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There Goes My Baby



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

You are the song that I write to my wrongs 你是我写我的错歌曲

The calm inside of the rioting storm. 的骚乱风波中的平静。

Stand here, in the center of divinity 站在这里,在神的中心

While I rehears the role of forever, infinity. 虽然我rehears ,永远无穷大的作用。

Action, I begin to relish in the moment 动作,我就开始在当下津津乐道

Discarding my reality, imagining components 抛弃我的现实,想象成分

Fracturing mentalities, I'm casualty spoken 压裂心态,我讲伤亡

If warning comes before destruction, you're the omen. 如果警告来毁灭之前,你的兆头。

And, I'm just broken by the sight of you 而且,我只是打破了你的视线

I'll climb your mental mountains til I reach the very height of you. 我会爬上你的精神山脉直到我达到你的非常高。

Excessive intellect, superhead. 过多的智力,超级前端。

If they fly, we flu... sudafed. 如果它们飞,我们感... sudafed 。

Dear respiration, please let me breathe. 亲爱的呼吸,请让我呼吸。

Take my good intentions and never let them leave. 以我的好意,不让他们离开。

I'm the warrior, you're the war worth fighting. 我是战士,你是战争值得打。

Racing for your heart, I'd dash... hyphen. 赛车在你的心脏,我会飞奔......连字符。

You're the perfect piece, my only consummation. 你是完美的作品,我唯一的完善。

I would force close, the widespread legs of separation. 我会强迫分离的密切,广泛的腿。

Visually perceptive, in you I see the most. 视觉感知,在你,我看到了最。

Iwrotethiswithoutspaces, I'm trying to keep us close. Iwrotethiswithoutspaces ,我试图让我们紧密。

I heard the sun used tongue when it kissed your face 我听说太阳用舌头时,亲吻你的脸

Then eclipsed, cause the moon fought to take it's place 然后黯然失色,造成月球争取把它的位置

Heard gravity exits wherever you enter 听说重力退出,无论你输入

'Cause baby, you're colder than 17 winters. 因为宝贝,你比17的冬天更冷。

Now open up your eyes, I wanna fall inside 现在打开你的眼睛,我想里面跌倒

Then trip into your soul, and stay there for my life. 然后跳闸进入你的灵魂,并在那里呆了我的生活。

Yeah, this shit is perfect like it fits right 是的,这一切,是完美的就像它适合右

I'm for real, man it hit me harder than a fist fight. 我是真实的,人打我比拳头打更难。

One and our heart beats speak with a flow 一,我们的心脏跳动发言的流

Unbreakable, like Mr. Deeds and his toes 坚不可摧的,如契约先生和他的脚趾

Now the keys in the hole; in the sheets, here we go. 现在的钥匙孔;在张,我们开始吧。

Bed wrinkled more than tissues from a seasonal cold. 床上皱巴巴的多组织从季节性感冒。

When my neck's lost, I can see the stars around you 在我的脖子上的损失,我能看到你周围的星星

The sky is just a big connect-the-dots and I found you. 天空是只是一个大连接的最点,我找到了你。

In the center of it, the bigger picture of it 在该中心的话,它的大局观

We gon' see everything but the ending of it 我们会去看到的一切,但它的结局

My crimson stained eyes, still see you lucidly 我的深红色染色的眼睛,还是看你透彻

If beauty's in the eye of the beholder, then what does beauty see? 如果美丽的,在旁观者的眼睛,那还有什么美女看到了什么?

Blind eyes closed, no staring in your presence 瞎双眼紧闭,没有盯着你的存在

Deaf eardrums, still could hear your essence 聋子的耳膜,仍然能听到你的本质

The dumb spoke of your beauty in sign language 你的美丽的手语是喑哑的辐

It's amazing how good it can be described ain't it? 令人惊讶的是它有多好,可以说是不是?

I mind framed it, your visage painted 笔者心中诬陷它,你的容貌画

And If I look away, my vision's tainted. 如果我把目光移开,我的视力的污点。

This my weaker part, it's my deeper art 这是我弱的部分,这是我的更深层次的艺术

Emotions on blast, turned up, my speaker heart. 在爆炸的情绪,转身,我的音箱心脏。

Love is the language that I'm speaking fluently 爱是我讲流利的语言

I'm teaching it to you, since it's only meant for you and me 我教给你,因为它只是意味着你和我

And if ever I'm lost, I'll let your compass guide me 如果曾经我迷路了,我会让你的指南针引导我

Cause you're the only one who's ever raised the sun inside me. 因为你是谁的曾经提出的太阳在我里面唯一的一个。

They tell me do it from my soul, no questin' 他们告诉我,从我的灵魂,没有questin 做

Til I can't breathe, nasal congestion. 直到我不能呼吸,鼻塞。

You'll never miss a kiss, I'm like a puffer fish 你永远不会错过任何一个吻,我就像一个河豚鱼

Always on top of my words like an upper lip 总是在我的文字里最喜欢的上唇

I wanna be the poetry that spills from your brains 我想是因为溢出从你的大脑中的诗

The thoughts that remain, the blood in your veins 仍然存在,在血管中的血液的想法

You hold the price on my head like a contract chase 你抱着的价格在我的头上就像一个合同追逐

You hold everything I see like a contact case 你持有的一切,我看到这样的接触情况

If haters wanna watch tell em order fandango 如果仇敌想看告诉EM订单居心不良

Make an ordinary girl, feel like a borderline angel. 做一个平凡的女孩,觉得自己是一个边缘性的天使。

Snatch it from my chest and take it with you when you leave me 从我的胸口抢夺它,并把它与你,当你离开我

Take my lungs too, so you literally breath me 就拿我的肺了,所以你从字面上我一口气

I could hear the heaves singing like christmas carols; 我能听到歌声像圣诞颂歌的眼帘;

Bullets for thoughts, spinning like pistol barrels. 子弹的想法,像旋转的手枪桶。

I can't keep you to myself, I wanna let you shine 我不能让你对自己说,我想要让你闪耀

I'd melt into your body until we are entwined 我融进你的身体,直到我们互相牵连

I just really wanna see you smile from your soul 我真的很希望看到你从你的灵魂的微笑

Directly into the mirrors of these eyes that I hold. 直接进入这些眼睛,我持有的镜子。

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