歌词 "Talk 2 'Em" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Talk 2 'Em

谈2 EM

歌词相关歌手:BUDDEN, JOE

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

(Yo, Yo) (哟,哟)

How many Mc's must get dissed? 多少个麦当劳的必须得到dissed ?

How niggas still think they can still fuck with the kid? (OOO) 如何黑鬼们仍然认为他们仍然可以与孩子他妈的? ( OOO )

I guess I moved up in the world, duke is not happy 我想我是世界上移,公爵不开心

take it as my success throwing shots at me (Talk 2 Em!) 把它作为我的成功我扔枪(对话2 EM ! )

gotta calm the lions, tame shooters 得冷静狮子,射手驯服

gotta catch a new body with the same ruger 得赶一个新的机构以相同鲁格

we don't spit the same mucas (Naw!) 我们不随地吐痰一样mucas (瑙! )

I'm a boss and you not, shit the even tried to kill Frank Lucas (Talk 2 Em!) 我是一个老板,你不,该死的,甚至企图杀死弗兰克·卢卡斯(对话2 EM ! )

so nigga if I die tomorrow, you ain't gotta ask why tomorrow 所以兄弟们,明天如果我死了,你是不是要问,为什么明天

dog I done con the likes of niggas you shouldn't con with 狗奴才做精读黑鬼,你不应该与Con的喜欢

made bons with niggas you shouldn't bond with (Talk 2 Em!) 丝宝做了黑鬼,你不应该用键(通话2 EM ! )

Im sick world in my palm shit re-peated convict 林生病的世界在我的掌心狗屎重新peated囚犯

while the dogs trying to con Vick, shit 而狗试图精读维克,狗屎

I guess what im tryin say, is niggas die running like Ryan Shay (Talk 2 Em!) 我猜IM试着说了,是死黑鬼像瑞恩运行吉文(对话2 EM ! )

all the Lean Me niggas, got high hopes call them Dream Team niggas 所有的精益我黑鬼,得到了很高的期望称之为梦之队黑鬼

gin is in my blood is a king gene nigga 杜松子酒是在我的血液是国王基因黑鬼

I make you appear to be whatever I feel like Green Screen niggas (Talk 2 Em!) 我让你看起来是什么感觉像绿屏黑鬼(对话2 EM ! )

so go and get suped off words, maybe do it for Jerz 所以去弄suped关闭的话,也许这样做的Jerz

maybe dudes disturbed (Talk 2 Em!), maybe dudes no go, maybe dudes bezerked 也许帅哥干扰(对话2 EM ! ) ,也许帅哥不走,也许帅哥bezerked

so when I pull up in a tank maybe you deserve (Me!) (Talk 2 Em!) 所以当我拉起了坦克,也许你值得(我!) (对话2 EM ! )

I get into dudes character defects, before your deal you was a character reject 我进入花花公子性格缺陷,你的交易之前,你是一个性格拒绝

humble pie when you see a character regress 当你看到一个角色回归低声下气

fuck ya tape homie, I pass it up, eject (Talk 2 Em!) 他妈的雅带哥们,我通过它,弹出(对话2 EM ! )

time to seperate the real from the lies 时间单独与谎言的真实

the hills have eyes, but when the hill of ya demise 山上有眼,但是当雅灭亡的山

I reveal at the skies in a hot Ferrari 我揭示在热法拉利的天空

its a new Joe in town and its not Girardi (Talk 2 Em!) 其新乔在城里,它不是吉拉迪(对话2 EM ! )

Look, turn pink her face getting her Cam on 你看,变成粉红色了她的脸在得到她的凸轮

In the club man on, freak gettin her jam on 在俱乐部的人在,怪物刚开了果酱

Hands on trying to put her hands on the ice 对试图把她的手冰手

cause its Saw part 4 dog, big enough to stand on (Talk 2 Em!) 导致其部分锯4狗,大到足以站上(对话2 EM ! )

when did rappers start acting this fly 什么时候开始说唱表演这个飞

say you top 5, they'll grab it and ride, but i'm humble 说你前5位,他们会抓住它,并骑,但我卑微

so even though I Am Legend, I can say Will Smith's the best rapper alive (Talk 2 Em!) 所以尽管我是传奇,我可以说威尔·史密斯的最好的说唱歌手活着(对话2 EM ! )

When they tell you, your doing ya thing 当他们告诉你,你做的事情雅

they taking your tampon out and pulling the string 他们把你的卫生棉条出来,拉弦

How the fuck you a thug when you stay shook nigga? 如何他妈的,你当你入住震撼黑人暴徒?

more like a school boy, a facebook nigga (Talk 2 Em!) 更像是一所学校的男孩,一个Facebook黑鬼(对话2 EM ! )

Im just straving this can't be greed 我只是straving这不可能是贪婪

Im not a drug lord, don't nobody hand me keys 我不是一个毒枭,没有人把我钥匙

Gotta drop a few branches off my family tree 得降了几个分支我的家谱

raised my sons all wrong, yes i'm Andy Reid it's me (Talk 2 Em!) 提出了我的儿子们都错了,是的,我是安迪·里德是我(对话2 EM ! )

I can't put the jewels on without no chrome 我不能把宝石上没有任何镀铬

I can't rock these Ice Cream's without the Cold Stone's 没有冰冷的石头的,我不能动摇这些冰淇淋的

Im so focused, get on some long nose shit 林太专注,得到了一些长鼻子狗屎

and ill have the goons surround you on some Rose shit (Talk 2 Em!) 和虐待有暴徒包围着你的一些玫瑰狗屎(对话2 EM ! )

the more I get into, streets or instrumentals 我越进入,街道或乐器

bum ass niggas remind me of Mr. Wendal 屁股屁股黑鬼提醒Wendal先生我

Me, on the horizen, I've been trying to bring pies in 我在horizen ,我一直在试图把馅饼的

more dudes then Verizon behind them (Talk 2 Em!) 更多的帅哥那么他们背后的Verizon (对话2 EM ! )

bunch of generals behind me, Im the crew chief 帮我身后的将军, IM乘务长

busting off my Ricky Davis, thats the new Heat 破坏了我的里基 - 戴维斯,这就是新热

Ive come clean about me and its a damn shame 香港专业教育学院和盘托出我和它是一个该死的耻辱

only Religions im into is a brand name (Talk 2 Em!) 只有宗教IM成是一个品牌名称(对话2 EM ! )

Campaign going full thortal like a race 活动将充分thortal像赛跑

feeling Funkdafied get a bottle to the face 感觉Funkdafied得到一瓶在脸上

Face, for you times is rough too (WHY?) 脸,为你的时间太粗糙(为什么?)

cause aint nobody buying ya albums but you (Talk 2 Em!) 造成AINT没有人买雅专辑,但你(对话2 EM ! )

from the sounds of everything I hear you lost it 从所有的声音我听到你失去了它

still rap aight, but ya peers exhausted 还是说唱aight ,但雅用尽同行

fuck ya bunch of money, put ya ego to the side 雅他妈的一堆钱,把雅自我的一面

and maybe its time to study ya understudy (Talk 2 Em!) 也许它的时间来研究亚替补(谈2 EM ! )

I mean, are we hustling or are we grown up? 我的意思是,我们是否熙还是我们长大了?

everytime I hear you, you changing ya tone up 每次我听你的,你改变雅调补

when the new generation think about Jordan 当新一代想想乔丹

all they remember is when Iverson crossed him (Talk 2 Em!) 他们所记住的是,当艾弗森越过他(对话2 EM ! )

take off the blazer, lossing up the tie 脱下西装外套,损耗了领带

nigga fell in love and superman died 黑人爱上了和超人死亡

better learn to cover ya ears when the toys pop 更好地学习,以支付雅耳朵当玩具流行

I hate ya last single (pause) Boys Roc 我恨雅尾单(暂停)男孩大鹏

can we hear some new niggas with promise? 我们可以听到一些新的黑鬼与承诺?

the new generation won't forget you we promise 新世代不会忘记你,我们承诺

we'll always pay homage 我们会永远祭奠

but let's get one thing understood son 但是让我们得到一个了解儿子的事情

every Encore ain't a good one! (Talk 2 Em!) 每安可不是一个好! (对话2 EM ! )

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