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This Is What We Do



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Yeah, baby, hey yeah, yeah 是啊,宝贝,哎啊,是啊

And you know, said you know 你知道,说你知道

Said you know, said you know babe, yeah 说你知道吗,说你知道,宝贝,是啊


So you say your ish is it 所以,你说你的ISH是

And you say your ish is hot 你说你的ISH是热的

You want me to touch your spot 你要我摸你的位置

Cuz that's how we do it 的Cuz这就是我们如何做到这一点

Now I watch your earrings jingle 现在,我看你的耳环叮当

And I watch you work your middle 我看你的工作你的中间

Cuz your handle bars ain't little 因为你的把手是不小

Makes me wanna (Y'all ain't ready) 让我想(你们都还没有准备好)


[1] - If you wanna dance [1] - 如果你想跳舞

If you wanna move 如果你想招

If you wanna dance 如果你想跳舞

Yeah show me what to do 是啊告诉我该怎么做

I keep it movin', givin' it to you 我把它往前,得到安宁给你

Cuz this is what we do 因为这是场我们做什么

This is what we do, yeah 这是我们做的,是


[Repeat 1] [重复1]


Said East Side, where you at, yo what the deally 说东口,你在哪里哟什么deally

And to my ladies over West can you feel me 和我的夫人在西,你能感觉到我

Tell me what the deal with the South 看官交易与南

And tell me Master P got it all figured out 并告诉我,大师P得到了这一切想通了

But if you say you with me, show you with me 但是,如果你说你和我在一起,告诉你我

You're so pretty, you stay shitty, 你这么漂亮,你留低劣,

Ain't no shorty over 40 chillin' in the VIP with me 是不是和我一起在贵宾没有矮个子在寒冷的40

Damn right, game tight, cuz that's how we do it tonight 该死的,比赛紧张的辩论,因为这是我们如何做到这一点今晚


[Repeat 1] [重复1]

[Repeat 1] [重复1]


[Method Man] [方法人]

Yo, yo 哟,哟

Who got the best body on the planet 谁得到了最好的身体在这个星球上

I take advantage, then skate like the kissin' bandit 我带的优势,那么滑冰喜欢亲吻匪

Leave of hearts 假心

Got these shorties out after dark 得到这些矮仔明后暗

We're lady killers 我们很淑女杀手

Then blow back apart, raw dealers 然后回吹除,原经销商

Tical! Dru Hiller, strange love, seven thirty 蒂卡尔! DRU希勒,奇异的爱情,七点半

I'm like Herbie with a Love Bug 我很喜欢金龟与爱虫

Then skip town like a Casanova Brown Mrs. 然后跳过镇像卡萨诺瓦布朗夫人

You look delicious like a two piece with a biscuit 你看起来美味就像两片用饼干

What's goin' down? 什么是布莱恩下来?

In my mind I'm rippin' your clothes 在我的脑海,我rippin “你的衣服

Playing with your feet girl suckin your toes 与你的脚的女孩来吸你的脚趾玩

Go round with the Ghetto Sarano', mello, 去圆与贫民窟Sarano “ ,梅洛,

Romeo, who like his women on the same level 罗密欧,谁喜欢他的女人在同一水平上

Pay my bills that were due, all accounts settled 支付我的账单说是因为,所有的账目结算

Now I'm relaxing like Pa now with Ma Kettle 现在,我喜欢放松霸现在马水壶

Baby laughing, earrings in both nipples 婴儿笑,两个乳头耳环

Like Janet Jackson, busting out her latest fashion 像珍妮特·杰克逊,破坏了她的最新时尚

Or the smashin' 或smashin “

Honey come on over here, I **** feet cold 亲爱的来吧过来,我****脚冷

Throw them panties over there, you won't need those 把他们的内裤在那里,你将不再需要这些

You talk like sex 你说话就像性

You walk like sex 你走路像做爱

Ya smell like sex 雅闻起来像做爱

Ya yell like sex 雅大叫喜欢做爱

And all ya want is Mr. Meth, hell of a man 和所有你想要的是冰毒先生,一个人的地狱

That can sell an Eskimo a fan 那可以卖一个爱斯基摩风扇

I come equipped for any spot that you want hit 我来装备你想打的任何位置

Or want licked, when my dick get the fuck outta here, ahh, shit 或者想败局已定,当我的家伙得到了他妈的离开这里,啊,狗屎

I start to think back on how I go hump 我开始回想我怎么去驼峰

In seven minutes to heaven at the age of eleven 在7分钟的天堂在11岁

Couldn't tell me nuthin' then, can't tell me nuthin' now 能不能告诉我废柴,那么,能不能告诉我废柴“现在

Honey child, milkin' the cow, lovin' my style 亲爱的孩子, milkin 的牛,就喜欢我的风格

This is what we do kid, me and them Dru kids 这就是我们的孩子,我和他们的孩子的Dru

Take 'em blind, crimpin' them crazy, even toothless 带着他们盲目, crimpin “他们疯了,连没牙

Lastly, if you know me don't ask me 最后,如果你知道我别问我

Call me Method, Mr. Meth if ya nasty 给我打电话的方法,冰毒先生,如果亚讨厌


[Repeat 1] [重复1]

[Repeat 1] [重复1]


If I move it on the left, will it be hot to death 如果我将它放在左边,它会热死

If I move it on the right, will you make it last all night (Woody) 如果我将它放在右边,你会让它过去一整夜(伍迪)

If I move it up and down, will you make a freaky sound, come on 如果我将它向上和向下,你会做一个怪异的声音,加油

If I move it in and out, will it make you scream and shout 如果我将它中和掉,它会令你尖叫和呼喊

Come on 来吧


[Repeat 1 until fade] [单曲重复,直到淡出]

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