歌词 "Renditions Of Reality" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Renditions Of Reality



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

When you slip into reality 当你陷入现实

Hoes wanna straddle me 锄头想跨越我

Playa haters wanna battle me 普拉亚仇敌想我战斗

But I shed em all like calories 不过,我流下了他们所有的卡路里一样

Prophecy preacher 传教士预言

Lend your ear and I'll reach ya 借你的耳朵,我会达到亚

And if your willing to be taught I'ma teach ya 如果您愿意教教我是雅

I'm not a people person 我不是一个人的人

Truth is I can't stand too many people 事实是,我不能忍受太多的人

So many fake the funk and perpetrate and call me evil 这么多假放克和犯,叫我邪恶

But evil is a harsh word. 但邪难听的话。

Tell the mockingbird that I said it 告诉只知更鸟,我说这

A man of my word I won't regret it 一个人我的话,我会不会后悔

If I let it get to me like it get to them I'm no better. 如果我让它对我来说,这让他们,我没有更好的。

The same message over and over with different sender 不同的发送者相同的消息遍地

Playa hatin is an art of a scandalous and shabby person 普拉亚hatin是一门艺术了令人惊讶的和破旧的人

Some do it oh so well 有些做的哦这么好

I'll be damned if they don't rehearse it. 我将该死的,如果他们不排练了。

Disperse it to people like me and you everyday 它驱散人们和我一样,你每天

And they expect the common man to turn his cheek and walk away 他们希望普通人把他的脸颊,然后走开

And now I pray for an end to the madness 现在我祈祷结束的疯狂

No more sadness shall fall to my people 没有更多的悲伤必倒我的人

That preside to be the baddest 那主持会议是最不好的

And all that they do and say 和所有他们做的和说

But overshadowed by a cloud turnin night to day 但是,云撇开晚上盖过天

It's so tremendous that you couldn't even walk away 它是如此巨大,你甚至不能走开

If you chose to 如果您选择

You even supposed to watch the ones you close too 你甚至应该看你收过的那些

Now that's insane 现在,这是疯了

Tell me will it change 告诉我将它转变

I'm confused, not a thing to lose 我很困惑,不顺心的事情失去

This shit is far from positive 这一切,还远远没有正面

And saddens like the booze 和伤心喜欢豪饮

Payin dues ain't the only part of duties 婚前的会费是不是工作的一部分

That bestowedto the chosen 这bestowedto的选择

Spittin lyrics in the microphone 吐口水歌词麦克风

And dodgin playa haters till my temple hit the ceiling 和dodgin滩仇敌,直到我的太阳穴打在天花板上

And this how they got a nigga feeling 这该怎么他们得到了一个黑人的感觉

I done fell into reality 我做跌入现实

My renditions of reality 我的现实引渡

Call it bad or good,wrong or right 说它是好还是坏,对或错

Believe in me 相信我

Believe in me and I'll believe in you 相信我,我会相信你

One day it's gonna hit me like a ton of bricks 有一天,它会撞到我像一个不依不饶

I'm feeling so sick, one of my dawgs passed and shit 我感觉很不舒服,我的dawgs一家通过和狗屎

I'm feelin like killin em all 我感觉就像吞噬他们所有

But what's that solve? 但是,什么是能够解决?

He still gonna be dead in the morning, why take the fall 他还是会死在早晨,何必去秋

Inside I be so mad I'm finna burst 内心深处,我是如此疯狂,我FINNA爆

Instead of a Chevys 取而代之的是雪佛兰的

My homie's rollin in the back of a hearse. 我亲密的罗林在灵车后面。

You know it's worse 你知道这是糟糕

It's too hard to cope with some days 这太难应付一些日子

Murderous ways leavin me sick and in a daze 凶残的方式再走我病了,发发呆

Comatose, completely tore up 昏迷,完全撕毁了

Nerves be so bad I wanna throw up 神经如此糟糕,我想扔了

I'm bout to blow up 我就要炸掉

In a rage 在愤怒

I need to talk, nobody wanna listen 我需要倾诉,没有人想听

On the corner, murder mindstate condition 在角落里,杀人mindstate条件

Overload 超载

Pull the trigger 扣动扳机

Stress got the best of suicide 应力得到了最好的自杀

Pour out some liquor 倒出酒

Another grave digga gets paid 另一个严重的DIGGA得到支付

Digging a grave for senseless ways . 掘墓的毫无意义的方式。

Keep to ourself and stay paid 请给我们自己和留薪

All of my dawgs can't die, 我所有的dawgs不能死,

I visit the sky and reminisce when I'm high 我访问的天空,当我追忆高

I'm never gonna lie I got love for my peoples 我永远不会骗我得到了爱我的人民

Dead or Alive 死或生

Or we can smoke out in the ride in my memory 或者,我们可以搭在我的记忆出烟

Yeah 是啊

Reality is just a fragment 现实中只是一个片段

A fragment of our souls 我们的灵魂的片段

My eyes are closed 我的眼睛被关闭

My head is spinnin 我的头在旋转

My head is spinnin 我的头在旋转

I don't know. 我不知道。

This is a musical masterpiece dedicated to down rydas 这是一个音乐杰作奉献给倒rydas

Keep it in your clique, fuck the Outsiders 请在您的集团,他妈的局外人

People hatin' on everything and everything's the same 人们hatin的一切,一切是相同的

Everybody is a player and life is a silly game 每个人都是玩家,生活是无聊的游戏

It's a damn shame daddy died eleven years today. 这是一个该死的耻辱爸爸今天去世十一年

I wonder if he know I'm doin' straight 我不知道他知道我上来的直

Could you tell him something 你可以告诉他的东西

If you see my pops before I do 如果你看到我的持久性有机污染物之前,我做

Let him know that he's remembered by my crew 让他知道,他记住了我的船员

And everyday in my mind, any place, any time 而每天在我心中,任何地点,任何时间

Lookin in the sky for the seventh sign 看着天空中的第七个征兆

I walk around, nobody knows what I do 我就四处溜达,没人知道我做什么

Sealing fates and date rapes 密封的命运和日期强奸

As my body transcends through this portal of life 至于我的身体超越了通过该门户生活

Smokin blunts, wrongin my rights 斯莫成风,你们误解我的权利

I live for the night 我住了一夜

Because I melt in the light 因为我融化在光

Completely out of sight 完全淡出人们的视线

For facts so unknown 对于这样的事实不明

So grotesque never stated on microphones 因此,怪诞从未说过的麦克风

So alone in this fucked up world, it sucks dick 所以,一个人在这一团糟的世界,它吮吸鸡巴

Everybody got a problem with somethin 每个人都拿到了事端的问题

Well you can bet 那么你可以打赌

I'll be the last one 我是最后一个

More like the last dragon of sorts 更像是不爽的最后龙

To ever let this world contort their way of thinking 永远让这个世界扭曲他们的思维方式

It's so essential it gives us all the potential 它是如此重要的是给我们所有的潜力

To take over the world, in our mentals 要接管世界,在我们mentals

If I can't live my life the way I wanna live my life 如果我不能过我的生活的方式,我想我的生活

Then why can't I die. 那么,为什么我不能死。

Why can't I die 为什么我不能死

My renditions of reality 我的现实引渡

Bad or good, wrong or right 坏或好,或错

Yeah (Reality is a fragment inside my soul) 是的(现实里是我的灵魂碎片)

Believe in me (My eyes are closed, head spinnin and I don't know 相信我(我的眼睛是闭着的,头在旋转,我不​​知道

(It's just reality, bad or good, wrong or right (这只是现实中,好还是坏,对或错

Believe in me and I'll believe in you) 相信我,我会相信你)

My rendition of reality 我的现实再现

(And everything's tight) (所有的一切的紧)

Reality is a fragment inside my soul 现实的情况是在我灵魂深处的片段

My eyes are closed, head spinnin and I don't know, and I don't know, and I don't know... 我闭上眼睛,头在旋转,我不​​知道,我不知道,我不知道......

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