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Swerve & Lean



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[Verse: Skinny Deville] [诗:窄身德维尔]

If them niggas wanna play 如果他们黑鬼要玩

Let them ball till fall dog 让他们的球,直到秋天的狗

Me, I want it all, y'all 我,我想这一切,你们都

From here to Californi-a 从这里到Californi -A

Hit the button, get the On-star 按下按钮,得到关于星级

Pull up if your front yard 如果你的前院拉起

And fuck up your ordinary day 他妈的你平常的一天

It's the N-A-P-P-Y, y'all 这是N-A -P-P -Y ,你们都

On the grind 'cuz time's hard 在磨因为时间的辛苦

Find me sippin' Grand Marn-ier 找我啜饮着大MARN -IER

At the bar with a bad broad 在一个糟糕的广泛酒吧

Yes I drive a fast car 是的,我驾驶汽车快

Holla if you're tryin' to get laid 呼啦如果你试着要得到下岗

That's on my son, Billy Kay 这是我的儿子,比利凯

Best believe I'ma get you paid 最好相信我是让你付

And represent the motherfuckin' K 并代表娘“K

How I was raised, that's the way 我是如何提出的,这就是方式

And you live by this shit, then you die by the same 和你住这个狗屎,那么您可以通过同一个模

I ain't trippin', puttin' half on the Jane 我是不是践踏, puttin 上半简

I'm gettin' good about this math and even better 'bout my change 我刚开了很好的关于这个数学和更好的回合我改变

I hug the lane like I'm drivin' with the wide load 拥抱着车道像我赶回与宽的负载

I'm comin' down, country clean, forever bona fide, ho 我马上就要来了,全国的清洁,永远真诚,豪


[Bridge (2X)] [桥( 2X )

So whatcha know about it? 所以,你会怎样认识呢?

Ain't nothin' slow about it 没什么吧缓慢

That boy sure got it 那个男孩肯定有它

Give a fuck about nobody 举一个关于谁他妈的


[Chorus (2X)] [合唱团( 2个) ]

Swerve and lean 转弯和倾斜

Swerve and lean 转弯和倾斜

Swerve and lean 转弯和倾斜

Bounce with it, bounce with it 反弹吧,反弹吧


[Verse: Skinny Deville] [诗:窄身德维尔]

Yeah, Skinny pull in a Range 是啊,在一个范围窄身拉

Not the sport, but the big body 不运动,但大的体

Supercharged, 24 inches, leather with the wood grain 增压,24英寸,真皮与木纹

Sunshine or the rain, ain't a motherfucking thing 阳光或雨水,不是他妈的事

Hit a button, watch it take off like a plane 按下按钮,看着它起飞像飞机

For the cash, not the fame 对于现金,而不是名气

I'm the last one to laugh and get it all 'fore the fat lady sings 我是最后一个笑,把它所有的“前胖女人唱歌

See me shine without the bling 见我没有闪耀的金光闪闪

Got a bitch to wear my diamonds and I got a watch they call a bright Lane 得到了母狗穿我的钻石,我得到了他们称之为光明巷的手表

Country clean on the right team 国家清洁右侧队

Some haters want to fight me 有些憎恨想打我

But I ain't got nothin' but the flame 但是,我是不是得了什么也不火焰

That's so bright from my forty cal' ri' 这是从我40 CAL 里那么亮

'Fore you run your mouth 前你运行你的嘴

Change your face like L'Oreal, dang 改变你的脸像欧莱雅,宕

That nigga sly with his slang slump 那黑人狡猾,他的俚语低迷

Fifty-five, don't give a fuck 五十五,不给他妈的

Especially 'bout no sucker ass, lame 尤其是“回合无吸盘的屁股,瘸腿

I come and snatch your lil' chain 我来抢夺你的律链

Put a hundred on the situation that you won't do a damn thing 放一百个上,你会不会做一个该死的东西的情况


[Bridge (2X)] [桥( 2X )


[Chorus (2X)] [合唱团( 2个) ]


[Verse: Skinny Deville] [诗:窄身德维尔]

Yo, they try to call me in-sane 哟,他们试图给我打电话的,理智

The way I flip it up the wall, man 我不停地翻转起来的墙的方式,男人

Bitches on my dick, 'specially 'cause the way I let my nuts hang 在我的鸡巴母狗“,特别是因为我让我的坚果挂的方式

They call me billy big balls 他们叫我比利大球

Ain't shit she can tell me dog 不拉屎,她可以告诉我的狗

I'm raw for seven, twenty-four, damn 我生七, 24 ,该死

I know I'm worth a couple hundred grand 我知道我的价值几十万美元

And I ain't spittin' another verse until I got my money in my hand 我是不是吐口水“另一首诗,直到我得到了我的钱在我手里

And we gon' stick to the plan 而我们仍然在坚持计划

Swerve and lean on these suckers 转弯,并依靠这些吸盘

Makin' sure you city slickers understand 金肯定你城里人理解

That the dollars never made the man 该块钱从来没有男人

Plain as day they never did 普通的一天,他们从来没有

Nappy's what I represent 尿布是我代表

I run this shit, call me Skinny D, the president 我运行这个狗屎,叫我瘦D,总统

Drop it down so effortless 下来,下降如此轻松

I'm slummer than you've ever been 我slummer比你去过


[Bridge (2X)] [桥( 2X )


[Chorus (2X)] [合唱团( 2个) ]


[Chorus (2X)] [合唱团( 2个) ]


Bounce with it, bounce with it 反弹吧,反弹吧

Bounce with it, bounce with it 反弹吧,反弹吧

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