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The Real Thang



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

I gotta be honest 我得说实话

Bragging was really not the mission 吹牛是真的不使命

Only way that they'll listen excuse me if you hear a contradiction 只有这样,他们会听原谅我,如果你听到一个矛盾

Yea I had a chick and 是啊,我有一个小鸡

She had gave me a proposition 她给了我一个命题

She was in love till I told her French ain't my type of kissin' 她在爱情,直到我告诉她的法语不是我喜欢的类型的亲吻“

Them execs was dissin when I walked into that Def Jam audition 这些高管是dissin当我走进那Def Jam唱片试听

Should've threw my watch in they face and then said it's time to listen 应该已经把我的手表,他们的脸,然后说,它的时间来听

Record label switching 唱片开关

Grinding 'cause I didn't have a pot to piss in 磨因为我没有一个锅在小便

Feeling like I was fishin' 感觉就像我被钓鱼

It was eating my food inside the kitchen 这是吃我的食物里面的厨房

Before the second album 第二张专辑前

Sophomore jinx was just superstition 大二的厄运只是迷信

Who would've known that they would've been right 谁也已经知道,他们会一直正确

But I ain't tripping 但我不跳闸

Trying to be an artist 想成为一个艺术家

While they repaint the composition 虽然他们重绘组成

I need recognition 我需要认可

Recognize ain't no competition 认识是不是没有竞争


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

They said we wouldn't make it 他们说,我们不会让它

But now they copying the style that they said would never blow wasn't no complaining 但现在,他们复制的风格,他们说会永远吹不无抱怨

And now it seems like everywhere I go 而现在好像无论我去哪里

Steady crawling 稳步爬行

On them 4s (still crawling) 他们4S (仍爬行)

On them 4s (still balling) 他们4S (球化仍)

On them 4s Still crawling on 4s mayne 他们4S仍然爬在4S梅恩

On them 4s (still crawling) 他们4S (仍爬行)

On them 4s (still balling) 他们4S (球化仍)

On them 4s 他们4S

You can copy but you'll never ever be the real thing 您可以复制,但你将永远不会成为真实的东西


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

Trying to hit 'em with some knowledge 想打他们的一些知识

They gon' respond and say it's garbage 他们会去回应,说这是垃圾

If I say my cars is 如果我说我的车被

Candy they tell ya he the hardest 糖果,他们告诉你,他是最难

Look at how you boys is 看看你的男生是怎么

Talking bout cars in they garages 说到回合车,他们车库

They just mirages if you believe 'em 他们只是海市蜃楼,如果你相信时间

You're retarded 你是智障

I'm gonna grind regardless 我要磨不管

Step in your castle steal your crown 步骤在你的城堡偷你的冠冕

Gotta give a pound 总得给一斤

KJ and Nancy they still around KJ和南希,他们还在身边

And I'm still the deepest 而我依然是最深

Spend my thesis you still will drown 用我的论文,你还是会被淹死

And that XXL dude that said I would fail 和XXL花花公子说我会失败


Can't get a digit or live it how could you even grade me 不能得到一个数字或生活怎么可能你连我的等级

I'm the one who pay me 我是一个谁付钱给我

Personally give me money daily 亲自给我钱每天

Completely crazy 彻底疯了

Talk to the streets the streets obey me 聊到街头街头服从我

Go ahead and hate me 来吧,恨我

I don't give a 'F' like Weezy baby 我不给一个“F”像Weezy婴儿

The Cadillac looking cocky they set a standard to stop me 凯迪拉克看着趾高气扬,他们树立了标准,以阻止我

Swagger jackers that copy I think ya swagger is sloppy 在复制I扬鞭jackers觉得雅招摇是马虎

I was just a child in the streets till I let Universal adopt me 我只是一个孩子在街头,直到我让通用收养我

But now I feel like I'm the man 但现在我觉得我的男人

If they ever plannin' to drop me 如果他们曾经规划中“砸我

A kitchen drawer wit the flow 一间厨房抽屉机智流

'cause I'm sharp as a utensil “因为我是锋利的器具

Bring any writer I promise I'll break him like a pencil 带来任何作家我保证我会打破他像一支铅笔

Any instrumental 任何工具

Rappers can't keep up with my mental 说唱歌手无法跟上我的心理

'cause they mental's simple 因为他们心理的简单

While my mental is monumental 虽然我的精神是不朽的

Been had potential 已经有潜力

Follow me cause of what I went through 跟着我什么,我经历了事业

While haters jock me 虽然仇敌乔克我

Copy my image like a stencil 复制我的形象就像一个模板

Don't try to jack me 不要托住我

Give a message to those that sent you 提供消息给那些给你发

I bet the pistol show up in ya face like it's a dimple 我敢打赌,手枪展示在你的脸就像是一个酒窝

Smile, cha cha power! 微笑,嚓嚓的力量!


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

Should've betted in my chain 应该已经在我的下注链

That I'm better than the game 我比游戏好

I don't mean the rapper I mean every rapper that's in the game 我的意思不是说唱歌手我的意思是每一个说唱歌手是在比赛中

This the little internet nerd that you say that I gotta prove it to 这是你说的,我得小网络书呆子证明给

Alicia Keys 艾莉西亚凯斯

Keyshia Cole Keyshia科尔

Oh! My dough is beautiful 哦!我的面团是美丽的

I throw three thousand in the air just to snap a Polaroid 我把三千空气中的只是攫取宝丽

Chamillinate anybody moving you're so destroyed Chamillinate有人动你这么被毁

Ka-boom! 嘉热潮!

Say I'm dissin if you don't know the half 说我dissin ,如果你不知道半

I'm digital download with the dough 我用面团数字下载

You do the math 你自己算算

My money move I get statements so I can view my dollars 我的钱移到我得到的语句,所以我可以查看我的美元

A one then a zero 一个一则为零

Zero be leapin' all the commas 零被leapin “所有的逗号

I can poke I promise 我能捅我保证

Baby look dope as Pocahontas 婴儿看涂料作为风中奇缘

In the Bahamas 在巴哈马

Counting money in my pajamas 在我的睡衣数钱

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