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["Shake" repeated throughout all verses] [ “换血”反复出现的所有诗句]


[Intro: DJ Kool] [简介: DJ库尔]

This is the legendary DJ Kool! 这就是传说中的DJ库尔!

They are Philly's Most Wanted! 他们是费城最受欢迎的!

The jump off starts here! 跳下从这里开始!

The jump off starts right now! 关开始跳吧!

Come on now! 加油吧!


[Verse 1: Boobonic] [诗歌1 : Boobonic ]

It's them boys, that know where to take to make ya 这是他们的小伙子,知道在哪里才能使雅

Philly's Most back, at it keep a beat that 费城的大部分回来了,它保持一个节拍,

Quick apply pressure, to a boil, to ya bitch just break 快速施加压力,烧开,雅母狗刚刚突破

Break, break, break, break 突破,突破,突破,突破

You can +Cross the Border+ if the bridge out 你可以+过关+ IF桥出

Take the water, another broad that can take order 就拿水,另一种广泛的,可以采取订单

Just stand there, ya body so mean 只是站在那里,亚体这样的意思

Standin in those 'Suco jeans, let's go Standin在那些“苏科牛仔裤,让我们去

The DJ's Kool, I'm in red form DJ的库尔,我在红表

Jeans cone watch 'em dance, like watching porn 牛仔裤锥观看时间跳舞,喜欢看色情片

And it's on, at the yard fest, watch 'em swarm 与它的上,在院子里巨星,看时间蜂拥而上

They know we about to perform, now where it cool at 他们知道我们要执行,现在它在降温

Prolly gettin' this man, but where the pool at Prolly刚开了这名男子,但那里的游泳池在

At the back entrance, where they "ah" and "oh" at 在后面的入口处,在那里他们“嗯”和“啊”的

That motherfucking ass on the dance floor 在舞池里那他妈的屁股

Let the kids now if you want more, more 让孩子们现在如果你想要更多,更


[Chorus: DJ Kool] [合唱: DJ库尔]

If you here getting ya drink on (Shake) 如果您在这里获得雅喝(摇)

Turn around and get ya freak on (Shake) 回过头来获得亚发飙的(摇)

Meet me on the dance floor now (Shake) 满足我对现在的舞池(摇)

Come on, you can do it now (Shake) 来吧,你可以现在就做(摇)

Too all the ladies in the club now (Shake) 过在俱乐部所有的女士们,现在(摇)

Get ya hands in the air now (Shake) 获得亚的手在现在的空气(摇)

If you wearing a damn thong (Shake) 如果你穿着​​该死的丁字裤(摇)

And you liking this here damn song (Shake) 和你喜欢这个该死的在这里首歌(摇)

Come on now! (Shake) 加油吧! (摇)


[Verse 2: Mr.] [诗2:先生]

Now get ya back up off the wall 现在得到雅备份过墙

See all you gotta do is dance baby girl, come on get it down 查看所有你要做的就是舞蹈的女婴,来吧它弄下来

It don't matter how you do it, you can Harlem 这并不重要,你是怎么做的,你可以哈林

You need a drink to get you loose, it's not a problem 你需要喝一杯,让你松了,这不是一个问题

Order one, drink it all, make a freak scene 订购一个,喝了这一切,做一个怪胎现场

Then make ya bumper hit my long black limousine 然后,使雅保险杠撞到了我黑色长轿车

Let me tell you, listen close, what I really mean 让我告诉你,仔细听,我真正的意思

Move ya skirt, so ya clothes can't intervene 移动雅裙,让雅衣服不能干预

Cold since I been a team, Joel, I was getting green 冷,因为我是一个团队,乔尔,我是越来越绿

Nothin' changed, it's the same routine 没什么改变,这是同样的程序

Please don't mind me, she love my lean 请不要介意我,她爱我瘦

A dream, y'all mean, that'll take her to gets in 哆啦A梦,你们的意思是,就带她来得到的

While I spin and she grin, off that Bombay Gin 虽然我旋转,她眉开眼笑,关闭了孟买杜松子酒

I'm so +Kool+, like that +DJ+ from D.C 我很库尔+ + ,这样+的DJ来自D.C +

I'm invincible, can't nobody see me 我是无敌的,没有人能看到我

We bout a breezy, we take it easy 我们回合凉风习习,我们慢慢来


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 3: Boobonic] [第3节: Boobonic ]

Look, try to reach me, my flow is beastly 瞧,试图找到我,我的流程是人面兽心

And when again, toss ain't easy, go back to you chick 时再折腾是不容易的,回去给你的小鸡

Quit playing, easy smash ya breezy 退出播放,轻松粉碎雅凉风习习

And give her room 104, betcha need me 并给她的房间104 ,有喜需要我


[Mr.] [先生]

Cause every breezy, they know the number one rule 因为每个凉风习习,他们知道的头号规则

They clear our souls, like we DJ Kool 他们清楚我们的灵魂,像我们的DJ库尔

Dig, the life of some gangstas 挖,一些帮派分子的生活

Since young boys, we was known to stack paper 由于年轻的男孩,我们是众所周知的纸堆


[Boo] Ay, 50 told ya about them +Wanksta's+ [嘘]哎, 50告诉过你关于他们的+ Wanksta的+

[Mr.] And Most Wanted told you bout them +Suckas+ [先生]而且最想告诉你,他们回合+ Suckas +

[Boo] Look for skills, we was raised around straight up gangstas [嘘]寻找技能,我们是围绕直线上升引发帮派分子

[Mr.] Believe they past off them hustles, so thank you [先生]相信他们过去过他们催促,所以谢谢你

[Boo] Now accounts can't help but bank us [嘘]现在占不禁美国银行

[Boo] And they know it, so them hoes gon' love us [嘘]他们知道,所以他们的锄头坤爱我们

[Mr.] Homie trust us, they don' caught the vapors [先生]哥们信任我们,他们不“抓住了蒸汽

[Mr.] For real hope my wheel, just chill while we make them [先生]对于真正的希望我的车轮,只是寒意,而我们让他们


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Outro: DJ Kool] [尾奏: DJ库尔]

Come on, come on! 来吧,来吧!

Come on, come on! 来吧,来吧!

Put ya drinks in the air right now! 把雅饮料中的空气吧!

Ladies and gentlemen! 女士们,先生们!

I am the legendary DJ Kool! 我是传说中的DJ库尔!

They are the world renowed! 他们是世界知名的!

Philly's Most Wanted! Ooh! 费城最受欢迎的!哦!

Get ya hands up in the air now! 获得亚的手在空中吧!

Don't stop keep it going now! 不要停止让现在去!

Ladies, here we go now! 女士们,在这里,我们现在就去!

Here we go now, here we go now! 在这里,我们走了,在这里,我们现在就去!

Worldwide! That's right, we worldwide! 世界各地!这是正确的,我们全世界的!

We not in no mood, DJ Kool 我们不是没有心情, DJ库尔

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