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T.O.N.Y. (Top Of New York)



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From Iraq to Kuwait word up, Desert Station, regulation  

CNN, channel 10 once again...wha-wha!  

  [简介: ]

[Chorus: x2] 从伊拉克到科威特的字了,沙漠站,调节

T-O-N-Y invade N.Y. 美国有线电视新闻网,再次道10 ... WHA -WHA !

multiply, kill a cop,  

me and you, [合唱: X2 ]

you got beef, I got beef T- O-N -Y入侵纽约州


[Noriega:] 我和你,


Yo niggas tried to shit on me and make history, supposedly  

I was the man who was supposed to be [诺列加: ]

the head of the click  

lip sealed, no nigga snitch 哟黑鬼想拉屎在我身上,并创造历史,按说

do or die, I smoke bogey, sword like shinobi 我是谁的人应该是

shoot up your block and make you know me 点击的头

you aint ready yet, slow down and recollect 唇形密封,无黑鬼打小报告

stay in the car, I stuff Allah bodyset 做或死,我抽烟忌,剑忍者一样

ay yo Allah-u-Akbar, look paw, now I'm set 拍你的街区,让你了解我

air conditioned cooler system, yo, the tec glisten 你是不是准备好了,放慢脚步,回忆

on a mission, shoot your back out position 留在车上,我的东西真主bodyset

found missing, 2-5 deep in prison 哎哟真主-U-阿克巴,看爪子,现在我设定

kid listen, die on the cross like a Christian 空调的冷却系统,哟, TEC的反光

so fuck you, plus your weak religion 在执行任务,拍你的背出位置

in disguise, nowdays I cut prize 发现缺失,深2-5在监狱里

the invincible, untouchable CNN 孩子听,死在像基督教的十字架

is boldfaced, written in gold with ink pen 所以你他妈的,再加上你的弱点宗教

channel 10, we break ten, win again 变相,现今我切奖

kid you on pluto, homo'd out just like menudo 无敌,美国有线电视新闻网碰不得

far from the sun, cant feel the shit that I do 粗体显示,写在黄金墨水笔

I stand in front the Judge about to lie, plus I'm high too 通道10 ,我们分手吧10 ,再次夺冠

  小子,你在冥王星, homod了就像menudo

[Chorus x2] 远离阳光,斜面觉得我做的狗屎



  [合唱x ]

I did it for the love of cash your honor  

traffickin' across the Verrazano, coke dealin', marijuana [卡波恩: ]

and my persona, glitters in gold  

unlike them other money getters who stack, turn quitters and fold 我是做现金你的荣誉的爱

cash and hydro, eyes low traffickin “横跨韦拉札诺,焦炭的戏份” ,大麻

looking Phillipine, divide dough 我的角色,闪闪发光的黄金

and regulate, empire stare caked up 不像他们谁堆放其他货币干将,把戒烟和折叠

raked up a hundred thou, now we all laced up 现金及水电,目光低

what., shining, designer lex pearl lining 看Phillipine ,除面团

the finer wine and, cuisine sitting mastermindin' 规范,帝国盯了结块

roundtable climbin to the Top Of New York 扒出了一百年你,现在大家都系带

won't stop, until we get dropped from New York 什么。 ,闪耀,设计师法珍珠衬

price of coke rise 更精细的葡萄酒和,美食,坐在mastermindin “

j snatch my enterprise 圆桌climbin页首纽约

a million more, rookie cops thinking they live 不会停止,直到我们得到来自纽约的下降

we survive, game tight like virgin nappy 焦炭上涨的价格

feds on our back, tracin tracks to murder pappy Ĵ抢夺我的企业


[Tragedy:] 我们生存,比赛紧张的像处女尿布

  我们回来联邦调查局, tracin跟踪谋杀糊状

2-5 we on a deadline, read the headline  

Noriega blast with nines [悲剧]

move fakers, get ya back blown in Jamaica  

lay you in the earth and curse you and your maker 2-5 ,我们在最后期限,读标题

I told you fools to stop fuckin with the Maqi 诺列加爆炸与九

arab nazi, blow holes in your Versace 移动伪装者,获得亚吹回牙买加

this war's mega, with the arm legga legga 躺在你在地球和诅咒你和你的制造商

been doin this, since Mobb Six with Cormega 我告诉你们这些傻瓜与骂起娘停止

gorilla, animal thugs be trife looking, your hearts tookin' 阿拉伯纳粹,吹孔在你的范思哲

and got blown in Central Booking 这场战争的大型,用手臂legga legga

I'm mad iller, organized thug killer 被这个干什么,因为MOBB六与Cormega

now you little monkey niggas wanna play gorilla 大猩猩,动物打手是trife看,你的心tookin “

officially, Mousallini, punk he me 并得到了中环吹预订

insanity, temporarily my plea 我疯了Iller河畔,举办暴徒杀手

and the jakes never worry me as long as I'm free 现在你的小猴子黑鬼想打猩猩

to my people holdin packs, nuthin less than a G 据官方统计, Mousallini ,朋克他我

crime side of life, foul price to pay 精神错乱,暂时我的请求

illegal life, trigger trife till we old and gray 和杰克斯再也不用担心我,只要我有空

when the flesh dry up and the world decay 我的人牵着包,废柴比A G少

reach heaven in a pearly white ACURAy 生活中犯罪的一面,犯规的代价

but until then, I'ma shine to the last sin 非法寿命,触发trife直到我们老灰

resurrect through the birth of my son, and live again 当肉枯竭和世界衰退


[chorus x2] 但在那之前,我是闪耀到最后的罪

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