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That's Kool (Remix)


歌词相关歌手:LIL' ROMEO

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Silkk Talking] [ Silkk浅谈]

Come on y'all East Coast, West Coast, South 拜托你们东海岸,西海岸,南


[Silkk/Romeo Talking] [ Silkk /罗密欧浅谈]

[S] Lil' Romeo [S ]律罗密欧

[R] Silkk the Shocker [R] Silkk的令人震惊

[R] Soulja Music [R] SOULJA音乐

[S] You know what we bout boy [S]你知道我们男生回合

[R] Yah you know [R]耶你知道


[Master-P Talking] [大师-P浅谈]

We gone remix this for the little ones 我们走了这混音的小家伙


[Romeo/Silkk] [罗密欧/ Silkk ]

[S] Where my souljas at [S]当我在souljas

[R] What!! What!! [R ]什么!什么!

[S] Where my whordies at [S]当我在whordies

[R] What!! What!! [R ]什么!什么!

[S] Bounce, shake [S]弹跳,震动

[R] Lets do this!! [R]让我们做到这一点!


[Lil' Romeo] [律罗密欧]

Throw your hands up, from my circle yard stand up 扔掉你的手,从我的圈子院子站起来

Get crunk, everybody keep dem hands up 获取旷课,每个人都保持DEM的手

Scream loud, this is the time to me rowd 叫得响亮,这是一次让我rowd

Ima rock it til the music go off, please be proud IMA摇晃直到音乐熄灭,请骄傲

Stop playin, I want to see you shout anyway 停止弹唱,我想看到你啦喊

Throw dem bows, off da wall, its a special occasion 扔DEM弓,断大墙,它是一个特殊的日子

Get yo dance on, wild out before the last song 会让你跳舞,狂野了最后一首歌之前,

Graba shawty, get crunk wit ya mask on Graba美女,让旷课机智雅面膜上

Ride quicker, and get on thee floor 骑更快,并获得你地板

I wanna see you do it like you never did it before 我想看到你不喜欢它,你从来没有这样做,是

This the remix so you know I'm gone ball 这混音,所以你知道我走了球

Me and uncle Silkk came to spit it for y'all 我和叔叔Silkk来到吐了你们都

Girls if you bout it, then get off the wall 女孩,如果你的回合,然后下车在墙上

Make em' bounce to the music ma give it your all 让时间“弹音乐麻给你的全部

Party in, and party out right at da mall 党和党的出来就在大商场

If you got problems at the door then give me a call 如果你在门口了问题,然后给我打电话


[Chorus/Silkk/Romeo/Trina] [合唱/ Silkk /罗密欧/天合光能]

[S] Need somebody with some do [S]需要帮助的人与一些做

[T] That's kool [T ]这是库尔

[S] Who gone keep it on the low [S ]谁去保持它的低

[T] That's kool [T ]这是库尔

[S] Who gone do you right [S ]谁走了你的权利

[T] That's kool [T ]这是库尔

[S] Need a soulja in your life that's right [S]需要在你的生活中SOULJA这是正确的

[R] Need a shawty with some ends [R]需要一些端的美女

[T] That's Kool [T ]这是库尔

[R] Baby hummers, baby benz [R]宝贝悍马,奔驰宝贝

[T] That's kool [T ]这是库尔

[R] No Limit gear for your friends [R]无极限装备为你的朋友

[T] That's Kool [T ]这是库尔

[R] Write your number here's a pen [R ]写你的电话号码这里的笔

[T] That's Kool [T ]这是库尔


[Silkk the Shocker] [ Silkk的令人震惊]

Who you know can go (Poof) and buy the mall at 你知道可以去(噗)购买商场在谁

Room to small tear the walls out 房间小的撕裂墙壁出来

Shop til you drop mean shop til you fall out 店直到你放弃的意思店,直到你掉下来

You know how No Limit do go all out 你知道如何无限额不全力以赴

Aint my fault, we gotta get cash 是不是我的错,我们得让现金

Aint my fault, ride bently and jag 是不是我的过错,乘坐本特利和JAG

Flashy type, like how we gone miss 华而不实的类型,比如我们如何去怀念

Cause I got the baddest chick ([Lil' Romeo:] and I got her lil sister) 因为我得到了最不好的小鸡( [律罗密欧: ]我得到了她可爱的小姐姐)

Silkk and Rome you know we stay off da chain Silkk和罗马你知道我们留过大连锁

Concert pack you know they gone be screamin our name 你知道他们走了音乐会包是在叫我的名字

Miller boyz look its all the same 米勒BOYZ看其全部相同

If you love us or hate us its all a game 如果你爱我们还是恨我们所有的游戏

Say she heard about me and love that I ball 说她听说我和爱我的球

Love my height, she love that I'm tall 爱我的身高,她爱我又高

Then step one, now its time for step two 然后步骤之一,现在其第二步

How can I ever go broke when I can borrow a million from my nephew 我怎么都不能破产的时候,我可以从我的侄子借一百万


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Lil' Romeo] [律罗密欧]

Still clubin the party aint over 还是在俱乐部的聚会AINT

We still jumpin, still bumpin, look at the forms still pumpin 我们仍然冒险,还是bumpin ,看形式还是给水站

Music so loud in here you scare somethin 音乐在这里太大声吓唬事端

D doogg where you at let me here somethin ð doogg你在哪里,让我在这里事端


[Little D] [小D ]

Right here in my No Limit gear hands in da air 在这里我没有极限装备双手在空中大

To all my younggins tank doggs is full up in here 我所有的younggins罐doggs充满在这里

Were da girls at holla back loud in ya ear 在亚耳是大女孩在后面呼啦一声

Make way for the kids wordy dis is our year 让路给孩子们罗嗦DIS是我们的一年


[Lil' Romeo] [律罗密欧]

Walkin in threw it like it aint ever been done 在走着扔它喜欢它是不是曾经做过

y'all to serious loosin up you gotta have fun 你们都来认真面对失去了你得有乐趣

Love music been bouncin ever since I was one 爱音乐是bouncin自从我只是其中之一

Lil' Rome soulja music another one huh 律罗马SOULJA音乐另一个呵呵


[Little D] [小D ]

My homeboy is down its apart of the show 我的巨蟹座是下跌的外秀

Meet me at the playground at a quarter to four 迎接我在操场上在三时三刻

Mom said its all good she said I can go 妈妈说的都好,她说我可以去

It's on too wit me when you ready to roll 它是在太机智我,当你已经准备好了


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Silkk/Romeo] [ Silkk /罗密欧]

Blaaaa stick it, ha ha ha stick it Blaaaa贴吧,哈哈哈坚持到底

Blaaaa stick it, ha ha ha stick it Blaaaa贴吧,哈哈哈坚持到底

Shake it, shake it, pop it, pop it, break it, break it 摇了,摇它,流行,弹出它,打破它,打破它

Twerk somethin (Twerk somethin) Twerk事端( Twerk事端)

Work somethin (Work somethin) 工作事端(工作事端)

Keep it jumpin but dont hurt nothin (hurt nothin) 保持它的冒险,但不伤没什么(没什么伤害)

North, south, east, west (soulja) 北,南,东,西( SOULJA )

North, south, east, west (Silkk the Shocker, Romeo) 北,南,东,西( Silkk令人震惊的,罗密欧)

No Limit, No Limit, bounce, bounce 没有限制的,没有限制的,反弹,反弹

Next level (Rolex's all kind of bezels) 下一级( Rolex的各种边框的)

That's All!! 就这样!

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