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Light it, uhh 点燃它,嘘

Light it up, uhh 亮起来,侏儒


[Nas] [纳斯]

The whole, city is mine, prettiest Don 从总体上看,城市是我的,最漂亮的唐

I don't like the way P. Diddy did Shyne with different lawyers 我不喜欢的方式,吹牛老爹做SHYNE不同律师

Why it's mentioned in my rhymes? Fuck it, it's just an intro 它为什么提到我的童谣?他妈的它,它只是一个前奏

Hate it or love it, like it bump it or dump it 恨它还是爱它,喜欢它碰撞或倾倒

Writing, across the stomach spell GOD son 写作,整个胃法术神的儿子

Life is like a jungle black it's like the habitat of Tarzan 人生就像一个丛林黑就好像泰山的栖息地

Matter of fact, it's harder than most can imagine 事实上,目前它的难度比大多数想象

Most of my niggaz packed in correctional facilities 我大部分的兄弟们装在惩教设施

Half of them passed on, mack strong, couple of shots 其中一半通过了,麦克强,几个镜头

May the ghost leave a body, now they hauntin the block 愿鬼留下一具尸体,现在他们hauntin块

Where they used to stand at, somebody's takin they place 在那里他们用站在,人的羚牛,他们把

A younger man perhaps, hand slaps, can't understand that 一个年轻的男人也许,手拍打,无法理解,

Same walk, same talk, I wonder can that be possible 同样走,同样的说话,我不知道能说是可能的

A thug dies, another step inside his shoes 暴徒死亡,在他的鞋子又迈进了一步

And they will hurt you, layin low with a bottle 他们会伤害你,开始裁员低配了一瓶

I'm blowin circles, my state of mind purple 我吹圆,我的心态紫色


Light it, light it, uhh 点燃它,照亮它,嘘

Yeah.. light it up, light it up, uhh 是啊..灯火,灯火,嘘


Y'all just wanna deal with drama 你们都只是想应付剧

Talk about niggaz who got things, y'all ready to kill his momma 谈论谁得到的东西的兄弟们,你们都准备杀他的妈妈

Everything you went to is underworld related 一切你去是黑社会有关

You sell your man out, not even your girl is sacred 你卖你的男人了,连你的女孩是神圣的

You don't trust a soul, hold up, you moldin soldiers 你不相信有灵魂,抱起来,你moldin战士

to pull guns quick and always look behind the shoulder 拉炮快速,总是看肩膀背后

Think of how many dudes died tryin to be down with you 想想有多少帅哥死试着要打倒你

Everybody's under six feet of ground but you 每个人都在6英尺的理由,但你

Still standin, still roamin through the streets, that's real 尽管如此standin ,招摇过市仍然roamin ,这是真正的

You a survivor, knowin all the beef is ill 你一个幸存者,深深地知道所有的牛病了

You got a bunch of thugs witchu even now that's ready 你有一帮打手witchu甚至现在已经准备好

Trustin your judgment, quick to put it down, they deadly 植信自己的判断,快速的把它放下来,他们致命的

The hood love you but behind your back they pray for the day 引擎盖爱你,但在你的背后,他们祈祷的一天

A bullet hit your heart and ambulances take you away 一颗子弹击中心脏和救护车带你走

That ain't love it's hate, think of all the mothers at wakes 这不是爱是恨,认为所有的母亲醒来时

whose sons you killed, and you ain't got a cut on your face? 他的儿子,你杀了,你是不是得了你的脸切?

Unmarked police cars roam the streets hard, the heat is God 没有标志的警车在街上游荡硬,发热量神

Somebody tell these shorties reach for the stars 有人告诉这些矮仔到达星星

Instead they tell 'em how to reach through the bars, holdin a mirror 相反,他们告诉他们如何到达透过栅栏,牵着一面镜子

Lookin down a tear in jail, makin weapons to kill ya 看着倒在监狱里的一滴眼泪,马金武器杀死雅

We smoke three tokes nigga pour more Henny 我们抽三tokes兄弟们倾注更多亨尼

He sighs with eyes that seen a war too many 他叹了口气用眼睛看到的战争太多

Cold-blooded murderers, universal 冷血凶手,通用

Hood to hood, blowin smoke, state of mind is purple 油烟机油烟机,吹烟,心境是紫色的


Light it up, light it up light it up, uhh 灯火,灯火灯火,嘘

Light it up.. light it up, light it up, uhh 点燃它..灯火,灯火,嘘

Uhh.. uhh, uhh, light it, light it, uhh 呃..呃,呃,点燃它,照亮它,嘘


These hot-headed youngsters, always get into trouble 这些头脑发热的年轻人,总是惹上麻烦

Reactin before thinkin, they easily irritated Reactin之前在想,他们很容易受刺激

And murder's premeditated, it's a fact that we sinkin 杀人的预谋,这是一个事实,我们沉没

when we should be climbin, in a nutshell, it's just jail 当我们要climbin ,概括地说,它只是监狱

Drug sales, liquor and diamonds, niggaz rewindin 药品销售,白酒和钻石,兄弟们rewindin

instead of movin forward, to blow up so what's the science? 而不是往前走,炸掉那么什么是科学?

People shoutin, police pushin the crowd 人们叫喊着,警察推着人群

And on the ground's a young soldier, with meat hangin out him 而在地面上是一个年轻的士兵,用肉犹豫不决了他

Am I hallucinatin off the hazin? 我是hallucinatin关闭hazin ?

Or did I just see a nigga shoot another nigga's face in 还是我刚才看到一个黑人拍另一个黑人的脸

It's a ugly nation, cops circle the block with mug shots 这是一个丑陋的民族,警察圈出块与面部照片

Photograph pictures of, suspect faces 的照片图片,犯罪嫌疑人的面孔

It's usually, two or three niggaz who innocent 它通常是两个或三个兄弟们谁无辜

But if they lock the wrong ones up, then someone'll snitch 但是,如果他们锁定那些错误的了,那么someonell打小报告

A divide and fall strategy, they aren't fair 分而秋天的策略,他们是不公平的

I dig in my bag of weed that's covered with orange hair 我掏我的包杂草那是覆盖着橙色的头发

This Color Purple'll make Whoopi give me the pussy 这颜色Purplell使乌比给我的猫

(?) Oprah and Danny Glover gots to feel me ( ? ),奥普拉和丹尼·格洛弗GOTS觉得我

This is how I escape the madness, too much of anything'll hurt you 这是我逃避的疯狂,太anythingll伤害你

So, my state of mind's all purple 所以,我的心态是所有紫色

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