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The Heat



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Yeah, yeah. 是啊,是啊。

It's a no I.D. legendary Trackster production. 这是一个没有内径传说中的TRACKSTER生产。


Twista... 特斯塔...

I'm a giant, into astrological science 我是一个巨大的,到占星学

Rappin phenomenal violence, 说唱惊人的暴力,

I'm such a honerable tyrant. 我是这样的honerable暴君。

Verbal telekinesis is cuttin fellas to pieces, 口头隔空取物的cuttin小伙子们得粉碎,

Hell of a thesis, but holy like you could tell it's from Jesus. 地狱论文,但圣像你可以告诉它是耶稣。

As good as Pelican Brief is, 不如塘鹅暗杀令的,

With the force of a sorcerer, never put fork in a pork, 随着巫师的力量,永远不要把叉子的猪肉,

I'm orchestratin the orchestra. 我orchestratin乐团。

Forfit your formula, Forfit公式,

Cause I'm formin a thesaurus of versus, 因为我formin的与词库,

Or it's a chorus or more when I smoke a forrest. 或者它是一个合唱或更多时,我抽了阿甘。

Super powers like Morphius, Orcious like the orical, 超能力像Morphius , Orcious像orical ,

Portable mp3 players let you play what's recordable. 便携式MP3播放器让你玩什么可记录的。

Ledgendary like Trackster, not scared to bury a rapper, Ledgendary喜欢TRACKSTER ,不怕埋没一个说唱歌手,

I'm up for the beef, you just a vegetarian actor. 我为牛肉,你只是一个素食主义者的演员。

Identification is gone have to go by me cause long as I don't got no I.D. 识别了具有由我去引起只要我没有得到任何标识

Victums don't got no I.V. Victums没有得到任何静脉注射

Intravenously poetry pedeialite I'm a give um, 静脉诗pedeialite我是给那个,

They said it was hot so check the media hype. 他们说,这是热所以请媒体炒作。


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

Most people waiting, no there's no escaping, 大多数人都在等待,无有不可回避,

The heat. {yeah} 的热量。 { }耶

The heat. 的热量。

The heat {ain't no escape ya'll} 热{是不是没有逃脱你们大家}

The heat {no turin back, I'm here forever} 热{无都灵回来,我在这里永远}


I recolect the era where terra and recommendations í recolect的时代,兵马俑和建议

Of wreckin the mic, respect a mack with no hesitation. 的乐队创作了歌曲的麦克风,尊重毫不犹豫地麦克。

Meditation or not, I'm givin my praises to Allah, 冥想与否,我得到安宁我的赞美真主,

Thoughts of takin shit harder an throwin rocks at the Cahaba. 羚牛狗屎困难的肆意石块卡霍巴的思考。

These days is bout the dolla, 这些天是回合dolla ,

All of um into ballin, this sounds scannin the cannon 所有UM成劈腿,这听起来scannin大炮

You ask if it's all appallin. 你问这一切都appallin 。

All the braggin is saggin an swaggin an sellin drugs, 所有braggin是saggin的swaggin的出卖毒品,

An the thug in tight pants an what happen to yes ya'll, 在紧身裤的暴徒是什么发生是你们大家,

An, sometimes I can't help the violence when I kick random rhymes, 的,有时我不禁暴力时,我踢任意押韵,

Make you shut the fuck up like sinuses or pantomimes, 让你他妈的闭嘴状窦或哑剧,

Write a autograph for you as if you a fan of mine, 写一个亲笔签名的你,如果你是我的粉丝,

Cause I got you trippin off the way my grammar rhyme. 因为我有你践踏过的方式我的语法韵。

Fixation on my dictation is evident I'm benevolent, 固定在我的听写是显而易见的,我仁慈的,

Cause the flow is elegant, throw like an elephant. 因为流量是优雅的,像扔一只大象。

They shoulda told um that I flow like petroleum, 他们早该告诉嗯,我喜欢流动的石油,

An I been cold at the podium sense break dancin on linoleum. 一个我一直在感冒油毡上领奖台感觉休息跳舞。


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

Most people waiting, no there's no escaping, 大多数人都在等待,无有不可回避,

The heat. {ain't no escape ya'll} 的热量。 {是不是没有逃脱你们大家}

The heat. {yeah} 的热量。 { }耶

The heat. {Tracksta, no I.D.} 的热量。 { Tracksta ,没有内径}

The heat. {mr immortality, I'm here forever} 的热量。 {先生不死,我在这里永远}


[Raekwon:] [ Raekwon的: ]

Coolin with the hustlers eatin rum fish, Coolin与eatin朗姆酒鱼的混混,

Guns is crisp, 枪是清脆的,

Can't stand fake niggas an fake bitches. 受不了假黑鬼的假母犬。

Don't make me upset my stomach, 不要让我难过我的胃,

Them killas will come through the bathroom an tie up yer hunny. 他们killas将通过浴室的占用揭掉hunny 。

I'm all about my coins but fly Donald Goines a rat, 我所有关于我的硬币,但飞唐纳德Goines一只老鼠,

Fuck with fly chicken tender loins. 他妈的飞鸡嫩腰。

You know it, you blow it, you know gotta go, 你知道它,你吹吧,你知道该走了,

You can't live here, word to the mamas that's a no. 你不能住在这里,一句话,这是一个没有妈妈的孩子了。

Surrounded by dons an consularies, 由穿上了consularies环绕,

Don't get glarey, a refridgerator might fall. 不要glarey一个电冰箱可能会下降。

Don't worry you a good nigga, stay in that zone, 别担心,你的好兄弟们,留在该区域,

You speakin to a rich, real rap nigga, 你speakin到丰富的,真正的说唱兄弟们,

Coolin on his throne. yeah. Coolin对他的王位。是啊。

Kiss yer forehead with lead, 吻额头揭掉铅,

I got some Chicago nigga that do it quick fast for some bread. 我得到了一些芝加哥的黑人认为做快速快一些面包。

An my lawyer, an african prince, 在我的律师,一个非洲王子,

Slid to America with 3 bags of dope in black bags. 下滑至美国与3袋涂料的黑色袋子。


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

Most people waiting, no there's no escaping, 大多数人都在等待,无有不可回避,

The heat. 的热量。

The heat. 的热量。

The heat. 的热量。

The heat. 的热量。

{Ohhhhhh} { } Ohhhhhh

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