silly 扬克斯10毫秒,你傻

Thinkin’ that this ‘Preme wasn’t Free Willy 想着Preme是“这是不自由威利

The feeling is neutral, the gang is youthful 感觉是中性的,该团伙是青春

And fuckin’ tighter than Chad Hugo’s pupils 而该死的比查德·雨果的瞳孔紧缩

It’s Wolf Gang and the 这是沃尔夫刚和


[Pusha T] [普沙T]

With the re-up’s a helluva buzz 随着再起来的一款宏大的嗡嗡声

Rick James said cocaine’s a helluva drug 瑞克·詹姆斯说可卡因是一个宏大的药物

Who else could put the hipsters with felons and thugs 还有谁可以把与重罪犯和暴徒的时髦

And paint a perfect picture what sellin’ it does? 和油漆它做什么出卖完美的画面?

This is for the critics, who doubted the chemistry 这是批评,谁怀疑化学

Two different worlds, same symmetry 两个不同的世界,相同的对称

And this black art, see the wizardry 而这个黑色的艺术,看魔术

When you at the top of your game, you make enemies 当你在你的巅峰,你树敌

You’ll never finish me 你永远也不会完成我


[Hook] [钩]


[* University Of Nevada, Las Vegas] [ *内华达大学拉斯维加斯]

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Terrence Thornton, Chad Hugo, Pharrell Williams, Tyler Okonma


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