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The Table


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[Raekwon] [ Raekwon的]

Moet got me actin like a fuckin goat in here 酩悦让我装作喜欢在这里他妈的山羊

Yo god, remember back in the days god? 上帝哟,记得在天之神?

When we came a long way and shit, man? 当我们来到了漫长的道路和狗屎,人?

(No question) (毫无疑问)

Supposed to be blessin each other on our physical days and shit 应该是blessin对方对我们的身体和天屎

Yaknowimsayin, it's like basically Yaknowimsayin ,这是基本一样

I wanna hit my family wit like land and all that 我想把打我的家人一样机智地和所有

Diamonds and all that, we ran through that chamber dunn 钻石和所有这一切,我们跑过了邓恩室


Mainly stack mine, indeed it's been a long time 主要是堆矿,实际上它是一个漫长的时间

Let me feed y'all, fruits of life, shut up and eat y'all 让我养活你们,生命果实,闭嘴,你们吃

Flavors for neighbors, Wallee's down to gators 口味的邻居, Wallee的向下鳄鱼

The whole configuration stackin paper 整机配置stackin纸

Yo we do this, on the low though 哟,我们做到这一点,就低,虽然

If so, we runnin John dolo 如果是这样,我们飞奔约翰·多洛

First thing, you need if you don't know 第一件事情,你需要的,如果你不知道

We carry cuz it's a real world, show and prove 我们进行的Cuz这是一个真实的世界,展示和证明

In ill words, all my herbs know the slurge 在生病的话,我所有的草药知道slurge

Dress nasty like fuck, keep my bird on the job yo 扮靓讨厌像他妈的,让我的鸟在工作哟

You got to straighten up, do the worst thing to hurt her heart, damn 你一定要振作起来,做最坏的事情去伤害她的心脏,妈的

Took care of that, shared, even shed a tear for that 照顾的是,共享,甚至流下了眼泪为

Bust my gat to throw gear on her back 胸围我骑上扔齿轮在她的背上

Damn son, why she takin you through that? 妈的儿子,为什么她羚牛你通过?

She's a part of me, pardon me flow Allah, we sworn we 她是我的一部分,原谅我流真主,我们发誓我们

Wisin up, take care of home bases Wisin了,照顾家基地

Then we slide to another part and start more hatred 然后我们推到另一部分,并开始更多的仇恨

Life is sacred 生命是神圣的

The other side of that paw, you lie naked 那爪子的另一边,你赤裸裸的谎言

Clothes in the box, go 'head take it 在箱子的衣服,去“头把它

Flash back Jew status, salute moms and get ya boots splattered 闪回的犹太人身份,妈妈们致敬,并获得亚靴飞溅

Batting average, ya moms had it 安打率,雅妈妈了吧

Just a broke young dumb, full of cum 只是一个一文不名的年轻愚蠢,充满暨

Ready to haunt something, takes something of yours 准备一些困扰,需要的东西你

Here you want something 在这里,你想要的东西

Growing up around fifteen 长大后身边15

Watchin how the big niggas rollin wit big cream, big schemes 在看着大黑鬼怎么罗林机智的大霜,大计划

Quick to flash ya gat, laser beam 快速闪烁雅上山寨,激光束

Pool table action black, hundred stacks made my niggas leave 台球桌黑色行动,百栈使我离开黑鬼

Some be sayin "Let em breathe" 有些可以在说“让我们让他们呼吸”

The others wanna deceive, how we gonna make it if we don't achieve? 其他人想要欺骗,我们怎么会去做,如果我们没有达到?

Right now, catch it from a vertical degree yo 眼下,从垂直度哟抓住它

We startin showin our asses, committing burgularies 我们挑动舒我们的驴,犯burgularies

One got caught, threw us all off 其中一个被抓住了,把我们扔全部关闭

Threw us in the hell section near the boardwalk 把我们扔在木板人行道附近的地狱节

Wonderin how the sword talk 迷惘怎么谈剑

Did he fall off? Did he stand like the hawk that he was in New York? 他是否脱落?难道他屹立,他在纽约的鹰?

Kept the waves spinnin on the cross, of course 不停的海浪在旋转过程中在十字架上,

Come back a little cutty endorse 回来一点点极短的加签

Risked it for his kids the pain is lost 冒险是为了他的孩子的痛苦是失去

We sittin back on a better note 我们呆坐着回到一个更好的笔记

Yellin "Peace god, I love you love you to death, you thoroughbredable" 喊“和平之神,我爱你爱你爱到死,你thoroughbredable ”

The Robbin Hood of the hood 引擎盖的罗宾胡德

Sit back, it's all good, won't spoil it if we call it, we all hood 坐下来,这一切都很好,不会破坏它,如果我们把它称为,大家都罩

Ha ha 哈哈


[Masta Killa] [空间Masta Killa的]

I make knowledge born to save self, you know? 我让知识出生救自己,你知道吗?

Who gon' live it, gon' live it 谁坤住了,会去住吧

Be is to be a born, knawmean? 是要一个天生的, knawmean ?


Soaked in degrees of knowledge, polished by sun rays 浸泡在度的知识,通过打磨太阳光线

Carving by nine swordsmen to a needle point of perfection 九剑士雕刻完美的针尖

It's a blessing to deliver this lesson 这是一个祝福传递这一课

While travellin the planet, extending development 而在travellin地球,延续发展

And vote for the mind, never ended 投票的心中,永远不会结束

We now send it long winded, descended 现在,我们把它长篇大论,下降

Infital, Bobby Digital, Abbot of the Shaolin now Infital ,鲍比数字,住持少林寺现在

Wit knowledge and wisdom 机智的知识和智慧

The original sword style begin, birth of the Wu-Tang Clan 原来剑式开始时,武当派的诞生

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