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Supermans Black In The Building



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Jump back poppin that track 跳回屁股该曲目

Gonna wreck it now 会破坏现在


Watchin yall --to the record now 在看着亚勒--to记录现在

Catchin yall attention 捉亚勒关注

So shake it now 所以,现在摇吧

Oh no find my flow 哦,不找我流

Gonna break it down 要去打破它

Came a long way 来了个很长的路要走

You cant take it now 你不能拿现在

--regulatin on the regular --regulatin上的常规

Do your thing. on the floor 做你的事。在地板上

Can you kick it now 你现在可以踢它


Do your thing 做你的事

Do the damn thing baby 做该死的东西宝宝

Cmon bring it now CMON把它现在

Go back like 8 tracks and cadillacs 回到像8道和凯迪拉克

Way before crack even similac 前路裂纹甚至雅培Similac

Hell wit the wire taps 地狱机智丝水龙头

New booby traps 新陷阱

Hear the hand claps uh 听到手拍手呵

Where the party at? 凡派对?


Do the damn thing 做该死的事

Getcha gravy on 俘获肉汁

Cause i be gettin it down 因为我被刚开下来

And your crazy on 和你的疯狂上

Go on and on an on till the break of dawn 去和一个上,直到破晓时分

I give a damn 我给一个该死的

Cause damn is ya baby gone 因为该死的是亚婴儿不见了


Do whatcha wanna do 难道你会怎样想干什么

But try to do the right thing 但尝试做正确的事

If its the right thing 如果它的正确的事

Then go on 然后去

Do the damn thing 做该死的事

I know you get soul 我知道你的灵魂

Like a bbq chicken wing 像烧烤鸡翅

Thet me like a king 泰德我像一个国王

Lemme hear you sing 还是让我听到你唱


Money cant buy you love 金钱不能买到爱情

Thought you knew that 还以为你知道

Eight days a week 一周八天

Livin like a rugrat 活着像一个rugrat

Sex machine cant face fact 性爱机器着面对事实

Gotta chase the cat 总得追猫

Hear the hand claps 听到拍手手

Turn the damn thing up 把该死的东西了

Here we go again 又来了

No means no 没有办法不

So now you know again 所以,现在你又知道

Flow it like a poet 流它像一个诗人

Get ready then 准备再

Dance gotcha trembin in dem timberland 在DEM Timberland的舞蹈疑难杂症trembin

Jumpback poppin that track 跳回屁股该曲目

Gonna shake it now 会动摇,现在

Check the cat 检查猫

Gettin wreck gonna break it down the record now 刚开残骸现在要去打破它的纪录

Gotta break it down 总得把它分解

Rhymin this flow on the go Rhymin这种流动在旅途

Cmon get it now CMON现在得到它


Yeah... 是啊...

I'm saying we went from Gods to niggas 我是说,我们从神到黑鬼

From queens to bitches 从皇后区到母狗

Who in the hell told you that you were in heaven 谁在地狱告诉你,你在天堂

Who in the hell told you that you were in heaven 谁在地狱告诉你,你在天堂

Platinum gold a house and a car 铂金有房有车

But poverty all around you by far 但是,贫困在你的周围远远

People living under bridges or in a car 人们生活在桥梁或汽车

Heaven for the super rich who call it modern living 天帝的超级富豪谁把它称为现代生活

But the Man from the east calls it a wilderness 但是,从东部的人称之为荒野

Cause heaven for whites is hell for blacks in america 因为天上的白人是地狱,在美国的黑人

Heaven and hell are two conditions of Life 天堂和地狱是生命的两个条件

Not a place up there or a place down there 没有一个地方在那里或地方那里

It's a condition of life on earth so value Life 这是地球上生命的一个条件这么生活的价值

Heaven is not things 天堂不是东西

It's a higher level of thinking 这是思维的较高水平

And at the moment one may change the conditions of Life 而此刻人们可以改变生活的条件

Our people think a job, partying and endless flow of women and moet, 我们的员工觉得工作,聚会,妇女和酩悦的长河,

Krystal and how much sex you can have is heaven 克里斯塔尔和多少性可以有天堂

Sometimes you got to think that it may not be heaven all the time 有时候,你得认为它可能不是天上所有的时间

But being able to meet Life's struggles head on, head on, head on 但能够满足生活的奋斗目上,脑袋上,脑袋上

Without compromising your Soul soul soul soul 在不影响你的魄魄

In this worlds Life 在这个世界上生活

Not Life after death 不是死后的生命

Life on earth 地球上的生命

Life 生活

Not worrying about how you are gonna eat or put clothes on your children 担心的不是你如何会吃,或把衣服放在你的孩子

Sit yourself in heaven at once 坐在自己在天上一次

A woman is a very important part of heaven 一个女人是上天的一个非常重要的组成部分

She produces heaven with you 她生产的天堂你

And if she is connected to the source of Life 如果她被连接到生命之源

So heaven is a condition of Life 所以,天堂是生命的一个条件

And you can have it on earth 而且你可以把它在地球上



Who in the hell told yall you were in heaven 谁在地狱告诉你在天堂亚勒

Oh, Oh 哦,呵呵

Lord Have Mercy! 求主怜悯!

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