歌词 "Time Flies" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Time Flies


歌词相关歌手:BUDDEN, JOE

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Look how life, life has changed 你看怎么生活,生活发生了变化

Movin up, to bigger things 舞动起来,更重要的事情

Look how time flies by... [x2] 看看时间过得好快啊... [ X2 ]

(Ain't it funny how time goes by... [x2]) (是不是很可笑吗?时间的推移... [ X2 ] )

I see the storm, thru the rain 我看到了暴风雨,通雨

As for you, your still the same 至于你,你还是一样

Look how time flies by... [x2] 看看时间过得好快啊... [ X2 ]

(Ain't it funny how time goes by... [x2]) (是不是很可笑吗?时间的推移... [ X2 ] )


[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

Check out your man who came up around the dope boys and backstabbers 看看你的男人谁想出了周围的涂料男孩和backstabbers

A dropout whom some referred to as a backpacker 压差其中一些被称为背包客

Dude they used to laugh at, member him? 多德他们曾经嘲笑,他的会员?

Bad rapper, exactly why being on the cover of that mag matters 坏的说唱歌手,究竟为什么是对的MAG事项封面

I chop it up with some artists I used to beef with í砍它与一些艺术家我用牛肉

Glad we all grew to see how played out beef is 很高兴大家都长大怎么看发挥出牛肉

Besides, that ain't something we're all willing to afford 此外,这是不是我们都愿意负担

When your talented you try to get a million out of more 当你的才华,你设法让一百万出更

Made a killing on tour, so while I'm wheelin that Azure 大赚了一笔巡回演出,所以当我wheelin的天青

I'm wishing all my black youths could know the feeling I endure 我希望我所有的黑人青年能知道我忍受的感觉

For some folks, my ceiling is their floor 对于一些人来说,我的天花板就是他们的地板

Wondering where I'd be if I ain't feel like persevering anymore 想知道我会,如果我没有感觉了怎奈

Look what time does, need a reality check 你看什么时间,需要一个现实检查

It'll remind us, you can't run from it, it'll always find us 它会提醒我们,你无法逃避它,它一定会找到我们

And that's the game I respect it 这就是比赛,我尊重它

Rockin a different watch, but it gives the same message 摇滚不同的手表,但它给出了同样的消息


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

Look, I used to see her on the tv 你看,我以前看她的电视

Now she textin how she miss me and she need me 现在,她textin她怎么想我,她需要我

It's funny I remember when she couldn't take it 这很有趣,我还记得,当她受不了

Now when she get naked 现在,当她裸体

Shorty ride it to the point I'm thinkin she about to break it 矮个子骑它的时候我在想,她要打破它

It's a few broads that ain't agree with my style 这是一个很少湖区不与我的风格一致

Throwin it at me... yea they Cliff Lee with it now 我肆意它......是啊,他们克里夫李与现在

I mean they ain't wanna smile at me, wouldn't say what up 我的意思是,他们是不是想对我笑,也不会说什么了

So I have them face down but turnin their faces up 所以我让他们面朝下,但撇开他们的脸了

Same broads you grew up with... with no body 同样的湖区您一起长大的......没有身体

Is gettin work done... tired of being nobody 是刚开的工作做......厌倦了被人

Fake tits and ass, changing their look vastly 假乳房和屁股,改变它们的外观截然不同

Like niggas don't remember how they looked last week 像黑鬼不记得他们是如何上周看了

I'll diss a broad in a second, don't put it past me 我会甩了广泛的在第二,不要把它从我身边走过

You don't want the truth? Bitch probably shouldn't of asked me! 你不想要的真相?的母狗或许不应该问我!

Cause they be thinkin they really be on the mind 因为他们要想着他们真的是在心里

Though they rockin a nice watch, clearly got the wrong time 虽然他们摇滚一个不错的手表,显然找错时间


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

Look at ya man washed up 看看亚人冲了上来

Lookin like he needs to wash up 看着像他需要洗了

Fell off now he just watch us 掉了下来,现在他只是看着我们

Was playin ball, something happened to the weight 是在玩球,事情发生的重

Tried the dope boy shit, but I guess the same applied 试过涂料男孩狗屎,但我想同样的应用

Had a short fall from grace, how the fucks you a critic?! 有过短暂的失宠,怎么乱搞你的批评?

Damn near 35, how the fucks you in a civic?! 该死的近35 ,怎么乱搞你的公民?

Rimmed up, tryna stunt, lookin ridiculous 沸腾起来, tryna绝技,看着可笑

And he be dead sober, with them drunk lookin bitches 他死了清醒,他们醉看着母狗

Frail ass nigga, life movin' slow, snail ass nigga 身体虚弱的蠢货,居无定所的生活“慢,蜗牛蠢货

In the club before 12 ass nigga 在12俱乐部之前蠢货

And the nigga used to knock me, now his shit is just sloppy 和兄弟们用来敲我,现在他的狗屎只是马虎

Catch him in some jeans shorts, Issey Miyake 抓住他的一些牛仔裤短裤,三宅一生

Smoked out son, you ain't get the memo? 熏出来的儿子,你是不是得到备忘录?

Still believing your own hype, still making demo's 还是相信自己的炒作,还是做演示的

No grind, which lead to a short prime 无研磨,从而导致短贷

But homie ain't got a watch, how he gon' know the time? 但亲密是不是得了一块手表,他怎么会去知道时间?


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Bridge: x2] [桥: X2 ]

Time flies by when you livin the life 时光荏苒,当你活着的寿命

Leave the rest of the world behind 离开这个世界的其他地方落后

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