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[Gun shots] [枪声]


[Talking:] [谈: ]

Fuck Northstar, you old bitch ass, midget ass nigga 北极星他妈的,你这个老母狗屁股,侏儒蠢货

Get off my motherfucking dick, fuck Big Ballin 下车后我他妈的家伙,他妈的大劈腿

You old bootlegging, old weak ass, trash ass, hoe ass niggas 您老盗,老弱者的屁股,屁股垃圾,锄屁股黑鬼


[Hook] [钩]

(y'all) you niggas fell off (niggas) (你们)你黑鬼掉下来了(黑鬼)

My niggas run the North (are) 我黑鬼运行北(都)

You can't fuck with the Boss 你不能与老板他妈的

(trash) here come another loss (垃圾桶)来到这里,又损失


[Slim Thug] [超薄暴徒]

Brace yourself, for the main event from the Boss 振奋自己,从老板的重头戏

Every hater that cross the Boss, gon get crossed out 跨越的每一个老板怀恨在心,坤得到划掉

Another loss on they record, them broke niggas insane 在他们记录的另一个损失,他们打破了疯狂的黑鬼

Y'all need to get together, and be the We Hate Slim Thug gang 你们都需要走到一起,并成为我们恨修身黑帮暴徒

Talking down on my name, so I'm punishing fools 说到了我的名字,所以我惩罚傻瓜

I understand why y'all hating, y'all got nothing to lose 我明白为什么你们都讨厌,你们都没有什么可输

I got a lot to lose but fuck it, I won't lose my respect 我得到了很多失去的只是他妈的,我不会失去我的尊重

The more I start getting checks, the more they start having plex 我越开始越来越支票,他们越开始有复杂

They do this shit to sell records, everybody telling me 他们这样做是狗屎销售记录,每个人都告诉我

They might get a lil money, but not more than me 他们可能会得到一个可爱的小的钱,但不超过我

Like Roy Jones and Hopkins, ain't no 60-40 deal 像罗伊·琼斯与霍普金斯,是不是没有60-40的交易

I'm getting 90 they get 10, and gotta split it still 我得到90他们得到10 ,并得还是拆呢

That mean these niggas still broke, Street Fame still won't get sold 这意味着这些黑鬼还是坏,街星光依旧不会得到卖

They the definition of weak, not the definition of thoed 它们的thoed弱,而不是定义的定义

And to that other big bitch, by the name of Big Pic 和其他的大娘们,通过大图名称

He certified garbage, you can't fuck with me trick 他认证的垃圾,你不能跟我他妈的招

(ready, aim, fire), I'm bout make these haters retire (准备,瞄准,射击) ,我就要让这些退休的仇敌

Get a job at Mcdonalds, dick suckers for hire 找到一份工作,在麦当劳,鸡巴吸盘出租

Boss Hogg and PIE, we running these streets 老板霍格和PIE ,我们运行这些街道

Got beef, my heat'll have you run in the streets 有牛肉,我heatll有你在街上跑

Calling police saying laws, come get them Outlaws 呼叫警察,说法律,来让他们水浒传

They left me in the desert, in nothing but my draws 他们让我在沙漠中什么,但我的画

Bitch we raw, whether you believe it or not 母狗我们生的,不管你信或不信

Come in my face with that plex, and you won't leave back out 来吧,我的脸是复杂的,你不会离开回来了


[Hook] [钩]


[Talking:] [谈: ]

Old bitch ass nigga, you gon have to graduate 老这群蠢货,你们就能有毕业

A couple of mo' classes to fuck with me, ha 一对夫妇莫班他妈的跟我,哈哈


[Hook] [钩]


[Slim Thug] [超薄暴徒]

Correct me if I'm wrong, anywhere in this song 纠正我,如果我在这首歌里,我错了,在任何地方

The same nigga who stole your cash, is who's c.d. you on 同样的黑鬼谁偷了你的现金,是谁的C.D。你

What happened to I made them niggas, and they stole from me 发生了什么事我让他们黑鬼,他们偷走了我

You never was acting, nigga you is funny 你永远是在演戏,兄弟你是搞笑

I peeped your gay ways, way back in the days í偷看你同性恋的方式,早在天

Hiding in Austin you cried, and wouldn't rap on stage 隐藏在奥斯汀,你哭了,也不会在舞台上说唱

All your fans was like man, this lil nigga a bitch 所有你的粉丝很喜欢的人,这可爱的小黑鬼婊子

When he can't get his way, he quick to pitch a fit 当他无法得到他的方式,他很快在球场一个合适的

I'ma do this I'ma do that, well what's stopping you Yo 我是这样做我是这样做,还有什么阻止你哟

I saw you and Young Cappo, at the corner sto' 我看见你和杨Cappo ,在拐角处申通快递“

On you niggas corner, while I was talking to 50/50 你黑鬼的角落,而我是说各占50%

If you wanted me so bad, why the fuck you ain't get me 如果你想我这么差,为什么你他妈的是不是给我

Y'all look dead in my face, saw me in broad day 你们都看死在我的脸上,我看到了在大白天

When I got behind you niggas car, you went the other way 当我在你身后黑鬼的车,你去其他的方式

Talking bout you gon hurt me, what your hurter broke 说到回合你坤伤害了我,你的hurter爆发

Last time I saw Big Pic, that bitch spoke 我最后一次看到大图,那个婊子说话

And North lying, trying to blame everything on chop 和北卧,试图责怪一切的印章

Bitch I know you bootlegging, let the lies stop 母狗我知道你盗,让谎言停止

You don't sell enough c.d.'s, to buy you a car 你不卖够C.D.的,给你买一辆车

Help Lil' Yo bootleg, so he can get a Northstar 帮助律呦盗版,这样他就可以得到一个北极星

You hollin' bring it to the ring, like you can knock me out 您hollin “把它带到环,就像你可以敲我

While you standing straight up, I'll stick my dick in your mouth 当你站在直线上升,我会坚持我的家伙在你的嘴

Midget ass nigga, comb your nappy ass hair 小型蠢货,梳理尿布的屁股发

You shop in the boys section, wear cartoon underwear 你的店铺在男孩节,穿卡通内裤

Don't make me tie your dirty ass up, and give you a bath 不要让我配合你的脏屁股,并给你洗澡

You looking like a lil dope fiend, out on the Ave 你看起来像一个可爱的吸毒者,出来在大街上

Talking bout I'm trying to plea barging, with your O.G 说到回合我想认罪闯入,用你的OG

Bullshit bitch, your O.G. is me 废话婊子,你的乌龙球就是我

Call me O.G. Slim Thug, bitch ass nigga 打电话给我乌龙球修身暴徒,这群蠢货

I might be young, but bitch I'm a rich ass nigga 我可能是年轻,但母狗我是一个丰富的蠢货

And I'ma keep dogging your hoe ass, till you apologize 而我是保持缠身的锄头屁股,直到你道歉

And squash all this shit, like the rest of you guys, hoe 和壁球这一切狗屎一样的你们,锄头休息

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