歌词 "Rock My Fitted" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Rock My Fitted



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Hook x2: C-Los] [钩X2 : C-洛杉矶]

Rock my P. Millers comin ? in my fitted cap 摇滚我P.米勒科曼?在我的帽子装

Rock my P. Millers comin ? in my fitted cap 摇滚我P.米勒科曼?在我的帽子装

(Oh) in my fitted cap (whoa) in my fitted cap (呵呵) ,我装帽(哇),在我的帽子装

All in the club pullin hoes in my fitted cap 我装盖的所有俱乐部普林锄头


[Verse: C-Los] [诗歌: C-洛杉矶]

Im ducked in my fitted ride trucks wit the windows tinted 林躲开我装搭卡车机智的窗户有色

Guttar Boyz in it I dont think you dudes serious you's a scrimmage Guttar男孩在里面我不认为你帅哥认真你是一个混战

You see me step out wit P. Miller rims and all the tennis (uh-huh) 你看我走出机智P.米勒轮辋和所有网球(嗯)

In a Saints on a fitted jeans blingin and its drippin 在圣徒的合身牛仔裤blingin及其drippin

Oh, you boys playin I've been token you boys lame 哦,你的男孩在玩我一直令牌你的男生跛脚

And I hang around guerrillas its ziped I was thousand 我流连游击队的ziped我是千

Ah man I bank mines and if you yappin thats firin 阿的人,我银行的地雷,如果你yappin这就是firin

I left em solder way yea the bullets them rap titan (oh) 我离开EM焊的方式啊子弹他们说唱巨头(OH)

I keep my rim low, even it can took it to the right 我把我的缘低,甚至可以把它带到正确的

When I turn it to back that means C-Los is bout to fight 当我把它备份,这意味着C-洛杉矶是回合战斗

But I leanin to the left, cuz I sip that purple Sprite 但我leanin左边,因为我抿了紫色精灵

So Imma, lay like its a Spooner come catchin Mobile Sike 所以伊马,躺在像它的一个斯普纳前来捉手机死磕

Yea nigga like me, I got a plan to rival 是啊,兄弟们跟我一样,我有一个计划,以抗衡

Cuz I got a lot of platinum like placks on P walls 因为我得到了很多的铂金像P的墙壁placks

Oh Lord you know C-Los is ready, ducked in my fitted cap 哦,上帝,你知道的C-洛杉矶准备就绪,躲开了我的帽子装

Ride in my fitted cap, high in my fitted cap 骑在我装帽,高在我的帽子装


[Hook x2: C-Los] [钩X2 : C-洛杉矶]


[Verse: Romeo] [诗:罗密欧]

Im some special you never seen in my fitted cap money green (okay) IM某些特别的你从来没有见过我的帽子装钱的绿色(好吧)

? on the jersey get it cap dawg master teen (you know) ?泽西把它盖耶大师的青少年(你知道)

20s on Cutlets 26s on the limousines 20多岁的肉饼26S上的豪华轿车

Son of a hustler I had to sell nice cream (sell what) 一个骗子的儿子,我不得不卖掉好的奶油(卖什么)

3.8s when Im goin on a date (ah-ha) 3.8秒时,即时通讯布莱恩约会(AH -HA)

5.8s duckin Lil' Rome I dont want you in my face (yea) 5.8S duckin律罗马我不希望你在我的脸上(是啊)

And I feel some kinda beef I just turn it to the back 而且我觉得有些还挺牛我只是把它背

Wick it straight in the eyes then make it lean back (yea) 灯芯它直接在眼睛上,然后使之向后倾斜(是啊)


[Verse: Young V] [诗:杨V]

Hat to the side I might be young but Im a beats wit it (oh) 帽子在一旁我可能是年轻,但我是一个节拍机智(哦)

Freaky like a searcher starched up and lean and freeze in it (oh) 辣妈像搜索笔挺起来,倚靠并冻结它(哦)

So I can ball in it (oh) hit them ball in it (oh) 这样我就可以在球吧(呵呵)击中了他们在这球(OH)

Throw my soldier cap on them watchin 3 (?) in it (oh) 扔在他们凝视着3 ( ? )的是我的士兵帽( OH)

Im a rich boy I aint gotta steal shorty (oh) 我是一个丰富的男孩,我是不是得偷的矮个子(OH)

Tell that lil rich no cops freakin chip shorty (oh) 告诉富含律没有警察刻着芯片的矮个子(OH)

I do some sacks homie (oh) crannies look like Shaq homie 我做的一些麻袋亲密( OH)缝隙看起来像鲨鱼亲密

Represent Guttar Music the hood got my back homie 代表Guttar音乐引擎盖气死我了亲密


[Hook x2: C-Los] [钩X2 : C-洛杉矶]


[Verse: Lil' D] [诗:律D ]

Im ducked in my fitted posted up in the cut 林躲开我装在切割贴上去

I dont dance in my fitted I just throw my hood up 我不跳舞我装我只是把我的兜帽

Tryna knuck if you buck we gon catch it to the gut Tryna knuck如果你逆势我们会去抓住它的肠道

Cuz Im gone off that drank tryna find a chicken cup but cuz即时熄灭了喝tryna找到一个鸡杯,但

Lean wit it, rock wit it, yea I keep my glock wit 精益机智,岩机智,是啊,我把我的格洛克智慧

Beefin I pop wit it, possibly due drop gimme (oh) Beefin我弹出机智,这可能是由于降给我(哦)

24s when I roll and my pockets full of doe 当我摇和24S我的口袋里装满了母鹿

In the club pullin hoes in my fitted cap 在俱乐部普林在我装帽锄头

She wanna see my grill the Guttaboy of da South 她想看看我的烧烤大南Guttaboy

I dont gotta spit game I spit diamonds in my mouth 我不得吐了比赛,我吐的钻石在我的嘴

Yea, Im state to state I know ya boys dont hate 是啊,林国与国我知道雅男孩不恨

So I keep some that'll make ya click jigglelate 所以我一直有些也许会让雅单击jigglelate

Yup, Im so T.R.U. 是啊,我好T.R.U.

A red fitted but the diamonds in my chain so B.L.U. 装有一个红色的,但钻石在我的链,使BLU

And yall boys know what we do 和亚勒男孩知道我们做什么

We the proof that keep a lil 22 the Master rims on the Coupe boy boy 我们是守律22主轮辋上的双门轿跑车的男孩男孩的证明


[Hook x2: C-Los] [钩X2 : C-洛杉矶]

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