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Set It Off



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[Intro:] [简介: ]

This goes out to my peoples in Queens. Representing, Brooklyn, Uptown. 这是写给我在皇后区的人民。代表,布鲁克林,住宅区。

Yeah, yeah Boogie Down Bronx, Staten Island, all the way to New Jersy. 是的,是布吉下布朗士,史泰登岛,一路新泽西州。

Tri State Area. Long Island 三州地区。长岛


[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

Ha ha, welcome radio land and others, my underground brothers is mad deep 呵呵,欢迎收音机土地和其他人,我的兄弟地下狂是深

like gutters 像水槽

I bring it no matter what the situation, underwater, through fire 我把它无论在什么情况下,水下,通过火

Across barded wire, what? I'm quick to Change Faces without R. Kelly 跨barded线,是什么?我很快就变脸不R. Kelly的

When you step on me you best be ready. I heats it up like house kitchen 当你踩我,你最好做好准备。 í加热它像房子的厨房

When I'm bitchin' with this redition, chill or you might catch an ass whippin' 当我发或停发这一redition ,寒意或者你可能赶上一屁股whippin “

There's something wrong ha, I can't go on, and commence 这里有些不对劲哈哈,我不能去,并开始

Tear the frame out an MC's ass with the quickness, no forgiveness 撕裂的框架出来一个MC的屁股与敏捷,没有宽恕

This is the way E does buisness, one touch and I'll weaken the average came to be rap star 这为E确实楼内设有商务,一键式的方式,我会削弱平均走过来的说唱明星

By far by far, my entourage is Sugar Hill like Wesly Snipes 到目前为止到目前为止,我的随从是糖山一样Wesly斯奈普斯

Def Squad is the main attraction for y'all everynight 防队是主要的吸引力在你们每个夜晚


[Hook:] [钩: ]

"I came through the door" - [Rakim] “我来过了门” - [ Rakim的]

And I set it off [x4] 而我将它关闭[ X4 ]


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

Dun da da, the E Double brings it full steam 敦哒哒,电子双把它全速

Eyes are green, yeah, taken sucker niggas for they cream 眼睛是绿色的,是的,采取吸盘黑鬼他们霜

I rock the mic, alright, with intentions to please and decapitate all gimmick MC's 我摇滚麦克风,好吧,有意向请和斩首的所有噱头三菱商事的

Yeah, I come action packed like a flick, and dismantle those duck MC's that can't handle 是啊,我来挤得像轻弹动作,并拆除这些鸭三菱商事的无法处理

My sound goes through my musical speakers, beeotch, and flash a symbol like the Grym Reaper 我的声音穿过我的音乐扬声器, beeotch和Flash一样Grym死神的象征

To signify, gamma ray I display on wax is ridiculous, way out likt the crew on Star Trek 来表示,伽玛射线Ⅰ显示蜡是荒谬的,出路likt对星际迷航船员

Yeah, I keep my style Black like Panthers, with women more fat than Samathas 是啊,我把我的风格黑色黑豹一样,女性比Samathas更多脂肪

Damn, this don't make no F in' sense, for me to be on top bigger than monuments 妈的,这个不要让没有F的意识,让我在上面大于古迹

A star ghost super nova turns into a black hole 阿星的幽灵超新星变成一个黑洞

That got put into your soul 这让把你的灵魂


[Hook x4] [钩X4 ]


[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

For those that envy me and say I ain't about nothing and everthing you see my names on something 对于那些羡慕我,说我是不是没有和全部的寄托,你看到的东西我的名字

Flawless, outlandish, unique complete, off the wall technique I develop without speech (woah) 完美无瑕的,古怪的,唯一完整的,过墙技术,我开发不讲话(哇)

On bended knee I could damage an MC, thourgholy 屈膝我能破坏一个MC , thourgholy

Yeah, yeah take him for his currency, remarkable, the black Superman in the sky 是的,是把他当成自己的货币,显着的,黑色的超人在天空

Flying through the air with green eyes 通过空气与绿色的眼睛飞


[Hook x4] [钩X4 ]


[Keith Murray talking outro:] [基思·穆雷谈论片尾曲: ]

Yeah, yeah yeah, watch your back black. Don't even step up, word is born. 是啊,是啊是啊,看着你的背影黑色。甚至不抓紧,字诞生了。

L.O.D. is in here too you know what I'm sayin'? L.O.D.在这里,你也知道我的意思吗?

Def Squad for life, PPP taking it everywhere, midwest, mideast, southwest, southwest, north, south, 防队的生活,购买力平价把它无处不在,中西部地区,中东,西南,西南,华北,华南,

east, west, northwest, northwest, south, north, south, everywhere I sets it off. 东,西,西北,北,南,北,南,到处都设置它。

You know what I'm saying? 你知道我在说什么?

Paintin the boards, rippin' the mic, rippin' niggas anything you like word up set it of E D. Keith Murray in this piece. Paintin板, rippin 麦克风, rippin 黑鬼任何你喜欢的话在这片设置è D.基思·默里。

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