歌词 "The Murder Mystery" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

The Murder Mystery



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Left voice:] [左声音: ]

Candy-screen wrappers of silkscreen fantastic, requiring memories both lovely and guiltfree, lurid and lovely with twilight of ages, luscious and lovely and filthy with laughter, laconic giggles, ennui fort the passions, in order to justify most spurious desires, rectify moments, most serious and urgent to hail upon the face of most odious time, requiring replies most facile and vacuous with words nearly singed, with the heartbeat of passions, spew forth with the grace of a tart going under subject of a great concern, noble origin 丝印太棒了,需要的记忆又可爱,又guiltfree ,耸人听闻的可爱与年龄的黄昏,甜美可爱和肮脏的笑声,笑声简洁的糖果屏包装,厌倦堡的激情,为了证明最虚假的欲望,整顿的时刻,最严重和紧迫的冰雹在最可憎的时间面前,需要回复最浅显的和空洞的文字几乎烧焦,有激情的心跳,以挞下的极大关注课题下去,贵族血统的恩典喷涌出来


[Right voice:] [右声音: ]

Denigrate obtuse and active, verbs, pronouns, skewer the sieve of the optical sewer, release the handle that holds all the gates up, puncture the eyeballs that seep all the muck up, read all the books and the people worth reading and still see the muck on the sky of the ceiling 诋毁钝活跃,动词,代词,串烧光学下水道的筛子,发布,保存所有的门了手柄,穿刺的渗透所有的渣土了眼球,读所有的书和人民值得一读,仍然看渣土在天花板上的天空


[Left voice:] [左声音: ]

Please raise the flag, rosy red carpet envy 请举起旗子,玫瑰色的红地毯羡慕

English used here; this messenger is nervous 用英语在这里;这个信使是神经

It's not fun at all out here in the hall 这不是乐趣可言了这里的大厅


[Right voice:] [右声音: ]

Mister Moonlight, succulent smooth and gorgeous 月光先生,肉质光滑,华丽

Isn't it nice? We're number one and so forth 是不是很漂亮?我们是第一等

Isn't it sweet being unique 是不是甜是唯一


[Left voice:] [左声音: ]

For screeching and yelling and various offenses, lower the queen and bend her over the tub; against the state, the country, the commitee; hold her head under the water, please, for an hour, for groveling and spewing and various offenses; puncture the bloat with the wing of a sparrow, the inverse, the obverse, the converse, the reverse, the sharpening wing of the edge of a sparrow, for suitable reckonings too numerous to mention, as the queen is fat, she is devoured by rats; there is one way to skin a cat or poison a rat; it is here forth, hear to three, forthirightly stated 对于尖叫和大喊和各种犯罪,降低了女王和她弯腰在浴缸;针对国家,国家, commitee ;抱下了水她的头,请了一个小时,在卑躬屈膝和喷涌的各种犯罪行为;穿刺麻雀的翅膀臃肿,逆,正面,反之,反向,一只麻雀的边缘锐化翼,合适reckonings不胜枚举,如女王胖,她被吞噬大鼠;还有对皮肤有猫或毒死一只老鼠的一种方式;正是在这里出来,听到三, forthirightly说


[Right voice:] [右声音: ]

Relent and obverse and inverse and perverse and reverse the inverse of perverse and reverse and reverse and reverse and reverse and reverse and chop it and pluck it and cut it and spit it and sew it to joy on the edge of a cyclop and spin it to rage on the edge of a cylindrical minute 后悔,正反的和有害的和反向的倒行逆施逆和反向和反向和反向和反向和反向和砍它,掐它,砍它,吐出来,并缝喜悦在环戊的边缘,它旋转到在愤怒的圆柱形分钟的边缘


[Left voice:] [左声音: ]

Put down that rag simpering, callow and morose 放下抹布傻笑,乳臭未干和郁闷

Who let you in? If I knew, then I could get out 让你在谁?如果我知道的话,我能拿出来

The murder you see is a mystery to me 您所看到的谋杀是一个谜给我


[Right voice:] [右声音: ]

Dear Mister Muse, fellow of wit and gentry 亲爱的先生缪斯,机智和绅士的家伙

Medieval ruse filling the shallow and empty 中世纪的诡计填充浅而空

Fools that duel, duel in pools 在决斗,决斗在泳池傻瓜


[Left voice:] [左声音: ]

To Rembrandt and Oswald, to peanuts and ketchup, sanctimonious sycophants stir in the bushes, up to the stand with your foot on the Bible; as king, I must order and constantly arouse, if you swear to catch up and throw up and up-up, a king full of virgin and kiss me and spin it, excuse to willow and wander, dark wonders divest me of robes, sutures, Harry and pig meat, the fate of a nation, rests hard on your bosoms, the king on his throne, puts his hand down his robe, the torture of inverse and silkscreen and Harry, and set the tongue squealing the reverse and inverse 伦勃朗和奥斯瓦尔德,花生和番茄酱,道貌岸然的佞幸搅在灌木丛中,直到站在你的脚放在圣经;作为国王,我要订购,不断唤起,如果你发誓要赶上和呕吐和上了,一个充满处女吻我,并旋转它的国王,借口柳树和漂移,暗奇观剥离长袍,缝线我,哈利和猪肉,一个民族的命运,在于很难在你的胸前,他的王位的国王,把他的手顺着他的长袍,逆和丝印和哈利的折磨,并设置舌头尖叫的反转和反


[Right voice:] [右声音: ]

Tantalize poets with visions of grandeur, their faces turn blue with the reek of the compost, as the living try hard to retain what the dead lost, with double-dead sickness from writing at what cost and business and business and reverse and reverse and set the brain reeling the inverse and perverse 吊胃口诗人与宏伟的愿景,他们的脸变成蓝色与堆肥恶臭,为生活努力挽留什么死人丢了,用双死病从写什么成本,企业和企业,并扭转和扭转,并设置脑子晕晕的倒数和有害


[Left voice:] [左声音: ]

Objections suffice apelike and tactile bassoon 反对就够了类似猿猴和触觉大管

Oboeing me cordon the virus' section Oboeing我封锁病毒“部分

Off to the left is what is not right 关闭左边是什么,是不正确的


[Right voice:] [右声音: ]

English arcane, tantamount here to frenzy 英国奥术,等于是在这里狂潮

Passing for me, lascivious elder passion 通过对我来说,好色的老激情

Corpulent filth disguised as silk 肥胖藏污纳垢伪装成丝


[Left voice:] [左声音: ]

Contempt, contempt, and contempt for the boredom, I shall poison the city and sink it with fire, for cordless and Harry and ape-pig and scissor, the messenger's wig seems fraught with desire, for blueberry picnics and pince-nez and magpies, the messenger's skirt, would you please hook it higher, for children and adults, all those under ninety, how truly disgusting. Would you please put it down? A stray in this fray is no condom worth saving, as king, I'm quite just, but it's just quite impossible, a robe and a robe and a robe and a bat, no double-class inverse could make lying worth dying 鄙视,蔑视和鄙视无聊,我会毒害的城市和水槽用火,无绳哈利和APE猪和剪刀,信使的假发,似乎充满了渴望,蓝莓野餐和夹鼻眼镜和喜鹊,报信的裙子,请你把它挂高,为儿童和成人,所有那些在90 ,如何真正恶心。请你爱不释手?在这个竞争行列一只流浪无安全套值得保存,作为国王,我是很公平的,但它只是完全不可能,外袍和长袍,长袍和蝙蝠,没有双级反可能使躺在为之牺牲


[Right voice:] [右声音: ]

With cheap simian melodies, hillbilly outgush, for illiterate ramblings, for cheap understanding, for misunderstranding, the simple, the inverse, the compost, the reverse, the obtuse and stupid, and business and business, and cheap stupid lyrics, and simple mass reverse while the real thing is dying 用廉价的猿猴的旋律,乡巴佬outgush ,对于不识字的随笔,便宜的理解,对于misunderstranding ,简单,逆,堆肥,相反,钝角和愚蠢,企业和企业,物美价廉愚蠢的歌词,简单的大规模反真实的东西是死亡时


[Left voice:] [左声音: ]

Exit the pig, enter the owl and gorgeous 退出养猪,进入猫头鹰和华丽

King on the left, it on the right and primping 王在左边,它在右边和primping

Adjusting his nose as he reads from his scroll 调整他的鼻子,他从他的横批


[Right voice:] [右声音: ]

Folksy knockwurst, peel back the skin of French 平易近人knockwurst ,剥回法国的皮肤

And what do you find? Follicles intertwining 和你有什么发现?蓇葖果交织

Succulent prose wrapped up in robes 多汁的散文包裹在长袍


[Left voice:] [左声音: ]

Off with his head, take his head from his neck off, requiring memories both lovely and guiltfree, put out his eyes, then cut his nose off, sanctimonius sycophants stir in the bushes, scoop out his brain, put a string where his ears were, all the king's horses and all the king's men, swing the whole mess at the end of the wire, scratch out his eyes with the tip of a razor, let the wire extend from the tip of a rose, Caroline, Caroline, Caroline, oh! but retains the remnants of what once was a nose, pass me my robe, fill my bath up with water 砍掉他的头,把他的头从他的脖子上了,需要的记忆又可爱,又guiltfree ,推出了他的眼睛,然后把他的鼻子了, sanctimonius佞幸搅在草丛中,挖出了他的大脑,把一个字符串,其中他的耳朵所有国王的马,王的男人,摆残局的线端,划伤了他的眼睛用剃刀尖,让线从玫瑰的末端延伸,卡罗琳,卡罗琳,卡罗琳,哦!但保留了曾经是鼻子的残余,经过了我的长袍,填补我洗澡了水


[Right voice:] [右声音: ]

Jumpsuit and pigmeat and making his fortune, while making them happy with the inverse and obverse and making them happy and making them happy with the coy and the stupid, just another dumb lackey who puts out the one thing while singing the other, but the real thing's alone and it is no man's brother 连身裤和猪肉,使他的财富,而让他们高兴的逆和正面,使他们快乐,让他们高兴的忸怩和愚蠢的,只是一个愚蠢的走狗谁拿出了一件事,而唱对方,但真正的事情是孤独,这是没有人的哥哥


[Left voice:] [左声音: ]

No one knows no nose is good news and senseless 没有人知道没有鼻子是一个好消息和无意义

Extend the wine, drink here a toast to selfless 延长酒,喝这里举杯无私

Ten-year-old port is perfect in court 十岁的端口是完美法庭


[Right voice:] [右声音: ]

Safety is nice, not an unwise word spoken 安全性是很好的,而不是一个不明智的口语词

Scary bad dreams made safe in lovely songs 可怕的噩梦中可爱的歌曲变得安全

No doom or gloom allowed in this room 无厄运或忧郁在这个房间里允许


[Left voice:] [左声音: ]

Casbah and cascade and rosehip and feeling, cascade and cyanide, Rachaminoff, Beethoven, skull-silly wagon and justice and perverse and reverse the inverse and inverse and inverse, blueberry catalog, questionable earnings, hustler's lament and the rest will in due cry, to battle and scramble and browbeat and hurt while chewing on minstrels and choking on dirt, disease please seems the order of the day, please the king, please the king, please the king day, casbah and cascade and rosehip and feeling, point of order, return the king here to the ceiling 卡斯巴和级联和玫瑰果和感觉,级联和氰化物, Rachaminoff ,贝多芬,骷髅傻旅行车和正义,不正当和反向逆及逆而逆,蓝莓目录,可疑的财报,骗子的感叹,并在适当的哭声,其余意志,战斗和争夺和恐吓,伤害,而咀嚼对吟游诗人和呛人的灰尘,请病,似乎一天的订单,请王,请王,请王天,卡斯巴和级联和玫瑰果和感觉,规程,这里王者归来天花板


[Right voice:] [右声音: ]

Oh, not to be whistled or studied or hummed or remembered at nights when the eye is alone, but to skewer and ravage and savage and split with the grace of a diamond then bellicose wit, to stun and to stagger with words as such stone, that those who do hear cannot again return home 哦,不被吹罚或学习,或哼或记得在晚上的时候眼睛是孤独的,但烤串和蹂躏和野蛮的分裂与钻石的恩典,那么好战的机智,击晕和错开了的话这样的石头,那些谁也听不能再回家


[Left voice:] [左声音: ]

Razzamatazz, there's nothing on my shoulder Razzamatazz ,没有什么我的肩膀上

Lust is a must, shaving my head's made me bolder 好色是必须的,剃我的头让我更大胆

Will you kindly read what it was I brought thee? 能不能请你读什么,这是我领你?


[Right voice:] [右声音: ]

Hello to Ray, hello to Godiva and Angel 你好雷,打招呼的Godiva和天使

Who let you in? Isn't it nice, the party? 让你在谁?是不是很漂亮,党?

Aren't the lights pretty at night? 不是漂亮的灯光在晚上?


[Left voice:] [左声音: ]

Sick leaf and sorrow and pincers not scissors, regard and refrain from the daughters of marriage, regards for the elders and youngest in carriage, regard and regard for the inverse and perverse and obverse, and diverse, of reverse and reverse, regard from the sick, the dumb, and the camel from pump's storing water, like brain is too marrow to x-ray and filthy and cutting and then peeling to skin and to skin and to bone and to structure to livid and pallid and turgid and structured and structured and structured and structured and structured and regard and refrain, the sick and the dumb, inverse, reverse and perverse 生病的叶子和悲伤,并没有钳子剪刀,就和避免婚姻的女儿,至于为长者和年轻的马车,就和考虑逆的和有害的和正面,多样,反向和反向,从病人方面,哑吧,然后从泵的蓄水骆驼,像大脑过于髓X射线和污秽和切割,然后剥离皮肤和皮肤,骨骼和结构,铁青的苍白和肿胀,结构化和结构化的和结构化和结构化和结构化方面和避免,病人和哑巴,反,反的和有害的


[Right voice:] [右声音: ]

Contempt, contempt, and contempt for the seething for writhing and reeling and two-bit reportage, for sick with the body and sinister holy, the drown burst blue babies now dead on the seashore, the valorous horseman, who hang from the ceiling, the pig on the carpet, the dusty pale jissom, that has no effect for the sick with the see-saw, the inverse, obverse converse, reverse of reverse the diverse and converse of reverse and perverse and sweet pyrotechnics, and let's have another of inverse, converse, diverse, perverse and reverse, hell's graveyard is damned as they chew on their brains, the slick and the scum, reverse, inverse and perverse 轻视,蔑视,以及与身体和险恶的神圣火热的扭动和缫丝和二位报告文学,生病的蔑视,对溺水突发蓝色的婴儿已经死在海边,在勇猛的骑手,从天花板挂谁的猪在地毯上,尘土飞扬的苍白jissom ,具有与拉锯,逆,正面交谈,反向反向反向的和有害的和甜烟火的多样化和匡威的病人没有效果,让我们有另一种相反的,匡威,多样,乖张和反向,地狱的墓地被诅咒,因为他们嚼他们的大脑,光滑和败类,反转,反转和有害


[Left voice:] [左声音: ]

Plowing while it's done away 犁地,而它的废除

Dumb and ready pig meat 阿呆与准备猪肉

Sick upon the carpet 在地毯生病

Climb into the casket 爬进棺材

Safe within the parapet 栏杆内的安全

Sack is in the parapet 萨克在女儿墙

Pigs are out and growling 猪出来,咆哮

Slaughter by the seashore 屠杀在海边

See the lifeguard drowning 见溺水救生员

Sea is full of fishes 大海是充满鱼

Fishes full of china 鱼全中国的

China plates are falling 中国板下跌

All fall down 都倒下了

Sick and shiny carpet 病人和有光泽的地毯

Lie before my eyes-eyes 在我的眼前,眼睛谎言

Lead me to the ceiling 领我到天花板

Walk upon the wall wall 走在城墙上墙

Tender as the green grass 嫩的草绿色

Drink the whisky horror 喝威士忌恐怖

See the young girls dancing 看到年轻的女孩子跳舞

Flies upon the beaches 苍蝇在海滩

Beaches are for sailors 海滩是水手

Nuns across the sea-wall 穿越海堤修女

Black hood horseman raging 黑罩骑手肆虐

Swordsman eating fire 笑傲江湖吃火

Fire on the carpet 消防地毯

Set the house ablazing 一套房子ablazing

Seize and bring it flaming 抓住并把它燃烧

Gently to the ground ground 轻轻地地

Dizzy Bell Miss Fortune 晕钟小姐财富

Fat and full of love-juice 脂肪和充满爱的果汁

Drip it on the carpet 滴落它在地毯上

Down below the fire hose 顺着消防水带下方

Weep and whisky fortune 哭泣和威士忌的财富

Sail me to the moon, dear 赛欧我去月球,亲爱的

Drunken dungeon sailors 醉酒的水手地牢

Headless Roman horsemen 无头的罗马骑兵

The king and queen are empty 国王和王后是空的

Their heads are in the outhouse 他们的头都在外屋

Fish upon the water 在水面的鱼

Bowl upon the saviour 在救世主碗

Toothless wigged Laureate 无牙呵斥得主

Plain and full of fancy 平原,充满幻想的

Name upon a letterhead 在信头名

Impressing all the wheat germ 令人印象深刻的所有小麦胚芽

Love you for a nickel 爱你的镍

Maul you for a quarter 重殴你四分之一

Set the casket flaming 将骨灰盒燃烧

Do not go gentle blazing 不要温和炽天


[Right voice:] [右声音: ]

Sick upon the staircase 在楼梯生病

Sick upon the staircase 在楼梯生病

Blood upon the pillow 在枕头上的血

Climb into the parapet 爬上栏杆

See the church bells gleaming 看到教堂的钟声闪闪发光

Knife that scrapes a sick plate 刀是擦伤生病板

Dentures full of air holes 假牙充满空气孔

The tailor couldn't mend straight 裁缝不能补的直

Shoot her full of air holes 拍她充满了空气孔

Climbing up the casket 爬上棺材

Take me to the casket 带我去棺材

Teeth upon her red throat 在她咽红牙

Screw me in the daisies 拧我的雏菊

Rip upon her holler 瑞普在她的叫喊

Snip the seas fantastic 剪断了梦幻般的海洋

Treat her like a sailor 对待她像一个水手

Full and free and nervous 充分和自由的神经

Out to make his fortune 出,使他的财富

Either this or that way 无论这样或那样的方式

Sickly or in good health 体弱多病或身体健康

Piss upon a building 小便后建筑

Like a dog in training 像在训练狗

Teach to heel or holler 教脚跟或叫喊

Yodel on a sing song 约德尔在唱歌

Down upon the carpet 看不起地毯

Tickle polyester 痒痛聚酯

Sick within the parapet 栏杆内生病

Screwing for a dollar 拧一块钱

Sucking on a fire-hose 吸吮消防软管

Chewing on a rubber line 咀嚼橡胶线

Tied to chairs and rare bits 绑在椅子和罕见的位

Pay another player 支付其他玩家

Oh you're such a good lad 哦,你真是个好孩子

Here's another dollar 这里的另一个美元

Tie him to the bedpost 配合他的床柱

Sick with witches' covens 生病女巫covens

Craving for a raw meat 渴望生肉

Bones upon the metal 加在金属骨骼

Sick upon the circle 在圆生病

Down upon the carpet 看不起地毯

Down upon the carpet 看不起地毯

Down below the parapet 顺着栏杆下方

Waiting for your bidding 等待您的竞标

Pig upon the carpet 在地毯的猪

Tumenescent railroad Tumenescent铁路

Neuro-anaesthesia analog 神经麻醉模拟

Ready for a good look 准备好好看看

Drooling at the birches 流口水的桦树

Swinging from the birches 从桦树摆动

Succulent Nebraska 多汁内布拉斯加

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