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[Sample] [示例]

"What the fuck is going on?" “什么他妈的是怎么回事? ”


[Verse 1: Prevail] [诗歌1 :万隆]

Wreathe the whirlwind 盘绕旋风

Revisit the deep end 重温深结

Ghost town, show down, diamond head creek bed 鬼城,展现了下来,钻石头河床

The fugitive pugilist 逃犯拳师

Luminous, anonymous 夜光,匿名

Doomsday is looming us, it's obvious 世界末日正在迫近我们,很明显

Heal like the hands of a medicine man 医治就像一个药人手中

Decon feathers 解构羽毛

Flesh on bone 肉,骨

Real vendettas 真正的仇杀

Steal cantines, at least two roam on wild plain 偷cantines ,至少有两个漫游野生纯

For my voice drain the gramophone, dance for rain 对于我的声音漏留声机,舞雨

Cloak and spell 披风和咒语

Choke on smoke from my broken quail 从我破碎的鹌鹑呛烟

Pray from the padre when I take you from your madre 从神父祈祷,当我把你从你的马德雷

Bottom barrel rum, double-barrel light a broadway 底桶朗姆酒,双桶点燃百老汇

Derelicts of dialect 方言的流浪汉

Dangerous environment 危险的环境

Lone star, no law will ever slow my hand 孤星,任何法律都不会放慢我的手

So far, quick draw, quit while you can 到目前为止,快平局,退出,而你可以

Quicksand suffocates and draws out the breathing 流沙窒息,掏出了呼吸

Hallucinations follow 跟着幻觉

And then, loss of feeling 然后,失去感觉


[Chorus: Sick Jacken] [合唱:病态Jacken ]

Welcome to the darkside 欢迎来到阴暗面

With [?] counter-clockwise 用[?]逆时针

You lookin' through the glass from the outside 你看着 ,通过来自外部的玻璃

Be safe when you come in 安全起见,当你进来

Cause death'll leave ya mouth wide 原因deathll离开你们的口宽

Soul, legs and the body 灵魂,腿和身体

Spirit from me now, rise 现在的精神我,上升

I arrive to take lives and tell lives 我到要生活,告诉生活

I'm wanted dead or alive, cause when the needle cries 我想死的还是活的,会导致针头的哭声时,

In your bloodstream 在你的血液

I'm the one drivin' this lush dream 我是一个驾乘“这郁郁葱葱的梦想

Overdose an eye on you, so, don't ever trust me 过量服用对你的眼睛,所以,永远不要信任我


[Verse 2: Madchild] [诗2: Madchild ]

Hang the hang man 杭杭的人

Jesse James gang 杰西·詹姆斯团伙

Guns drawn at sundown, fun starts from one pound 日落画枪,乐趣开始从1磅

The one pound of marijuana, new era 该1磅大麻,新时代

Shame blue lightning in a Porsche Guerrera 殇蓝色闪电保时捷格雷拉

Still, I'm all heart 尽管如此,我所有的心脏

This a mind true as dark 这是一个真正的心灵的黑暗

To my dream team 我的梦之队

Til my death do us part 直到我死亡将我们分开

Break bread with convict, real fucking killers 打破面包罪犯,真正他妈的杀手

Get clocked by cop with binoculars 开始使用望远镜时钟由警察

I'm unpopular 我是不受欢迎的

But able to manipulate 但是,能够操纵

Your social circle 你的社交圈

You should just be careful 你应该要小心

I'm the Deer Hunter 我是猎鹿人

It's a tough winter 这是一个艰难的冬天

Still, I'm inventive 不过,我的发明

This a real friendship 这是一个真正的友谊

We ride under the moonlight, break of dawn 我们乘坐的月光下,晨曦的断裂

Not actors, cowboy hat, mask and black horse 不是演员,牛仔帽,口罩和黑马

Factor kicked in Commando Rambo 因子踢突击队兰博

Tahoe to Lambough 太浩湖以Lambough

That's when we gamble 这就是当我们赌


[Repeat Chorus] [重复合唱]


[clang] [铛]


[Verse 3: Madchild] [第3节: Madchild ]

Eight bars of bravehearts 八条bravehearts的

Circle through your brain, I'm perfectly insane 通过你的大脑圈,我完全疯了

Who wanna challenge the birth of Christ on 谁想要在挑战基督诞生

The calender 压延机

You a Scorpio on the horoscope 你是天蝎座的星座

World's ugliest man, plus I'm adorable 世界上最丑的人,再加上我可爱

Oracle that can predict intentions 甲骨文是可以预测的意图

Still filled with tention, drunk with revenge 依然充满了张力,醉复仇

While my enemies have lunch with my friends 虽然我的敌人吃午饭,我的朋友


[Prevail] [盛行]

Children of the twilight, born in primal fury 黄昏的孩子,出生于原始狂怒

The hammer on the strings plays a death song wickedly 在琴弦槌起死亡首歌恶

Prevail'll nail through your heart, sounds painful 通过你的心脏Prevailll指甲,听起来很痛苦

Trumpets welcome me like Gabriel The Archangel 小号欢迎我像百利天使长

Hollow images 中空图像

Wavering echoes 摇摆不定的回声

Subtle differences, pinebox and shovel 细微的差别, pinebox和铲

Barb wire, dynamite, switchblade advocates 倒钩铁丝,炸药,弹簧刀倡导者

Starfire midnight full moon naturalist 午夜星火满月博物


[Repeat Chorus] [重复合唱]

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