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The Harbor Is Yours



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Dead, men, tell no tales 死了,男人,不会告密

Up push the daisies 'till the soil is stale 向上推雏菊“耕种土地已过时

In a powder blue tux for the farmer's sail 在一个粉蓝色礼服的农民帆

Mister big sleep with the carp and kale 大先生一起睡的鲤和芥蓝

Once upon a time in the days of yore 对在当年的日子很久以前

When the people lived fresh in the legend of folk lore 当人们在民间传说中的传奇人物生活的新鲜

There was an old pirate who followed a vile slang 有一个老海盗谁跟着一个卑鄙的俚语

Had a bird perched on him, and swashbuckled the same 假如一只鸟栖息在他身上, swashbuckled相同

Peg leg navigated starboard to port 假腿右舷航行到港口

By the nautical starry night yellin' the harbor is yours 由航海星夜喊海是你

You should tell him where you situate the gold 你应该告诉他,你不要将金

That is unless you'd like a vacation with Davey J-J-J-Jones 也就是说,除非你想和姐姐仔戴维 - 琼斯度假

Like walk the plank, for whom the shark bank 喜欢走板,对他们来说,鲨鱼银行

Maroon the mutineers, consume the souvenirs 栗色的叛变者,消耗的纪念品

And while the shiny spoils piled higher every year 虽然闪亮的战利品堆每年上涨

He was suffocating slow in the box of a buccaneer 他被窒息慢了海盗的盒子

Ten summers prior on a night like this 十大夏天在这样的夜晚之前,

Crows nest saw something that float to the boats west 乌鸦巢看到漂浮在船向西的东西

Sword blew him a kiss, and when he focused 剑吹了他一个吻,当他专注

Seen the face of an angel upon the body of a F-F-F-Fish. 时获赠FFF -鱼的身体看到天使的脸。

What the heck! Frazzled, his telescope shattered, gathered himself 什么鬼!疲惫,他的望远镜破灭了,自己收集

She was ghost, he was down the rope ladder to deck 她是鬼,他是下绳梯到甲板上

Circled the vessel 360, swiftly 盘旋在360船,迅速

Found nothing in the water but salt, piss, and whiskey 什么也没有发现,在水,但盐,小便和威士忌

Yargh, heckled by the Swabies at the bar Yargh ,在酒吧质问的Swabies

He'll be the laughing stock of the Barbary Coast War 他会成为北非海岸战争的笑柄

Like "This dude either got two glass eyes 像“这家伙要么有两个玻璃眼

Or he's wearin' his patch on the wrong S-S-S-Side" 或者,他穿着45号球衣“他的补丁在错误的同店销售方”

Now he knew what he saw, but had to prove he was raw 现在他知道他看到了什么,但必须证明他是生

So he raped and he pillaged and he'd feud any brawl 于是,他强奸和抢劫,他和他会长期争斗的任何争吵

Tried to rekindle his rep via sabers and gun smoke 试图通过军刀和硝烟重燃他的代表

And vowed he'd go and find her, though he never told his cutthroats 并发誓他会去找她,虽然他从来没有告诉过他割喉

Meanwhile, back in the now, 与此同时,在现在,

Got a brand new skeleton crew on the move now 有一个全新的骨架船员在现在的举动

When they aren't manning thirty burning cannons stern and bow 当他们没有接听30燃炮船尾和船头

They are prying shiny metals out your M-M-M-Mouth 他们撬金属光泽您的的M-M -M口

Okay, youth wanes, old age ushers in disease like the scurvy made his yellow gums bleed 好吧,青年阴晴圆缺,在疾病如坏血病老年引座员了他的黄色牙龈出血

And he was achy from his boots to the feather in his hat 他是从他的靴子疼痛的在他的帽子上的羽毛

'Till his quartermaster showed up with a stolen treasure map 直到他的军需官出现了一个偷来的藏宝图

One look down and leaped off the dock 一看下来,跳下了码头

See if you can guess where X marked the spot 看看你能不能猜出其中X标记的点

The capital was buried at sea in a cursed cave 首都被海葬在一个被诅咒的洞穴

Only one mile away he seen the M-M-M-Mermaid 只有一英里远,他看到的M-M -M-美人鱼

Anchors up, hoist, push the jolly roger way too much 锚了,葫芦,地推乔利勒格太多

Day and night with his hook hands raised and clutched 白天和晚上与他的勾手举手并抓住

But see, the vitamin deficiency was strong 但是看出,维生素缺乏强劲

So by the time they bumped into the island, he could barely lift his rock [?] 因此,通过他们撞到岛上的时候,他也只能勉强抬起石头[?]

Crawled off the boat, collapsed in the sand 爬下船,晕倒在沙滩上

Prayers in the air, seashells in his hands 空气中的祈祷,贝壳在他手中

An area high tide so grand 面积涨潮如此隆重

It's the one that put the lady of the lake on dry L-L-L-Land 这是一个换上干LLL陆湖的淑女

And I wish I could tell you that it ended happy 我希望我能告诉你,它结束了快乐

Pretend like his bones weren't practically snapping 假装喜欢他的骨头并没有实际抢购

Pretend like her gills didn't dry up and suffer 假装喜欢她的腮不涸,遭受

But that's a half dead pirate and a fish out of water 但是这是一个半死不活的海盗和离开水的鱼

No lie, scouts honor, got a million more 没有谎言,侦察兵的荣誉,得到了一百万以上

From the burgundy lining above the shores of whores 从勃艮第内衬上面的妓女海岸

Before your visions of grandeur go to swell those sails, 在你的宏伟的愿景去膨胀的帆,

Remember dead men tell no T-T-T-Tales. 记住死人说没有T -T -T-故事。

Dead, men, tell no tales 死了,男人,不会告密

Up push the daisies 'till the soil is stale 向上推雏菊“耕种土地已过时

In a powder blue tux for the farmer's sail 在一个粉蓝色礼服的农民帆

Mister big sleep with the carp and kale 大先生一起睡的鲤和芥蓝

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