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Sweetest Maleficia



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[Narration:] [旁白: ]

"I conjure you Barron, Satan, Beelzebub “我恳求你巴伦,撒旦魔王

By the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit 由圣父,圣子和圣灵

By the Virgin Mary and all the saints 由圣母玛利亚和众圣徒

To appear in person, so that you may speak to us 亲自出庭,这样你就可以和我们说话

And fulfill our desires 并满足我们的欲望

Come at my bidding and I will grant you 来到我的出价,我就满足你

Whatever you want, however vile 无论你想要什么,但是卑鄙

And the curtailing of my life" 和我一生的缩减“


He would rise triumphant 他将上升胜利

All done up 全部完成了

On a plume of raven wings 在乌鸦翅膀的羽

Trafficking with sycophants 贩运与佞

Sharing his cup 分享他的杯子

Amidst other graver things 烟雨其他更严重的事


Alchemists and sorcerers stitched his head 方士和术士缝合他的头

With the stench of pitch and myrrh 俯仰和没药的恶臭


The devout faded out but the pagan remained 虔诚的淡出,但仍异教

The candles burnt low and still nothing came 蜡烛烧毁低,仍然无疾而终

Bearing golden secrets from a cold malevolent race 从寒冷的邪恶种族轴承黄金的秘密


He would have his demon! 他有他的恶魔!

He would have his vice! 他将有他的缺点!

All save his soul was up for sacrifice! 所有拯救他的灵魂升牺牲!

Despite their raising not a single hair 尽管他们认识不是一个单一的发

Everything stank of witchcraft there 一切都发臭巫术的存在


From the stained chapel to the statued lawn 从染色教堂的statued草坪

In Caprineum on the lake 在Caprineum湖上

To the still lit crypts and the slit of dawn 对仍亮起隐窝和黎明的狭缝

Sliding down the towers, it all smelt fake 滑下塔,这一切都闻到一股假


He needed answers not advice 他需要的答案不是指教

Intending to devise 拟制定

A lengthy train of torture for the fool 长篇火车折磨的傻瓜

Who thought a seance would suffice 谁想到一个降神会就足够了

Or sighted, furred in dragonflies 或短视,皮毛动物的蜻蜓

The signature of Satan on a wall 撒旦在墙上签名


Sweetest Maleficia 甜蜜Maleficia


Planchette to Blanchet, from ghosts to a priest 扶乩到布兰切特,从鬼到牧师

Returning with a spider for the poisonous feast 用蜘蛛的毒宴返回

The Italian astrologer Prelati, spinning sin 意大利占星家Prelati ,纺纱罪


His fingertips were scented with 他的指尖被用香味

The tears from seraphim cheeks 从六翼天使脸颊的泪水

Part glamour and a hammer 部分魅力和锤子

Cadaverous and glib 苍白和油腔滑调

Commanding in a voice of frozen peaks 指挥在冷冻峰的声音


He would have his demon! 他有他的恶魔!

He would have his gold! 他有他的金子!

Out of control Gilles' soul was sold 失控吉尔灵魂被卖

Under mistletoe and the glistening snow 槲寄生下的闪闪发光的雪

Kissing in the shadow of abandoned saviours 接吻抛弃救世主的影子


"So I shall conjure Thee demons of the Netherworld" “因此,我恳求祢冥界恶魔”


(From the banquet hall to the stable gates (从宴会厅到稳定门

A graveyard shift in tone 在音墓地移

Sank upon the castle, like a papal weight 沉没后,城堡,像教皇权重

Or a deep philosophical stone) 或深刻的哲学石)


The air was sick with trepidation 空气是生病提心吊胆

Despair and desperation 绝望和绝望

Then he fixed his covenant in blood 然后,他固定在自己立约的血

Now all was rich and tapestried 现在,一切都丰富,挂毯

Fragrant wine to shitty mead 芬芳的酒低劣的蜂蜜酒

His new world opened with a claret flood 他的新的世界与红葡萄酒打开了洪水


Time was right, this wretched night 时间是正确的,这个可怜的夜

To etch the circles clear again... 为了清楚再蚀圆...


As a labyrinth of razors led a blind man to the stars 剃须刀的迷宫带领盲人的明星

So too Prelati brought the dark 所以也Prelati带来的黑暗

It's name was Barron, eyes like catastrophic tar 它的名字叫巴伦,眼睛像灾难性的焦油

Imbibed with fire 吸收有火

They fed him shredded infants on an altar full of scars 他们喂他撕碎婴儿祭坛上满是伤痕


Entangled in a dream 纠结于一个梦想

The mirrors full of steam 充满蒸汽的镜子

He scarce could see Joan's face reflecting through 他缺乏能看穿琼的脸反映


His last attempt to grasp at God 他最后一次试图抓住神

Lay blackened in a holy fog 在圣雾躺在熏黑

And now there were only devils to pursue 而现在只有鬼子的追求


Gilles was wrapped in a velvet spell 吉尔斯被包裹在丝绒拼

Of Hell and her seductions 地狱和她的诱惑


The assassinated days as a Caesar gone by 遭暗杀的日子作为凯撒过去了

Barron, spitting acid, as his magical guide 巴伦,随地吐痰酸,因为他的神奇指南

Lit demonic pyres where once dying embers writhed 恶魔点燃柴堆在那里曾经余烬里翻腾


Sweetest Maleficia 甜蜜Maleficia

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Paul James Allender, Mark Newby-Robson, Martin Skaroupka, Charles Hedger, Daniel Lloyd Davey, Dave Pybus


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