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The Extra Trip (The Way To Love Me)



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[Hook:] [钩: ]

Okay, my game tight. My game right. 好吧,我的比赛紧。我的游戏权。

Don't even know her name until I know her taste right. 甚至不知道她的名字,直到我知道她的味道不对。

I said my game tight and my game tight. 我说我的比赛紧张,我紧张的比赛。

Don't even know her name until I know her taste, right? 甚至不知道她的名字,直到我知道她的味道,不是吗?


[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

Uh, passion that she's asking for. Her man's always slacking, no? 呃,激情,她的要求。她的男人总是偷懒,不是吗?

That's why when he outta town, I make sure she is not alone. 这就是为什么当他离开这座城市,我确定她是不是一个人。

That's when she gone hit my phone, tell me what's been going on. 这是走了的时候,她打我电话,告诉我什么是怎么回事。

Tell me what's been on her mind and I'm inclined to know some mo'. 告诉我发生了什么一直在她的脑海里,我倾向于了解一些莫 。

Tired at her normal seat, 9 to 5 is all it be. 累了,在她的正常座位,朝九晚五是所有可以。

Cubical is small as shit and co-workers is talkative. 立方体的小狗屎和同事是健谈。

Burn the phone, don't call the crib. Boyfriend on that jealous shit. 烧伤的电话,不叫婴儿床。男友的嫉妒狗屎。

He fathers her only kid, that's why my homies let him live. 他的父亲她唯一的孩子,这就是为什么我的家人让他住。

But Friday night, she gone make him babysit. 不过,周五晚上,她走了让他帮忙照看。

We gone blow that haze a bit and get away from all of it. 我们走了打击的阴霾了一下,从它的所有跑不掉。

See it's not right but it's okay, you see our love's just not the same. 看到这是不对的,但也没关系,你看我们的爱的不一样而已。

'Cause any woman lacking love's entitled to a get-away. “造成任何女人缺乏爱的有权接应。


[Hook] [钩]


[Seinfeld Skit] [宋飞小品]


[Talking:] [谈: ]

Versatility is everything. Shoutout to all the uh, intuitions, secrets, ya know? 多功能性是一切。 Shoutout所有呃,直觉,秘密,你知道?


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

Uh, good love... and I can do that for her. 嗯,好爱,我还可以做她。

I can do it to a nigga, make a pull on her. 我可以做一个黑人,让一拉她。

It's temporary lust, you need an in-showing. 这是暂时的欲望,你在,显示需要。

Now for this time being, let's be in love with the moment. 现在这个时候是,让我们在爱的时刻。

Okay you dancin', drinkin' on your last one. 好吧,你跳舞你的最后一个“ ,边喝边” 。

I'm just tryna poke her face, that's why I got my hand in. 我只是tryna戳她的脸,这就是为什么我得到了我的手英寸

Grown man shit, tonight, no romance shit. 成年男子狗屎,今晚,没有浪漫的狗屎。

And you should make this bedroom like a Monday night at Magic. 你应该让这个卧室就像一个周一晚上在魔术队。

Like a Gigi McGuire, now let me up inside. 像梁咏琪麦奎尔,现在让我的内心。

I give you that massage; good hygiene is required. I don't want no dirty junk. 我给你按摩;良好的卫生习惯是必需的。我不想没有脏的垃圾。

I just want a girly-girl that own a rack of Jordans but don't sport 'em 'cause she love her pumps. 我只想要一个少女的女孩是自己的乔丹的架子,但不炫耀时间 ,因为她爱她的泵。

Give my love to no one else. kiss that cookie 'til it melt. 给我的爱没有其他人。亲亲那个cookie ,直到它融化。

I am going underwater... Michael Phelps! 我会在水下......菲尔普斯!

Do it 'til I'm tired or your homegirl can provide the help or you can be Ms. Independent- 做到这一点,直到我累了,或你homegirl可以提供帮助,或者您可以Independent-女士

Make that movie by yourself! 作出这样的电影了吧!


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

Okay, I think this time we make moves. No clothes required here. 好吧,我想这一次我们出招。这里无需衣服。

Shawty, can I taste you after that Moscato hit? 美女,我可以品尝你,莫斯卡托打呢?

We both grown and I don't care. Not so fast, don't tie yo' hair. 我们都长大,我不在乎。没有这么快,不打领带溜溜的头发。

She say, "my love is outta here." She out of all her outerwear. 她说, “我的爱是离开这里。 ”她出了她所有的外衣。

And I am real and I am raw. 我很真实,我很生。

But don't go in raw 'cause I'm prepared. 但是,不要去生 ,因为我准备。

See that's a hazard if y'all ain't know. 看到这是一个危险,如果你们不知道。

I got them gold wrappers like 500 sold. 我把他们的黄金包装类500出售。

Got that deep love, purify that woman so. 明白了深深的爱,净化那个女人如此。

Get it so good, I make that mothafucka somersault. 得到这等好事,我作出这样的mothafucka跟头。

Tell me anything you want, I'm a keep that on the low. 告诉我你想要什么,我是保持这种低调。

I just wanna please you so tell me where I need to go. 我只是想请你,请告诉我,我需要去。

Downtown, downtown, I know that you is freaky so. 市中心,市中心,我知道你是如此怪异。

If ya man can't keep up with you then I think he need to go; 如果亚人无法跟上你,然后我觉得他需要去;

Downtown, downtown, I know that you is freaky so. 市中心,市中心,我知道你是如此怪异。

If ya man can't keep up with you, put my number in ya phone. 如果亚人无法跟上你,把我的电话号码在雅手机。


[Hook] [钩]

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