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The Battle Of Epping Forest



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[Taken from a news story concerning two rival gangs fighting over East-End Protection rights.] [关于从两个敌对帮派争夺东端到端保护权利的新闻故事拍摄。 ]


Along the Forest Road, there's hundreds of cars - luxury cars. 沿着林道,有数百辆汽车 - 豪华轿车。

Each has got its load of convertible bars, cutlery cars - superscars! 每得到了可换股酒吧,餐具汽车的负荷 - superscars !

For today is the day when they sort it out, sort it out, 对于今天的日子,当他们整理出来,整理出来,

'cos they disagree on a gangland boundary. 因为他们不同意在黑社会的边界。

They disagree on a gangland boundary. 他们不同意在黑社会的边界。


There's Willy Wright and his boys - 还有威利·赖特和他的孩子们 -

one helluva noise, that's Billy's boys! 一个宏大的噪音,这是比利的孩子们!

With fully-fashioned mugs, that's Little John's thugs, 具有完全派杯,那是小约翰的打手,

the Barking Slugs - supersmugs! 狂叫蛞蝓 - supersmugs !

For today is the day when they sort it out, sort it out, 对于今天的日子,当他们整理出来,整理出来,

yes these Christian soldiers fight to protect the poor. 这是福音战士战斗,以保护穷人。

East end heroes got to score in... 东端的英雄得到了得分...


the Battle of Epping Forest, 埃平森林之战,

yes it's the Battle of Epping Forest, 是的,这是埃平森林之战,

right outside your door. 外面你的门。

You ain't seen nothing like it. 你是不是看到什么喜欢它。

No, you ain't seen nothing like it, 不,你是不是看到什么喜欢,

not since the Civil War. 不是因为内战。


Coming over the hill are the boys of Bill, 即将在山上被比尔的男孩,

and Johnny's lads stand very still. 和约翰尼的小伙子站在一动不动。

With the thumpire's shout, they all start to clout 随着thumpire的呼喊,他们都开始底气

- there's no guns in this gentleman's bout. - 有没有枪在这位先生的回合。

Georgie moves in on the outside left 乔吉中移动在外面左

with a chain flying round his head; 用锁链飞圆他的头;

and Harold Demure, from Art Literature, 和哈罗德端庄,从文学艺术,

nips up the nearest tree. 咬了最近的树。

(Here come the cavalry!) (这里来的骑兵! )


Amidst the battle roar, 烟雨战吼,

accountants keep the score: 10-4. 会计师保持得分: 10-4 。

They've never been alone, after getting a radiophone. 他们从来没有孤独,得到一个无线电话后。

The bluebells are ringing for Sweetmeal Sam, real ham, 该风信子都是响当当的Sweetmeal山姆,真正的火腿,

handing out bread and jam just like any picnic. 分发面包和果酱就像任何野餐。


It's 5-4 on William Wright; he made his pile on Derby night. 这是5-4的威廉·怀特;他做了他一堆德比的夜晚。

When Billy was a kid, walking the streets, 当比利是个孩子的时候,走在街上,

the other kids hid - so they did! 其他的小朋友躲在 - 所以他们做到了!

And now, after working hard in security trade, he's got it made. 而现在,在安全行业打拼后,他得到了它制成。

The shops that need aid are those that haven't paid. 需要援助的商店是那些没有支付。


"I do my double-show quick!" said Mick the Prick, fresh out the nick. “我做我的双秀快! ”米克说的刺,新鲜出炉的缺口。

"I sell cheap holiday. The minute they leave, “我卖便宜的节日。他们离开的那一刻,

then a visit I pay - and does it pay!" 然后访问我买单 - 而它支付“ !

And his friend, Liquid Len by name, 和他的朋友,液体莱恩的名字,

of Wine, Women and Wandsworth fame, 酒,女人和旺兹沃思名气,

said "I'm breaking the legs of the bastard that got me framed!" 说: “我打破这让我陷害的混蛋的腿! ”


They called me the Reverend when I entered the Church unstained; 他们叫我做牧师,当我走进教堂不染;

my employers have changed but the name has remained. 我的雇主已经改变,但名称一直保持。

It all began when I went on a tour, 这一切都开始了,当我去参观,

hoping to find some furniture. 希望能找到一些家具。

I followed a sign - it said "Beautiful Chest". 我跟着一个标志 - 它说:“美丽的胸部” 。

It led to a lady who showed me her best. 这导致了一个女人谁给我看了她最好的。

She was taken by surprise when I quickly closed my eyes. 她措手不及时,我赶紧闭上了眼睛。

So she rang the bell, and quick as hell 于是,她按响了门铃,并快速的地狱

Bob the Nob came out on his job 鲍勃·诺布出来自己的工作

to see what the trouble was. 看什么麻烦了。

"Louise, is the Reverend hard to please?" “路易丝,是牧师,很难吗? ”

"You're telling me!" “你告诉我! ”

"Perhaps, sir, if it's not too late. “也许,先生,如果还不算太晚。

we could interest you in our old-fashioned Staffordshire plate?" 我们可以在我们的老式斯塔福德郡板感兴趣吗? “

"Oh no, not me, I'm a man of repute." “哦,不,不是我,我是享负盛名的人。 ”

But the Devil caught hold of my soul and a voice called out "Shoot!" 但是,魔鬼抓住了我的灵魂,一个声音叫了一声“妈的! ”


To save my steeple, I visited people; 救我的尖顶,笔者走访了人;

for this I'd gone when I met Little John. 为了这个,我走了会,当我遇到小约翰。

His name came, I understood, 他的名字来了,我明白了,

when the judge said "You're a robbing hood." 当法官说“你是个劫财罩。 ”

He told me of his strange foundation, 他告诉他那奇怪的根基我,

conceived on sight of the Woodstock nation; 设想在视线伍德斯托克民族;

he'd had to hide his reputation. 他就不得不掩饰自己的声誉。

When poor, 'twas salvation from door to door. 当差的,那时还得救从门到门。

But now, with a pin-up guru every week, 但现在,每周都有迷人的大师,

it's Love, Peace & Truth Incorporated for all who seek. 这是爱,和平和真理股份有限公司所有谁寻求。


He employed me as a karma-ma-mechanic, with overall charms. 他把我当作业报-MA-技工,与整体的魅力。

His hands were then fit to receive, receive alms. 他手上有那么适合接受,接受施舍。

That's why we're in 这就是为什么我们在


the Battle of Epping Forest, 埃平森林之战,

yes it's the Battle of Epping Forest, 是的,这是埃平森林之战,

right outside your door. 外面你的门。

We guard your souls for peanuts, 我们守护你的灵魂花生,

and we guard your shops and houses 我们保护您的商店和房屋

for just a little more. 对于一点点。


In with a left hook is the Bethnal Green Butcher, 在一个左钩拳是贝斯诺格林屠夫,

but he's countered on the right by Mick's chain-gang fight, 但他反驳由米克的连锁械斗的权利,

and Liquid Len, with his smashed bottle men, 和液体莱恩,他砸碎酒瓶的男人,

is lobbing Bob the Nob across the gob. 是高球鲍勃·诺布跨采空区。

With his kisser in a mess, Bob seems under stress, 随着他在一片混乱接吻,鲍勃似乎在压力之下,

but Jones the Jug hits Len right in the mug; 但琼斯的壶打莱恩就在杯子;

and Harold Demure, who's still not quite sure, 和哈罗德端庄,谁仍然不太清楚,

fires acorns from out of his sling. 从他的吊索火灾橡子。

(Here come the cavalry!) (这里来的骑兵! )


Up, up above the crowd, 起来,起来以上的人群,

inside their Silver Cloud, done proud, 在他们的银云,所做的感到骄傲,

the bold and brazen brass, seen darkly through the glass. 大胆和无耻黄铜,透过玻璃看到黑暗。

The butler's got jam on his Rolls; Roy doles out the lot, 管家的果酱了他的劳斯莱斯;罗伊·多尔斯了很多,

with tea from a silver pot just like any picnic. 从银壶茶就像任何野餐。


Along the Forest Road, it's the end of the day 沿着林道,它是一天结束

and the Clouds roll away. 而云滚远。

Each has got its load - they'll come out for the count 每个已经得到了它的负荷 - 他们会站出来为计数

at the break-in of day. 在磨合的一天。

When the limos return for their final review, it's all thru' 当豪华轿车换取他们最后的审查,这一切都直通“

- all they can see is the morning goo. - 所有他们可以看到的是,早上咕。

"There's no-one left alive - must be draw." “有没有人活着离开 - 一定要吸取”

So the Blackcap Barons toss a coin to settle the score. 所以Blackcap男爵抛硬币来解决得分。

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