歌词 "Sixty To Zero" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Sixty To Zero



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

All the champs and the heroes 所有的冠军和英雄

They got a price to pay 他们得到了一个代价

They go from sixty to zero 他们从60到零

In the split of a hair 在一根头发分裂

They see the face in the window 他们看到他的脸在窗口

They feel a shadow out there 他们觉得一个影子在那里

They've got the places they can go 他们已经得到了他们可以去的地方

They've got the people who stare 他们已经得到了谁盯的人

They've got to walk in their shoes 他们已经得到了走在他们的鞋子

They've got to see what they see 他们已经得到了,看看他们所看到的

They've got the people around them 他们已经得到了他们身边的人

Getting too much for free 乐极生悲免费

All the pimps and the dealers 所有的皮条客和经销商

All the food they can eat 所有的食物,他们可以吃

All the screamers and squealers 所有的尖叫和squealers

When they walk down the street 当他们走在大街上

Yeah. 是啊。


He's just a rich old man 他是一个有钱的老男人

He never cared for anyone 他从来不关心任何人

He likes to count his possessions 他喜欢数他的财产

He's been a miser from penny one 他已经从一分钱一个守财奴

He never cared for his children 他从来不关心自己的孩子

Never cared for his wife 不去理会他的妻子

Never made anyone happy 从来没有任何人开心

That's the way he lived his life 那是他住他的生活的方式

And one day in the sunshine 有一天在阳光下

He got a bolt from the blue 他从蓝色有一个螺栓

Unloaded all of his possessions 卸载全部家当

Sold his investments too 卖掉了他投资过

And now he lives with the homeless 现在他住在无家可归者

Owns 900 hospital beds 拥有900张病床

He prefers to remain nameless 他宁愿留无名

It's publicity he dreads 这是宣传他最怕

Yeah. 是啊。


There's a judge in the city 有法官在城市

He goes to work every day 他继续每天上班

Spends his life in the courthouse 花了他的生命在法院

Keeps his perspective that way 让他的角度出发,途径

But I respect his decision 但我尊重他的决定

He's got a lot on his mind 他有很多心事

He's pretty good with the gavel 他是相当不错的木槌

A little heavy on the fines 对罚款有点重

One day there was this minstrel 有一天,有一位吟游诗人

Who came to court on a charge 谁来到法庭上充电

That he blew someone's head off 他吹了一个人的头了

Because his amp was too large 因为他放太大

And the song he was singin' 而这首歌,他唱“

Was not for love but for cash 没有爱情,但现金

Well, the judge weighed the charges 那么,法官称收费

He fingered his mustache 他手指他的小胡子

Yeah. 是啊。


Well, there's a clown in a carnival 嗯,有一个狂欢节小丑

He rode a painted horse 他骑着马画

He came from somewhere out west 他来自什么地方出西

He was very funny of course 他很有趣,当然

But that is not what I noticed 但是,这不是我所注意到

It was the incredible force 这是令人难以置信的力量

With which he held his audience 与他举行了他的听众

While he rode on his horse 当他骑着他的马

His jokes were not that off-color 他的笑话是不是断色

His smile was not that sincere 他的笑容是不是真诚的

His show was not that sensational 他的节目是不是耸人听闻

Reasons for success were not clear 成功的原因不明确

But he still made big money 但他还是赚了大钱

One day the circus was his 有一天,马戏团是他的

Now he's married to the acrobat 现在,他结婚的杂技演员

And they're training their kids 他们正在训练自己的孩子

Yeah. 是啊。


Now the jailhouse was empty 现在的监狱是空的

All the criminals were gone 所有的罪犯都不见了

The gate was left wide open 门是敞开大门

And a buck and fawn 和降压和小鹿

Were eating grass in the courtyard 吃着草在庭院

When the warden walked in 当监狱长走了进来

And took a rifle 并把步枪

from the prison guard 从狱警

And said to him with a grin 对他笑着说

To shoot those deer 为了拍摄这些鹿

would be stupid, sir 将是愚蠢的,先生

We already got 'em right here 我们已经得到了时间就在这里

Why not just 为什么不

lock the gates and keep them 锁大门,让他们

With intimidation and fear? 用恐吓和恐惧?

But the warden pulled the trigger 但监狱长扣动了扳机

And those deer hit the ground 而那些鹿砸在地上

He said Nobody'll 他说Nobodyll

know the difference 知道其中的差别

And they both looked around. 他们都看着四周。

Yeah. 是啊。


Well, the cop made the showdown 那么,缔约方会议的对决

He was sure he was right 他确信自己是正确的

He had all of the lowdown 他把所有的内幕的

From the bank heist last night 从银行抢劫昨晚

His best friend was a robber 他最好的朋友是个强盗

And his wife was a thief 和他的妻子是个贼

All the children were murderers 所有的孩子都是杀人犯

They couldn't get no relief 他们不能得到任何缓解

The bungalow was surrounded 平房被包围

When a voice loud and clear 当声音响亮而清晰

Come out with your hands up 拿出你的双手

Or we're gonna blow you out of here 或者我们要打击你离开这里

There was a face in the window 有没有在窗口中的脸

TV cameras rolled 电视摄像机推出

And they cut to the announcer 他们切到播音员

And the story was told. 而这个故事告诉。

Yeah. 是啊。


Well, the artist 那么,艺术家

looked at the producer 看着制片人

The producer sat back 制片人坐回

He said What we have got here 他说,我们已经在这里了

Is a pretty good track 是一个相当不错的轨道

But we don't have a vocal 但我们没有一个人声

And we still don't have a song 我们仍然没有一首歌

If we could 如果我们能

get this thing accomplished 得到这个东西完成

Nothin' else could go wrong 没什么别的可能出问题

So he balanced the ashtray 于是,他平衡了烟灰缸

And he picked up the phone 他拿起了电话

And said Send me a songwriter 说给我发送作曲家

Who's drifted far from home 谁在离家远飘

And make sure that he's hungry 并确保他是饿了

And make sure he's alone 并确保他的孤独

And send me a cheeseburger 并给我一个汉堡

And a new Rolling Stone 和一个新的滚石

Yeah. 是啊。


Well, the Sioux in Dakota 嗯,苏在南达科他州

They lost all of their land 他们失去了他们所有的土地

And now a basketball player 现在,一个篮球运动员

Is trying to lend them a hand 试图帮他们一把

Maybe someday he'll be president 也许有一天他会成为总统

He's quite a popular man 他是一个相当受欢迎的人

But now the chief has reservations 但是现在主要的有保留意见

And the white man has plans 与白人有计划

There's opposition in Congress 有反对党在国会

The bill is up against cash 该法案是补防的现金

There's really no way of predicting 实在没有办法预测

If it will fly or it will crash 如果将飞或将崩溃

But that's the nature of politics 但是,这是政治的本质

That's the name of the game 这就是游戏的名字

That's how it looks in the tepee 这是它的外观在帐篷

Big winds are blowing again 大的风再次刮起

Yeah. 是啊。


There's still crime in the city 还是有犯罪的城市

Said the cop on the beat 说,在街上巡逻的警察

I don't know if I can stop it 我不知道如果我能阻止它

I feel like meat on the street 我觉得像肉在街上

They paint my car like a target 他们画我的车就像一个目标

I take my orders from fools 我是从傻瓜把我的订单

Meanwhile 同时

some kid blows my head off 有些孩子吹我的头

Well, I play by their rules 好吧,我被他们的规则玩

So now I'm doing it my way 所以现在我做我的方式

I took the law in my own hands 我在自己的手中接过法

Here I am in the alleyway 在这里,我在胡同

A wad of cash in my pants 现金在我的裤子一叠

I get paid by a ten year old 我得到一个十岁支付

He says he looks up to me 他说,他抬头对我

There's still crime in the city 还是有犯罪的城市

But it's good to be free 但它是好是免费的

Yeah. 是啊。


Now I come from a family 现在,我来自一个家庭

That has a broken home 有一个破碎的家庭

Sometimes I talk to my daddy 有时候,我跟我的爸爸

On the telephone 在电话

When he says that he loves me 当他说他爱我

I know that he does 我知道,他不

But I wish I could see him 不过,我希望我能看到他

Wish I knew where he was 希望我能知道他在哪里

But that's 但是,这

the way all my friends are 顺便我所有的朋友都

Except maybe one or two 也许除了一个或两个

Wish I could see him this weekend 希望我能看到他在本周末

Wish I could walk in his shoes 希望我能走在他的鞋

But now I'm doin' my own thing 但现在我上来的我自己的事情

Sometimes I'm good, then I'm bad 有时候,我很好,那么我坏

Although my home has been broken 虽然我的家已经被打破

It's the best home I ever had 这是最好的家,我曾经有过

Yeah. 是啊。


Well, I keep getting younger 好吧,我一直年轻化

My life's been funny that way 我的生活一直搞笑的方式

Before I ever learned to talk 之前我曾经学会说话

I forgot what to say 我忘了说什么

I sassed back to my mummy ì sassed回到我的妈妈

I sassed back to my teacher ì sassed回到我的老师

I got thrown out of Sunday School 我被扔出去的主日学的

For throwin' bibles at the preacher 对于肆意圣经的布道者

Then I grew up to be a fireman 然后,我长大后成为一名消防员

I put out every fire in town 我把每火镇

Put out everything smoking 放出来的一切吸烟

But when I put the hose down 但是,当我把软管向下

The judge sent me to prison 法官把我送到监狱

Gave me life without parole 给了我生命不得假释

Wish I never put the hose down 希望我从来没有把软管向下

Wish I never got old. 希望我从来没有老。

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