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[Verse 1: David Dallas] [诗歌1 :大卫小牛]

Know the boy D-Double do it all day 知道男孩的D-双做这一切的一天

Get the messing with his tracks, no foreplay 获取玩弄自己的踪迹,没有任何前戏

Seems simple now but it wasn't always 看似简单,但现在它并非总是

Used to sit up in the Pap High hallways 用来坐起来,在巴氏高走廊

Teacher put me there saying that I talk to much 老师把我还有话说,我跟很多

I thought I knew it all but I never knew much 我想我知道这一切,但我从来不知道多少

I come to school late because my form room sucked 我来上学迟到,因为我的房间的形式吸

And we hang out by the canteen all through lunch 我们挂出了食堂全部通过午餐

Young teen with a pac(men)tality 年轻的少女与PAC (男) tality

No dream I can make reality 没有梦想,我可以做现实

All I care about is popularity 我所关心的是人气

Trying to pass Jessica trying to get a touch 试图通过杰西卡试图让触摸

And a Mufti day try them with some new Chucks 和穆夫提天试戴了一些新的夹头

Try them with some new Nikes or something 他们尝试了一些新的耐克什么的

They didn't give a fuck about assignments or nothing 他们并没有给出有关转让或他妈的什么

Didn't make music even though I loved it 没有做音乐,即使我很喜欢

Scared to try , high to shy get busted[?] 害怕去尝试,高害羞得到破获[?]


[Hook: Che Fu] [钩:车赴]

So I sit on the sideline 所以,我坐在场边

Despite in my time 尽管我的时间

If I could be in their shoes 如果我能在他们的鞋子

The things that id do 的事情,做ID

But wishing won't get you know where 但希望不会让你知道在哪里

Don't be scared to go there 不要害怕去那里

If you sit in my wake 如果你在我之后坐

Do it the right way 这样做的正确途径

(yeah ya) (是雅)


[Verse 2: David Dallas] [诗2:大卫小牛]

No I wasn't in the first fifteen 不,我不是在第一15

Wasn't in the choir, Never learned to sing 在合唱团得不行,没学过唱歌

Couldn't play an instrument or pluck a string 无法弹奏乐器或拨弦

Or the little rich kid who's dad bought him a car 还是微博的孩子是谁的爸爸给他买了一辆车

A regular dude fading in to the background 一个普通的家伙衰落的背景

Never took center stage, didn't really stand out 从来不带的中心舞台,并没有真正站出来

I remember school TalentQuest 我记得上学TalentQuest

We would hang out see this other dude rap 我们会挂出看到这等说唱花花公子

Then he'd be the man around E block 然后,他会绕E块状的男人

For like the next two weeks, scoring all of the chicks 对于像接下来的两个星期,得分全部小鸡

While these Diggas my mom bought, are falling to bits 虽然这些Diggas我妈买的,都落到位

And I'm off in detention, for ignoring Mr. Smitts 我被拘留了我,不理Smitts先生

And this bitch mocked me in class for having big lips 这婊子嘲笑我班有很大的嘴唇

It was a hard knock life for a kid 这是一场艰苦的生活敲一个孩子

Till I realized that a life isn't lived 直到我意识到,生活不活

If you're worrying about what other people might think of it 如果你担心别人可能会认为它

Don't sleep on this little boy's raps because he might be a hit 不要在这个小男孩的斥责入睡,因为他可能是一个打击


[Hook] [钩]


[Hook Extra: Che Fu] [钩特:车赴]

Don't let it go by 不要让他走了

There ain't no reason known why 不过是没有理由知道为什么

You're waiting around 你等着

You could be a star 你可以成为一个明星

Just watch from a far 从远只是看

Just stop waiting around 只要停止等待各地


[Verse 3: David Dallas] [第3节:大卫小牛]

School finished did a little bit of growing up 学完了没长大了一点点

But it wasn't like music was blowin' up 但它是不喜欢的音乐是吹响了

Shy as ever figured out I had to grow some nuts 腼腆如初想通了,我不得不长大一些坚果

And put my self out there, so they know what's up 并把我自己在那里,让他们知道这是怎么回事

And yeah I was pretty scared what they might say ,是的我很害怕他们会说些什么

They FENZ at it and say its bad in a nice way 他们FENZ它,说它不好的一个很好的方式

Or I wasn't doing it the right way 或者,我是不是做了正确的方式

But there ain't no right or wrong 但是,是不是没有对错

Got one life to live and it ain't that long 得到了一个生活居住,这是不是长

So you gotta stay strong, gotta stay on 所以,你得保持强劲,总得留

Another day sittin', wishin is another day gone 又一天坐在 ,许愿是新的一天了

Another day doing dishes, or just mowing up the lawn 还有一天做的菜,或者只是修剪了草坪

Colud've been another day that another star was born Coludve是另一天的另一颗恒星诞生


[Hook] [钩]


[Outro: David Dallas] [尾奏:大卫小牛]

Don't be scared man 不要害怕男人

Don't worry too much about what people are going to say 不要太担心人们会说

Because at the end of the day 因为在一天结束时

The only person who still thinks about that stuff is you 谁仍然认为有关的东西的唯一的人是你

Ya know? 你知道吗?

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