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Too Long


歌词相关歌手:LIL' ROMEO

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[chorus] [合唱]

Maybe I stayed away too long (Lil'Rome Ya'll) 也许我没去过长( LilRome你们大家)

Did I leave your mind when I was gone (Did I,really did I) 难道我离开你的心,当我走了(难道我真的没有我)

It's not my thing trying to get back (I'm done working now I gotta get back) 这不是我的东西想取回(我做的工作,现在我得回)

But this time let me tell you where I'm at (I'm right here ya'll) 但是,这一次让我告诉你我在哪里(我在这里你们大家)


[1st Verse] [第一诗]

This is to all my fans that bought my CD,I love ya'll,without ya'll, I couldn't be 这是我所有的歌迷买我的CD ,我爱你们大家,你们大家不,我不能

me,you keep a smile on my face,everytime I'm away,this is for the kids from state to state,I 我说,你保持笑容在我的脸上,每次我走了,这是孩子们的州,我

wanna thank ya'll for just standing in line,giving me a chance,thanks for helping me shine,I love 想谢谢你们大家的只是排队,给我一个机会,感谢帮助我照,我爱

music but I really do it for ya'll,it's a wonderful feeling when I walk through the mall,love is 音乐,但我真的做到这一点对你们大家,这是一种奇妙的感觉,当我在商场里走,爱

all I need,because of that I succeed,hearing kids screaming,is a wonderful thing,every night I 我所需要的,因为我成功了,听到孩子的尖叫声,是一件美妙的事情,我每天晚上都

thank God and go to sleep with a praire,everytime I hear my name,I know that you care,It makes me 感谢上帝,睡觉去了praire ,每次我听到我的名字,我知道你关心,这让我

happy knowing I touch your heart,I got ya'll,'cause ya'll was there from the start,so if you're 开心知道我摸着你的心脏,我得到了你们大家,因为你们大家在那里从一开始,所以如果你是

ever at home, alone and scared,just put in the CD and I'll be there,okay 在家里待过,孤独和害怕,只是把在CD ,我会在那里,好吗


[chorus] [合唱]

[repeat 1x] [重复1X ]


[2nd Verse] [第二诗歌]

To my brothers,sisters,cousins and all,you were there from day1,you been through it 我的兄弟姐妹,堂兄弟和所有的,你从第一天在那里,您可以通过它得到

all,we're family,you're my next of kin,you taught me play hard try my best to win,never sell 总之,我们的家人,你是我的至亲,你教我玩硬尽全力去赢,从来不卖

myself short,even off the court,especially my parents ya'll showed me the road,kept it 我自己的短,甚至在球场外,尤其是我的父母你们大家给我的道路,便将其

real,taught me my rights and wrongs,this is how I feel this is more than a song,to my uncles and 真实的,教我我的对与错,这是我的感觉,这是一个多首歌,我的叔叔和

aunties I love ya'll too,you always taught me no matter what tell the truth,together we 阿姨我爱你们大家也一样,你总是教我不管说实话,我们在一起

stand,separated we fall,if there's anything you need just give me a call,I'll be there in a 站立,分居者亡,如果有什么事,你只需要给我打电话,我会在那里了

flash,if you need me just ask,Rest In Peace to everybody in the world that passed,when times are 闪光,如果你需要我就问,安息大家在通过了世界,当时间

hard and you break into tears,just look on your side 'cause I'll be right there,okay 辛苦你闯入眼泪,只是看在你的身边,因为我马上就到,好不好


[chorus] [合唱]

[repeat 1x] [重复1X ]


[3rd Verse] [第三诗歌]

Couldn't live without radio and MTV,Nickelodeon,can't forget BET,all the record 生活中不能没有广播和MTV ,尼克,不能忘记下注,所有的纪录

stores,everybody on tour,all the 商店,每个人都在巡演,所有的

magazines I keep it hot for ya'll,to my #1 fans,my picture man,to my dancers,helping me do my 杂志我把它热了你们大家,我的# 1的球迷,我的画的人,我的舞者,帮助我做我的

dance,to my basketball coach and my basketball team,one love,for helping me fulfill my dreams,to 舞蹈,我的篮球教练和我的篮球队,爱的人,帮我实现我的梦想,

my teachers in school,to my friends in class,to all of the good times,and ones that's bad,to all 我的老师在学校里,我在课堂上的朋友,所有的美好时光,而那些很糟糕,所有

of the people I ain't seen in years,keep your head up,remember I'll be right there,I've been 我是没有看到多年的人,把你的头了,记住,我会在那里,我一直

around the world in so much in a year,come to find out that so much of you care,that's why I 世界在一年这么多身边,来找出这么多的照顾你,这就是为什么我

picked this track,ya'll put me where I'm at,I love ya'll,it feels good to be back,okay 拿起这条赛道,你们大家把我我在哪里,我爱你们大家,感觉好就回来,好吗


[chorus] [合唱]

[repeat 1x] [重复1X ]

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