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[Hook: Shyna] [钩: Shyna ]

Struggling, to live my life 挣扎,过我的生活

Working hard, trying to get it right 在努力,试图得到它的权利

Though it seems, it will never change 虽然现在看来,它永远不会改变

Help me God, make it through this rain 上帝帮助我,通过这个滂沱大雨

Struggling, to live my life 挣扎,过我的生活

Working hard, trying to get it right 在努力,试图得到它的权利

Though it seems, it will never change 虽然现在看来,它永远不会改变

Help me God, I can't take this pain 帮助我吧,上帝,我不能把这种痛苦


[Trae] [ TRAE ]

I ain't got no friends, but I got foes 我是不是有没有朋友,但我得到了敌人

I needed a gallon, only got hoes 我需要一加仑,只得到了锄头

See me and my niggas, shed tears for too long 看到我和我的黑鬼,流下了太久的眼泪

Lost everything, and prayed to get gone 失去了一切,祈求得到不见了

On the cool, it wasn't all about balling 在凉爽的,它不是所有关于球化

Have you ever been left out, in the rain 你是否曾经被冷落,在雨中

Everyday all day, left stuck in the game 每天一整天,左卡在游戏中

Not able to make a choice, and gotta feel the pain 无法做出选择,并得感到痛苦

Fell that can you relate, to the life I live 跌了你能涉及到我住的生活

Nothing but thugs on blocks, one life to give 不过在块打手,一个生命给

And I don't wanna reminisce, thinking of my life 我不想耐人回味,思考我的生活

Will get me pissed, and I'm knowing this 会让我生气,而且我知道这

I got a big brother, living in the Penitentiary 我有一个哥哥,住在监狱

Never will I see him again, in this century 我绝不再见到他,在本世纪

And that's fucked up, cause I ain't get to see him that much 这就是搞砸了,因为我没有​​能看到他那么多

I be ready to quit, but then I love too much 我算是准备退出,但后来我太爱

On top of that, lost my nigga Screw-U 最重要的是,失去了我的兄弟们螺丝-U

They all I got, and that's all I had 他们我的一切,而这一切我

And I got a damn thang, that motivate Trae 而且我有一个该死的胜,那激励TRAE

Then they wanna know why, I be mad all day 然后,他们想知道为什么,我是疯了一整天

Or I be sad all day, and sitting in my zone 或者,我难过了一整天,坐在我区

And I ain't got no love, you better leave me alone 我没有得到任何的爱,你最好离我远点

I'm known to get cold, deep inside my soul 我知道得感冒,内心深处,我的灵魂

Thinking of hard time bitch, fuck hoes and hoes 艰苦的时间母狗想,他妈的锄头和锄头

And piece and chain, and anything else that shine 而片和链条,其他任何大放异彩

A lot of that shit, don't really mean a damn thang 很多狗屎,不真的是一个该死的胜

I don't do no drugs, I face everything head on 我没有做任何药物,我面对一切头

If you ain't ever felt how I feel, get the hell on 如果你不是曾经觉得我感觉如何,对地狱

The other hand, I deserve to be heard 另一方面,我值得被听到

And everything I live, I can relate with skills 一切我还活着,我可以具备的技能

And these niggas wanna knock, cause I ain't on the radio 而这些黑鬼想敲门,因为我不是在电台

And everything I spit on the mic, be real 一切我吐的麦克风,是真正的


[Hook] [钩]


[Dougie D] [ Dougie缺省]

Take a look, at the thoughts inside my mind 一起来看看,在我脑子里面的想法

The pain I feel, it burns so deep inside 我觉得痛苦,它燃烧所以内心深处

It's a struggle everyday, to live my life 这是一个斗争每天都过我的生活

Mean a young a black male, at home or die 意思是一个年轻的黑男,在家里或死亡

Just swallow my pride, and I'll take it 刚吞下我的骄傲,我要了

Keep on pumping, soon and I'll make it 照抽不误,很快,我会补偿

Face to face, through all of this case shit 面对面,通过所有这些情况下,狗屎

Slowly y'all, I've been losing my patience 慢慢的你们,我已经失去了我的耐性

Everyday that I live, is like I'm dying 每天,我活着,就好像我要死了

But the main light, right look clock he trying 但主灯,右看看时钟,他试图

Looking through the hour glass, it's standard time 翻翻沙漏,它的标准时间

Love to stay strong, but the weak they gon survive 爱留强,但弱他们坤生存

Don't need to beg, I just ask him 不需要乞求,我只问了他

All the pain hurts less, it just pass me 所有的痛苦伤害少,它只是通过我

Mo' and mo', I try to be happy 莫和Mo ,我试着要快乐

Haters, don't want to let that happen 仇敌,不想让这种情况发生

Through the rain and the pain, I gotta deal with it 在雨中和痛苦,我得处理它

Keep my head tight, just to stay real with it 让我的头紧,只留下真正与它

Hustle and grind, just to break bread in it 喧嚣和研磨,只是为了打破面包在里面

Pray to God, I don't get found dead in it 向上帝祈祷,我不会在里面发现死

My time is my time, your time is your turn 我的时间是我的时间,你的时间是轮到你

All the bullshit I done faced, up in my life I done faced it 所有的废话我做了面对,在我的生活中,我做了面对它

On, and no need for your words 对了,不需要你的话

Everyday that I move, I struggle and strive 每天,我动,我挣扎和努力

Long as a nigga, strive the struggle and die 只要一个黑人,努力奋斗而死

On my grind, for a time to feed my child 我磨,一时间养活我的孩子

On a mission for feddy, to watch and multiply 关于小费任务,观看和繁殖

This time around, a change gon come 这一次,一改坤来

All the while, you was thinking that it wouldn't 在这期间,你在想,它会不会

My sunny days, done turned to rain 我阳光明媚的日子,做转身雨

But nevertheless, I'm still gon keep on pumping 但尽管如此,我还是会去照抽


[Hook] [钩]


[Trae] [ TRAE ]

Over the years, I'm running out of family 多年来,我跑出来的家庭

But it ain't nothing, but the man in me 但它也并非一无是处,但男人在我身上

I know I gotta be strong, and I can't let it handle me 我知道我必须要坚强,我不能让它处理我

I gotta ride, for my family 我得骑,我的家人

Hey Brenda, I'ma get that plack for you baby 嘿布伦达,我是拿到普拉克为你的宝宝

And if not, I'ma die trying 如果没有的话,我是死尝试

And I put that on my life, I really wanna see Claire 我把那对我的生活,我真的想看到克莱尔

But I don't, cause I can't stop crying 但我不这样做,因为我无法停止哭泣

Lord, can you tell me what I did wrong 主啊,你能告诉我我做错了什么

Why, everybody telling me to be strong 为什么,大家都告诉我要坚强

I don't wanna have to keep, doing these songs 我不想有保留,做这些歌曲

Everybody need to leave me, the fuck alone 每个人都需要离开我,他妈的孤独

I'm sick, and I just can't take it 我生病了,我只是不能把它

Running from the pain, I feel I can't shake it 从痛苦中运行,我觉得我不能动摇它

I don't even wanna know, if I'ma make it 我什至不想知道,如果我是使其

Nothing but hard times and hard rhymes, I gotta break it 不过困难的时候,硬押韵,我要打破它

Call me crazy, call me gone 叫我疯了,叫我走了

Really, they don't wanna get off in my zone 真的,他们并不想在我区下车

Cause if I take the time, I put it in my life 原因如果我走的时候,我把它放在我的生活

A lot of niggas out here, be crying to go home 很多黑鬼在这里,哭着要回家

I'm still at the bottom, might make it to the top 我仍然在底部,可能使其顶端

And I know I can't stop, for my brother on lock 我知道我不能停下来,就锁定我的兄弟

And my gal and my child, and everybody else I love 我的GAL和我的孩子,和其他人一样我喜欢

To death, before I'm signing out 死之前,我签了

I can't take it to heaven, but I continue right here 我不能把它带到天堂,但我继续在这里

Everything I will, if your tape don't sell 一切我会,如果你的磁带不卖

Everybody and they mama, wanna see a nigga fail 每个人都和他们的妈妈,不想看到一个黑人失败

Only time gon tell, of Trae gon prevail 只有时间坤告诉,对TRAE坤为准

And deep down, my life messing my head up 而在内心深处,我的生活搞乱我的头

I'm fed up, and so ready to let up 我受够了,所以准备让达

I'm knocked down, and I don't wanna be getting up 我撞倒了,我不想被起床

Heavenly Father, help me 'fore I'm giving up 天父,帮助我前我放弃了


[Hook] [钩]


[Shyna] [ Shyna ]

I can't take this pain, I can't take this pain 我不能接受这种痛苦,我不能把这种痛苦

I can't take this pain, I can't take this pain 我不能接受这种痛苦,我不能把这种痛苦


No more pain, no more pain 不再有痛苦,不再有痛苦

No more pain, no more pain 不再有痛苦,不再有痛苦

No more pain, no more pain 不再有痛苦,不再有痛苦

No more pain, no more pain 不再有痛苦,不再有痛苦


[singing] [唱]

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