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Pump Pump



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse One:] [诗一: ]


[static] [静态]

Pump Pump, Pump Pump, Pump Pump, Pump Pump 泵的泵体,泵的泵体,泵的泵体,泵泵

Pump Pump 泵泵


Let the motion of your body be the key, cuz we 让你的身体的运动是关键, cuz我们

be the motherfuckin G Funk family 是他妈的ğ恐怖家庭

Now, I'll play the G in this deadly game 现在,我将发挥对G在这个致命游戏

Snoop Dogg is the name Dogg Pound's the game 史努比狗狗的名字狗狗庞德的游戏

If it ain't one thing it's a motherfuckin nother 如果不是一回事它是一个娘诺特尔

Word to my granny and my daddy, and my mother 一句话给我奶奶和我的爸爸,妈妈

Whether standin on the corner, or bouncin in the six-deuce 无论standin的角落,或bouncin在六平手

When I was locked up, I couldn't wait to get loose 当我被关起来,我就迫不及待地松动

Cuz back in the days, on the side where it's at 回来的Cuz的日子,就在旁边的地方是在

A nigga had to have a fat stack 那个黑鬼必须有一个脂肪堆积

And I was a fool, don't make me have to grab my strap and go 我是一个傻瓜,不要让我必须抓住我的皮带和去

rat-tat-tat-tat, nigga slap to a motherfucker face he fall 梆达达,黑人巴掌娘的脸,他跌倒

Can't none of y'all niggaz see the Doggy Dogg 不关你们的兄弟们可以看到小狗Dogg

Cuz I'm one rude bwoy comin with the wickedness 因为我是1粗鲁bwoy科曼与邪恶

So shut the fuck up, and listen while I'm kickin this 所以他妈的闭嘴,虽然我在唱歌这个听


[Chorus: (repeat 2X)] [合唱: (重复2倍)


Blam blam, blam to dem all 布拉姆砰,砰,以全数字高程模型

Listen to the shots from my nigga Doggy Dogg (pump pump) 听取我的兄弟们小狗Dogg (泵泵)的镜头


[Verse Two: Snoop] [诗二:史努比]


Now you can look to the Sun, and spot the moon 现在,你可以看看太阳,和现场的月亮

And see Snoop Doggy Dogg step into the room 看看史努比小狗Dogg踏进房间

With the G funk, he funk, she funk, we funk 用G临阵脱逃,他临阵脱逃,她临阵脱逃,我们临阵脱逃

Follow me, follow me, listen to the words that a nigga... 跟着我,跟着我,听的话,一个黑人...

I come down with the wickedness 我来打倒邪恶

One rude bwoy comin with the darkness (blam!) 一个粗鲁bwoy与黑暗科曼(砰! )

Close your eyes cuz you can't see me 闭上你的眼睛,因为你看不到我

I quit school cause of recess you fuckin B.G. 我不干了凹槽的学校,因为你他妈的B.G.

I'm shakin up the party, like Lodi Dodi 我颤抖了党,像洛多迪

Is he the dopest? Ya betta ask somebody 是他的dopest ?雅斗鱼问别人

When, then, send, some gin 当的话,送一些杜松子酒

And a pack of zig zags now let the games begin 和锯齿牛头犬的包现在让我们开始游戏

In nineteen-motherfuckin-ninety-three 在19 -娘- 93

I'm fuckin up every nigga known in the indistry 我他妈的了每一个黑人在indistry知

Check this out, it's a Dogg Pound thang 检查了这一点,这是一个狗狗庞德胜

You know who I am you know my motherfuckin name, who am I? 你知道我是谁你知道我娘的名字,我是谁?

(The S-N-Double-O-P) nickname (Silky Smell) last name (D-O-double-G) (锡,双OP )的绰号(乌骨鸡味)姓氏( DO-双G )

The behavior and the flavor that I found 的行为,而我发现味道

Makes me wanna hit that ass up with the Dogg Pound 让我想打它的屁股与狗狗庞德


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse Three: Malik] [诗三:马利克]


Now just back up, don't act up, I pack up much heat 现在只要备份,不采取行动的时候,我收拾了多少热量

Any battle I'm in, I win, I can't be beat 任何战斗我在,我赢了,我不能被打败

Don't sleep while I creep peep out my technique 不睡觉,而我悄悄偷看了我的技术

I forgot, I'm out of sight so you can't see the 我忘了,我看不见了,所以你看不到

MC of the year, you hear and you fear 今年三菱商事,你听,你怕

i got somethin for them niggaz in the front and the rear 我得到了事端为他们的兄弟们在前方和后方

I handle the sides, did a driveby in the who-ride 我把手两侧,在谁骑做了driveby

I'm satisfied now everything is really alright 我很满意现在的一切是真的好吗

You know when I come nigga I come wicked 你知道,当我来到兄弟们我来了恶人

Don't need no permisison, motherfucker I'ma kick it 不需要任何permisison ,娘我是踢

Niggaz sweat my shit I wet em up with the biscuit 汗的兄弟们我的屎我湿举起手来的饼干

Lick em up shot, it don't stop, till dem all drop 舔举起手来拍摄,它不停止,直到所有的数字高程模型下降

Make up your mind, go pop or slang rocks 让你的心,走流行或俚语岩

Just stop, rottin on the next niggaz jock 刚停下来, rottin在下的兄弟们股癣

I'm strapped with my glock on your block 我是你的块上绑了我的格洛克

And ready to let loose on the first imitator that I spot 并准备让松散的第一个模仿者,我发现


[Chorus] [合唱]

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