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The Game On Lock


歌词相关歌手:LIL' B

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The whole world on my dick, I cannot wait 在我的鸡巴整个世界,我不能等待

Keep the.45 on my side like a prom date 请the.45在我身边像一个舞伴

Me and two shooters, twin Glocks with the rubric 我和两个射手,双子Glocks与专栏

Don't look when he's shooting, just pop in and do it 别看他的投篮命中率,只是弹出并做

Got the same gun that Pac did in juice 得到了同样的枪的小精灵在做果汁

Seen niggas snitch, cops let him loose 看到黑鬼打小报告,警察让他松

What I gotta do I don't respect those rules 我要什么我不尊重这些规则

Fake niggas hate mirrors I can see right through 假黑鬼讨厌镜子,我可以看穿

Come on my team you can push white too 来吧,我的团队,你可以把白色的太

Late nights I was out, late nights with the snake bites 深夜,我在外面,深夜的蛇咬伤

Don't get back 'til you gettin' all the cake right 不要回来,直到你刚开了所有的蛋糕权

Seen a pimp nigga make a bitch really hate life 看到一个皮条客黑鬼做婊子真的很讨厌生活

Wanna be a g, I'm a show you what this k like 想做克,我是告诉你什么是喜欢这个ķ

Wanna see red like I'm pressing on the brake lights 想看看红色的像我压在刹车灯

Grew up in the 90s, way too grimy 在90年代长大,太肮脏

Really love the hood but they hate when you shining 真的爱引擎盖,但是当你闪闪发光,他们恨

My gun gon' blind 'em 我的枪坤盲目时间

Niggas did me bad that's the fucking last time I'm a show you 'bout mine 黑鬼我做不好那是他妈的我最后一次是一个展示你什么叫雷

Had to slow down cause it's all about time 不得不放缓的原因,而是所有关于时间

People stuttered on me but I still push a line 口吃的人在我身上,但我还是推线

You talkin' bout a bitch but it's money on my mind 你在说什么狗娘养的,但它在我的脑海钱

Niggas in jail doin' time like Shyne 黑鬼们在监狱里上来的时候就像SHYNE

Tip off the court cause they still dropping dimes 提示:在球场外的原因,他们仍有下探角钱

You can fuck his bitch but you can't touch mine 你可以他妈的他的母狗,但你不能碰地雷

Niggas like me understand Spike Lee cause he got game 像我这样的黑鬼明白斯派克·李,因为他得到了比赛

Made dope in the house so he got flame 在家里做涂料,所以他得到了火焰

Growing up that's how I got my name 长大后这就是我得到了我的名字

Bagging up zips everywhere my hideout 套袋了拉链无处不在我的藏身之处

Clips in the bag just in case I ride out 夹在包里,以防万一我骑了

We coming with.9s and guns from Texas 我们来with.9s和枪支从德克萨斯州

We all in the hood like that 2 door Lexus 我们都在这样的2门雷克萨斯引擎盖

You can play the game just don't forget the exit 你可以玩游戏只是不要忘了退出

The cops gon' arrest you 警察坤抓你

What you gonna do when you laying on the stretcher? 你当你躺在担架上怎么办?

You lost your soul, just a picture on the dresser 您在梳妆台上失去了自己的灵魂,只是一个画面

So many niggas die 这么多的死黑鬼

I think niggas like killin niggas they faggots 我觉得像杀人黑鬼黑鬼他们柴

I'm really from the hood what the fuck is ratchet? 我真的从引擎盖什么他妈的是冲高?

I don't gotta make jokes I'm not a bastard 我不总得让笑话我不是一个混蛋

I did a lot of dirt and I got a lot of baggage 我做了很多的污垢,我得到了很多的行李


Got this shit on lock, yeah 得到这个狗屎上的锁,是

Got this shit on lock, yeah 得到这个狗屎上的锁,是

I got this shit on lock, Lil B 我得到这个狗屎上的锁,律乙

Got the shit on lock 上了车锁狗屎


One nigga cop out, everybody watch out 一个黑人警察了,大家小心

I'm a bring the Tec like the high school drop out 我是一个把Tec的像高中辍学

You don't wanna block out, you can't block me 你不想阻挡,你不能阻止我

Bitch niggas deaf cause all you do is watch me 母狗黑鬼聋的原因你要做的就是看着我

I'm in the hood like Africans at swap meets 我像非洲人罩在符合调剂

"He ain't hard" but them niggas couldn't knock me “他并不难”,但他们黑鬼不能敲我

Got hit hard but them niggas couldn't drop me 得到了重创,但他们黑鬼不能给我

Next week drop a half a million cause I'm sloppy 下周降50万,因为我马虎

I keep the gun like the kids with Tamagotchis 我一直喜欢用Tamagotchis孩子们的枪

King like Rodney, serve two fiends with the Johnny 王像罗德尼,有两个恶魔与约翰尼

Serve a little cream at the party 即成一点点奶油在党

Stay in the street like them boys riding Harleys 留在大街上像他们一样的男孩骑哈雷

Shouts out to my nigga on the motorbikes 呼喊我的兄弟们对摩托车

I love you for life 我爱你一生一世

Shout out to Mike, head first when I dump at night 喊出麦克,头先我甩在晚上

Any piece I write I'm based for life 我一边写,任何一块基于我的生活


Got this shit on lock, yeah 得到这个狗屎上的锁,是

Got this shit on lock, yes, yes 上了车锁这个狗屎,是的,没错

Got this shit on lock, yeah 得到这个狗屎上的锁,是

Got this shit on lock, yes 得到这个狗屎上的锁,是


You know dog, they ain't fuckn with me 你知道狗,他们是不是fuckn我

Yea yea man 是啊是啊男人

Aye man, I'm a tell you like this 赞成的人,我是一个告诉你这个样子

This Illusions of Grandeur part 2 mixtape 尊驰的第2部分混音带这个错觉

Illusions of Grandeur 2 尊驰的幻想2

Going all the way in 将所有的方式在

Thugged out, 2012 Thugged出来, 2012

2013 fucka 2013如何付工钱

It's your boy Lil B, history all day 这是你的男孩律B,历史上所有的一天

Anytime I touch it, fuck em 每当我触摸它,他妈的EM

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