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歌词相关歌手:BUDDEN, JOE

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Yea... Joey... 是啊...乔伊...

It's that on top muzik! 那就是在上面MUZIK !

Yea, wait a minute! 是啊,等一等!


[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

Yo, I left the jumpsuit on a park bench 哟,我离开了连身衣在公园的长椅

Slept there, smellin like the park stench 沉睡着, smellin像公园恶臭

Freezin, covered with a dark trench Freezin ,布满了暗槽

That room, more like the Kryptonite to my Clark Kent 那个房间,更像是氪石给我的克拉克·肯特

Tired of all the IQ tests, and all the arguments 厌倦了所有的智商测试,所有参数

Nurses light the candles with the calm scents 护士光平静的香味蜡烛

I ain't been calm since, they actin like I ain't got any common sense 我是不是一直以来的平静,他们装作喜欢我没有得到任何常识

Too much time spent for a godsend 太多的时间花在一个天赐良机

So I left on my own reconnaissance, handful of Klonopins 所以,我离开了Klonopins对我自己的侦察,少数

Lookin for a car jack vict', preferably dark tints 看着一车千斤顶VICT ,最好是深色色调

Seems you got to eat to get even and my odds slim 看来你得吃得到,甚至和我胜算渺茫

They say I'm a animal, cannibal, hannibal 他们说我是一个动物,食人族,汉尼拔

Lookin at my past I see how that's understandable 看着我的过去,我看到这是可以理解的

So you god damn right I'm unmanageable 所以,你该死的权利,我无法控制

Everything I'm lookin at is a fuckin intangible 一切我正在寻找的,是一个他妈的无形

Got me thinking that I'm really a skits 我开始思考,我是一个真正的小品

Maybe that room didn't really exist, cause I left, but... 也许这个房间并没有真正存在,因为我离开了,但...


[Hook:] [钩: ]

These walls still closing, and the room starts spinnin 这些墙仍然关闭,房间开始在旋转

And the ceiling starts falling and the devil starts grinnin 与天花板开始下降,魔鬼开始的笑着

The floor starts droppin and my eyes get heavy 地板开始丢下,我的眼睛变得沉重

Then ears start bleeding from the lies niggas fed me 然后耳朵开始从谎言黑鬼出血喂我

Then the door slams shut and my legs try to run 然后,门猛地关我的腿试图运行

But my feet won't move then my body gets numb 但是我的脚不能移动,然后我的身体变得麻木

And I ain't on pills, I can't explain how I feel 我不上药,我无法解释我的感受

Will somebody tell me this ain't real?! 会有人告诉我这不是真的?

Realestate 不动产


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

My reality is reality 我的现实就是现实

They reality is all perception 他们实际上是所有的知觉

In my reality that's an infection 在我的现实这是一个感染

My reality don't want no part of that detection 我的现实不希望检测的任何部分

So I pick it up and move it to another section 所以我把它捡起来,并将其移动到另一个部分

They reality you would think is full of perfection 他们现实中,你会觉得充满完美

Correction, they reality is all deception 校,他们实际上都是欺骗

In reality only few will make that connection 在现实中只有少数人会作出这样的连接

But if you like me you know not to take that direction 但如果你喜欢我,你知道不采取这个方向

If reality is dead, I'm the resurrection 如果实际情况是死了,我复活

Nominate myself so let's skip over the election 提名自己,所以让我们跳过选举

They'll say I'm the wrong selection 他们会说我是错的选择

Don't meet they expectance 不符合他们预期的股

But I ain't lookin for motherfuckin acceptance 但我不找谁他妈的验收

Fuck y'all expect shit, the mud on ya white glove 你们都他妈的狗屎期望,雅白手套的泥

Reality is full of rules, I'm full of objections 现实是充满了规则,我完全反对

They reality is a big misconception 他们实际上是一个很大的误解

So I left just to lose my recollection! But still... 所以,我离开只是失去我的记忆!但仍...

Realestate 不动产


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

Yo, they say money makes the world go 'round 哟,他们说钱使世界轮

But it really doesn't 但它确实不

Did I think I was in a room, when I really wasn't? 难道我想我是在一个房间的时候,我真的不是?

I thought I was on the move, wasn't really budging 我以为我是在移动中,并没有真正budging

But you ain't never wore my shoes, who you really judging 但你是不是从来没有穿过我的鞋子,谁你真的判断

Some people are so judgmental, I'll allow that 有些人是如此的判断,我会允许

You can judge anything but my mental 你可以判断什么,但我的精神

He don't know what I been thru 他不知道我已经通

From results of the pencil, cuts from being resentful 从铅笔的结果,被怨恨减少

Don't cover much of the stencil 请勿覆盖大部分的模版

When I couldn't walk, they ain't have a crutch to lend dude 当我走不了,他们是不是有一个拐杖借给花花公子

So I say what I feel, fuck if I offend you! 所以我说什么,我觉得,他妈的,如果我得罪你了!

Some fail, maybe some of succeeded 有些失败,也许一些成功

Some need to be wanted, some wanna be needed 一些需要想一些想需要

I scream and yell; They don't hear my call 我叫喊和呼喊;他们没有听到我的呼唤

And it seems much as I fell, don't know where I fall 它似乎像我倒下了,不知道我在哪里跌倒

Not at all, I'm just actin out fate 一点都没有,我只是装作出局的命运

But ain't much change since I escaped... All I know is! 但没有太大的变化,因为我逃......我只知道!


[Hook] [钩]

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