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This Is What I Do



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[Intro: AZ] [简介: AZ]

Yes, yes, ladies and gentlemen 是的,是的,女士们,先生们:

I'll like to thank you for your support, love 我要感谢大家的支持,爱

Not only to me, but to the whole hip-hop industry itself 不仅是我,而是对整个嘻哈产业本身

We as a whole, we've been weathering in the Storm 我们作为一个整体,我们已经风化的风暴

From the start, 30-plus years ago to now 从一开始, 30余年前到现在

But uh, like all weapons of hate, we perceiver 但是呢,就像讨厌的所有武器,我们知觉

So allow me to speak not only for me 所以,让我不仅为我说话

But on behalf of the hip-hop coalition 但代表嘻哈联盟

Every hood, every ghetto across the United States of America 每一个发动机罩,整个美利坚合众国每一个贫民区


[Verse 1: AZ] [诗歌1 : AZ]

Yea, as a youngin' I was sittin'- spittin' sponge-in' 是的,作为一个youngin “我是sittin-吐口水”海绵式“

Just learnin' the life, and Christ second comin' 只是设计学习“的生活,基督第二科曼

Well mannered and nice, got advice from women 彬彬有礼,美观大方,得到的建议妇女

But when the money get tight, the stomach start grumblin' 但是,当这些钱拿到紧张,肚子开始grumblin “

It was some of then, wasn't all Hammers then 这是一些话,是不是所有的锤子,然后

Went in the Benz, it was kingpin and bubblin' 去了奔驰,这是主销和bubblin “

We started huddlin', puttin' in, and jugglin' 我们开始huddlin “ , puttin 中,并jugglin ”

A shear later we straight, no more strugglin' 的剪切后,我们直,没有更多的挣扎“

But that was only the start 但是,这仅仅是开始

The love between homey started fallin' apart 温馨的家庭之间的爱情开始落下的除了

I guess anything's addictive when it's callin' your heart 我想任何事情上瘾的,当它呼唤你的心脏

Death and incarceration had us all in the dark 死亡和监禁了我们所有人在黑暗中

We was done, some'll say "we had a beautiful run" 我们做, somell说:“我们有一个美丽的运行”

And the beauty is skin deep was beneath the slums 而美是肤浅的是贫民窟下方

I was numb, that was like speakin' in tongues 我是麻木了,这就像在舌头speakin

So relax, I adapt within a week I was sprung 所以放松,我一周,我就如雨后春笋般涌现在适应

Spoke facts on the track, it's like squeezin' a gun 讲事实在赛道上,它就像squeezin 枪

No more crack, all the boys on my back hearin' "RUN" 没有更多的裂纹,在我的背上赫林“ ”运行“所有的男孩

Yea, I changed & came, all them years, on the stairs G Rap & Kane 是啊,我改及来了,他们都来,在楼梯上摹说唱与凯恩

I felt pain, them beamers still lurkin' my brain 我感到痛苦,他们仍然投影仪lurkin 我的大脑

But the ways is the most high is to preserve to explain 但方式是最高的,是维护说明

It was the fame, that focused me, perfected my game 它的名气,那我的重点,完善了我的游戏

And like that, there's so many others that this rap will remain 而这样,有这么多的人,这个说唱仍将

And in exchange, we give fans the force of the reign 而作为交换,我们给球迷的统治力

To feed, nurture, and breed, and be the voice of the slain 为了养活,培育和繁殖,并成为被杀的人的声音

It's a shame, but that real shit come wit the life 这是一个耻辱,但真正的狗屎来机智的生活

And in order to obtain you gotta sacrifice 并且为了获得你得牺牲

It's like cuttin' your bitch shorter, don't pass on fights 这就像cuttin 你的母狗短,不会把打架

I'ma tourer, so you know all my facts is right 我是旅行车,所以你知道我所有的事实是正确的

Plus my Aurora is like used spoilers on the porch at night 再加上我的极光就像是在门廊上,晚上使用的破坏者

So be polite, just go for them critics that write 所以,要有礼貌,只是去对他们的批评是写

This is Rap, we from the hood, just tryin' to get a slice 这是说唱,我们从发动机罩,只是试着得到一个片

Some'll bite, but the most just coast wit ice Somell咬,但最公正的海岸线机智冰

And rock a little chain, get a little brain 和摇滚小链,得到一点点的脑


[Immediately changes to AZ talking] [立即变为AZ说话]


Ha ha-ha ha, yea, hey, it is what it is 哈哈,哈哈,是啊,嘿,这是它是什么

You know Rap has no rules 你知道说唱无规则

See my enlightener he-he once told me once said 看到我的启蒙者,他,他曾经告诉我曾经说过

"If there is no devilish-men, then there won't be Godliness" “如果没有邪恶的,男人的话不会有敬虔”

"One can't exist without the other" “一个人不可能存在没有其他”

Knaw'mean?, it's like a Doctor is only needed to heal Knawmean ?,它就像一个医生只需要医治

And he caters to the sick, so the sick must exist, ya heard? 他迎合了病,所以病人必须存在,雅听说过吗?

A Minister - he only gives sermon to - uh you know - 一位部长 - 他只给了布道 - 呃,你知道 -

Those seeking for forgiveness - so them sinners must exist 那些寻求宽恕 - 所以他们的罪人必须存在

You know? it's simple simplistic, ha ha-ha ha 你知道?这是简单的简单,哈哈,哈哈

It's AZ the GOD - Constantine - Quiet Money for life 这是亚利桑那州的上帝 - 康斯坦丁 - 安静的钱生活

This is What I Do, I'm here 这是我做的,我在这里

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