歌词 "Stop Hatin" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Stop Hatin


歌词相关歌手:MASTER P

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

Look at all these haters surrounding me every day 看看这些仇敌,每天我周围

hatin on a baller but they can't stop my pay hatin在控球,但他们无法阻止我的工资

stop all the hatin I can't take it no more 停止所有hatin我不能再继续

Im just tryin to get mine you best get yours so what you hatin for 我只是试着让我的你最好的得到你,所以你hatin什么


[Verse 1: Master P] [诗歌1 :法师P ]

Pop the lock on the benz with the keys 流行的钥匙上奔驰的锁

To high to see his own enemies 要高看自己的敌人

his baby mama with him in a short skirt 他的孩子妈妈跟他在很短的裙子

his last ride was in a car, i mean a black hearse 他最后搭了一辆汽车,我的意思是黑色的灵车

his friend took his life for the mighty dollar 他的朋友把他的生命为威武美元

then ran through the alley must have been a coward 然后通过巷子跑一定是个懦夫

No more hit 'em up like in the old days 没有更多的打他们像在旧社会

homies scrab with Mack 10s and AKs 兄弟们scrab与麦克10S和的AK

that's why I roll by myself I mean I'm a loner 这就是为什么我摇了我自己,我的意思是我是一个孤独的人

cause haters be all up on me 原因是仇敌都上了我

tryin to sniff you out for your cheddar and your cheese 试着嗅出你出你的切达和你的奶酪

and the same niggas wanna blow on your weed 而同样的黑鬼想吹你的杂草

set you up for a caper 为您建立一个跳跃

dont wanna see you make no money then take ya 不希望看到你赚不赚钱,然后拿亚

gotta figure out how to get what you got 总得找出如何让你得到了什么

cause haters be the same niggas on the spot 原因仇敌当场同黑鬼


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 2: Master P] [诗2:法师P ]

How do hatin get started? 如何hatin开始?

It started by the jealous people 它被嫉妒的人开始

and they get mad over the things you have 他们很生气,对你拥有的东西

and the things they'll never have 里面的东西,他们永远不会有

Tell me if you hustle it really aint hard to get 告诉我,如果你是喧嚣AINT真的很难得

You can get yours I got mine so stay out my mix 你可以得到你我有雷所以留了我的组合

I heard you spreading rumors 我听说你造谣

Im really not impressed 林真的没有印象

I tell you only one time 我告诉你只有一次

with my scrilla fool dont mess 我scrilla傻瓜DONT乱


[Verse 3: Fiend] [诗歌3 :恶魔]

I only get with a few cause these bitch made niggas is actors 我只得到了几个原因这些母狗做黑鬼是演员

see I dont had to many gun-ins, run-ins with these ass backwards 见我不有很多枪的插件,运行插件与这些屁股向后

non-packers 非加壳

I'm strapped like P or C 我绑如P或C

they ask for me 他们问我

capture me 抓住我

but im going out with a blast 但我去了一个爆炸

I put that on some cash 我把一些现金

I'm standing last 我最后一次站在

for some ass 对于一些屁股

yall young crazed punks are trippin 亚勒年轻疯狂的小混混都践踏

dont hate me nigga just go ahead and credit my ?? 不要恨我的兄弟们只是继续前进,我的信用?

I'm admitting 我承认

that I'm not only on the thwat 我不是只在thwat

but I know i got stopped 但我知道我必须停止

on tha ?? 在临屋?

and its understood that I'm not 和它的了解,我不

one of the best niggas that ever lived 最好的黑鬼有史以来1

but I got some advice to give 但我有一些建议给

and that is 那就是


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 4: Silkk] [第4节: Silkk ]

I wonder why they hatin for? Probably cause we got G's, 我不知道为什么他们hatin呢?可能是因为我们得到了G公司,

mad cause we makin moves, cause we got keys 疯狂的事业,我们做个动作,因为我们有钥匙

But really I cant fade them 不过说真的,我不能褪色他们

Cause truly you need haters up on you to know you'se a motherfuckin playa 造成真正需要的仇敌了你就知道youse一个娘滩

I know yall gonna kill me in a matter of lies 我知道亚勒会杀了我的谎言的问题

I got friend that will turn to enemies in a matter of time 我有朋友说会变成敌人是时间问题

I know most of my niggas can feel me 我知道,我的大部分黑鬼能感觉到我

when I say TRU niggas will never try to kill me 当我说TRU的黑鬼永远不会试图杀了我

But keep my eyes up on my enemies I gotta watch my friends 不过,让我的眼睛在我的敌人,我得看我的朋友

like when I'm sittin on top or ridin in a benz 就像当我坐在上面或坐车在一辆奔驰

Why dont yall go out yall's ass up and get something 为什么不亚勒出去亚勒的屁股和得到的东西

dont worry about how i got mines 不要担心我怎么了地雷

always tryin to point a finger and say thats not mine. 总想让指向手指,说那不是我的。

and kill me 杀了我

it kills me 它杀死我

its digusting cause I got a few G's 其digusting因为我有一个几G的

they try to rob me 他们试图抢劫我

but they know they wont touch me 但他们知道他们不会碰我

smile in your face and talk shit behind your back 微笑在你的脸上,并谈谈你的背后狗屎

but I just cant call it or catch 但我只是不能把它或抓

but i still got G's and Im still ballin 但我还是得到了G公司和进出口仍劈腿


[Chorus till fade] [合唱直到淡出]


[Master P] [大师P ]

wassup Big Brandon and Big Timer 日wassup大布兰登和大定时器

Wassup Underwood California we cant lose 日wassup安德伍德加州,我们不能输

wassup to all my boys in Richmond 日wassup我所有的男生在Richmond

all my boys in the Caliope 我所有的男孩在Caliope

all my boys locked down in jail 我所有的孩子们在监狱里被锁定

this Master P No Limit Records 这个法师P无极限记录

(Wassup Big Boz) (日wassup大博兹)

DaLastDon DaLastDon

(Wassup Mean Green) (日wassup卑鄙绿色)

We Cant Be Stopped 我们不能被停止

I mean you player haters cant stop real TRU playas 我的意思是各位玩家的仇敌不能阻止真正TRU普拉亚斯

even though you still hate you cant stop playas 即使你还是恨你不能停止普拉亚斯

(Beats by the Pound) (由磅拍)

Wassup to all the players out there in New Orleansas 日wassup所有玩家赫然出现在新Orleansas

(Wassup to my little brother Silkk) (日wassup我的小弟弟Silkk )

Texas (C Murder) 德州(C谋杀)

Atlanta (Wassup Fiend) 亚特兰大(日wassup恶魔)

Chicago (Wassup Mystikal fool know you bout to drop real soon) 芝加哥(日wassup Mystikal傻瓜知道你布特真正下降很快)

Cleveland, Kentucky, Alabama 克利夫兰,肯塔基州,阿拉巴马州

(Wassup to Big Mama Mia X) (日wassup到大妈妈米娅X)

all them playas out there 所有这些帕拉斯在那里

California (Mr. Serv On) 加利福尼亚( SERV开先生)

East Coast (Sonya C) 东海岸(索尼娅C)

Mid West, Down South 中西部,南下

and anybody I forgot if you a real playa you'll understand 和任何人我忘了,如果你一个真正的花花公子,你就会明白

(Wassup Foxy Brown) (日wassup狡猾的布朗)

Yeah we did that Party don't stop 是的,我们这样做,党不停止

ah ha 啊哈哈

Playas lookin up baby 帕拉斯找谁了宝贝

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