歌词 "The Mysterious Hanger" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

The Mysterious Hanger



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Um, excuse me teacher 嗯,对不起老师

I've gotta go to the recycling toilet 我得去回收厕所

I'm gonna let them take over the story from here (All clear) 我会让他们从这里接手的故事(全部清除)

It begins with the superstar addressing her duplicant army 它始于巨星寻址她窃军

In a mysterious hanger 在一个神秘的衣架


Silence! 沉默!

My darling, you are so beautiful and dutiful 亲爱的,你是如此美丽和孝顺

I'm superstar, life maker, soul breaker, hit maker, love taker 我是超级巨星,生活设施,心灵破碎机,打机,刺辊的爱

Don't you mess around with me 难道你不浪费时间与我

Ten thousand superstars, I'm getting out my claws 一万个超级巨星,我得到了我的魔爪

Ready to break all the laws, I told you I was the best there was 准备打破所有的法律,我告诉你,我是最好的有

Each duplicant think of ten celebrities 每个窃以为十名人

These will be your personal enemies 这些将是你个人的敌人

Take away their jobs and give it to me 拿走他们的工作,并把它给我

We're gonna be the only celebrity 我们会是唯一的名人

Then we can always be there for the photo shoot, the movie role, the recording 然后我们就可以永远守护着照片拍摄的电影中的角色,记录

The clothing line, the perfume, the adori, my ratings and chart positions soring 该服装系列,香水, adori ,我的收视率和排行榜位置soring

Don't want a two thou for this happiness 不想两年你为这个幸福

Anyway, settle for the best you have 总之,满足于你拥有最好的

You are all equal, but some more equal than others 你们都是平等的,但有些比其他人更平等

My sequel, but you are not people 我的续集,但你是不是人

No free wills, no thrills, no gettin' ill 没有自由意志,无刺激,无刚开了病

Unless it's ill meaning ill, not ill meaning sick 除非是生病的意思病,没病的意思病

Quick, everybody line up, no time to think 很快,大家都排队,没有时间思考

Get the branding ink 获取品牌的墨水

You will be burned a number with my brand CC 你会被烧毁了许多与我的品牌CC

Now duplicants, listen to me 现在duplicants ,听我说

Every reality show, movie role 每一个真人秀节目,电影中的角色

Every famous job must be filled with one of my clones 每名工作必须用我的克隆1

Superstar food, superstar books 巨星食品,书籍巨星

Everybody copy superstar looks 每个人副本的超级巨星看起来

Like the hook this year, makin' my money off the book this year 像今年的钩,金我的钱掉书今年

But let's be clear 但我们要清楚

If you descent you'll be sent to the vent 如果你血统,你会被发送到通风

Emptied and shelved, soul in the hole 清空搁置,灵魂在孔

Here are the rules and did I mention, there is no exception 下面是规则和我提到,没有例外


Come on baby, don't you love me 来吧,宝贝,你不爱我

When you see me, don't you love me 当你看到我,你不爱我

Come on baby, don't you love me 来吧,宝贝,你不爱我

When you see me, don't you love me 当你看到我,你不爱我


Ugh, shut up duplicants, listen up 唉,闭嘴duplicants ,听好了

Your weight will fluctuate to more than one tenth of an ounce 你的体重会波动于每盎司逾十分之一

Your songs will bounce in count 你的歌曲将在数反弹

Your feelings are not allowed and you are my slaves so don't make a sound 你的感情是不允许的,你是我的奴隶,所以不要作声

You will not fall in love unless it's a career ? 你不会爱上,除非它是一个职业呢?

Learn the art of snoozering, pandering me and glandering, I'm very demanding 了解snoozering的艺术,迎合了我和glandering ,我很苛刻

Excuse me, what's that over there 对不起,那是什么在那里

Me getting old, cease her, zap her soul 我年纪大了,停止了她,扎普她的灵魂

Dolly I want a refund on my clone, you gots to go 多莉我想在我的克隆退款,你全球有机纺织品标准去

Off to the vent you go (no, no) go! (no, no!) 关你去发泄(不,不)去! (不,不! )

I'm gonna conquer the world, meaning the United States and it's outskirts 我要征服世界,这意味着美国和它的郊区

So good it hurts, can you see the perks 因此,良好的疼,你可以看到福利

And for every other star it's only gonna get worse 而对于所有其他明星它只会变得更糟

My voice play all on every music station in every nation 在每一个国家自己的声音播放所有的音乐每次站上

Including the tiny colony on Mars, merchandise on all liveable stars 包括所有居住星星的小殖民地火星上的商品

On every channel on TV, movin' pictures of me 在每个通道上电视,居无定所我的照片

Virtual vid game screens on magazines, and direct connect dreams 杂志上的虚拟VID游戏画面,并直接连接的梦想

Now I can be everywhere it seems 现在,我可以无处不在,似乎

I will not be a household name 我不会成为一个家喻户晓的名字

I will hold the household, hold the pot and pots of gold 我会拥抱家庭,握住锅和盆金

Lots to go, I gots to roll 很多去,我全球有机纺织品标准推出

And once more, when I'm winnin' the world game 再一次,当我WINNIN “的游戏世界

The word 'fame' will never know what hit it 这个词名利永远不会知道什么是打

Let's go bad girls we in it to win it 让我们走坏的女孩,我们在这上面赢了

Let's go you bad bad girls 让我们去你坏坏的女孩

Bad girls NYC 坏女孩纽约

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