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Pray For Me



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Todd Nitty] [托德基本事实]

Here's the tale of a young black male 这里有一个年轻的黑人男性的故事

raised in these city streets 在这些城市的街道上调

out here hustling to make ends meet 在这里忙乱入不敷出

In a world thats so corrupt 在这个世界上,多数民众赞成如此腐败

thats ran by greed 这就是跑利欲熏心

money and the power 钱和电源

for me I'm a survivor 对我来说我是个幸存者

I do what I have to and only God can judge me for that 我做我必须,也只有神能审判我为

So before you cash your stones down on me 所以,如果你兑现你的石头压在我身上

I want you to take a look at yourself in the mirror 我想让你看看自己在镜子

And ask somebody to pray for you 和问别人为你祷告

Cause that's all I'm asking is to pray for me, understand 因为这是所有我问的是为我祷告,明白


I was born around gangstas, hustlers, and killers 我出生各地帮派分子,混混,以及杀手

Drug dealers with math figures making hella scrilla 毒贩用数学的数字使海拉scrilla

In the city of Chi the home of the G's 在城市志的家G公司

If ya dont work ya dont eat that's been the code of the streets 如果雅不上班雅不要吃的是街道代码

As for me I was brought up at an early age 至于我,我从小就在幼年

learned how to cook cane started to gang bang 学会了如何煮甘蔗开始群交

and its a damn shame I chose game 并且它是一个该死的耻辱,我选择的游戏

but see I'ma knuckle headed nigga with no one to blame 但看到我是折角为首的兄弟们,没有人责怪

and I'ma gonna keep on tipping under the street lights 并且我会继续在路灯倾倒

and be wondering which nigga wanna take my life 并想知道这黑鬼想取我的命

until then I'm staying two feet in front of you haters 直到那时我住两英尺,你的仇敌面前


[chorus] [合唱]

I'm living the street life 我住的街道生活

and I just cant get away 我只是不能脱身

I dont know if I'ma gonna make it to another day 我不知道如果我是要让它到另一天

so everynight I pray 所以每个夜晚我祈祷

oh I pray 哦,我祈祷

I'm living the street life 我住的街道生活

and I just cant get away 我只是不能脱身

I dont know if I'ma gonna make it to another day 我不知道如果我是要让它到另一天

so everynight I pray 所以每个夜晚我祈祷


well I'm surrounded by rats, roaches, and dope fiends 嗯,我被老鼠,蟑螂和涂料恶魔包围

my whole world is being weighed up on a triple beam 我的整个世界正在权衡在三束

man I dont know whats in store for me god 男人,我不知道什么在等着我吧,上帝

will I reach 21 我会达到21

why is life so damn hard 为什么生活这么该死的努力

see thats the question thats asked 看这就是问这个问题,多数民众赞成

and is there a heaven or hell can the young black live 并有天堂或地狱可以年轻的黑人生活

or will he be chained in the cell 或者他会在细胞被链接

I don't know as for me I only trusted a few 我不知道对于我来说,我只信任少数

I had to hustle to survive now what else could I do 我不得不喧嚣中生存,现在我还能做

they say theres chances for everybody thats bullshit 他们说theres机会大家这就是废话

that little girl had no chance when that bullet hit 那个小女孩有没有机会当子弹击中

I mean it blew to the sky 我的意思是吹的天空

and all you heard was a cry 和所有你听到的是一声

oh lord don't let my baby die 主啊,不要让我的孩子死了


[chorus] [合唱]


Til the day that I die I'll stay true to my neighborhood 直到我死,我会忠于我的邻居的日子

fuck with my neighborhood nigga I wish you would 他妈的我家附近的兄弟们我希望你能

Ain't shit changed like oh once said 不拉屎改变一样哦曾说

And oh no fool my nigga Fred ain't dead 哦不傻我的兄弟弗雷德没有死

neither is Pook or Kansas City 也不是普克或堪萨斯城

true og's still here with me 真正的OG的还在这里跟我

my homie boo, boo what up 我亲密的嘘声,嘘了什么

and you know I cant forget about my nigga nigga Novesnake 你知道我不能忘记我的兄弟们黑鬼Novesnake

nightime boats and herbie 被安排到船和赫比

Shine and Cherelle would ya pray for me 光泽和Cherelle将雅为我祈祷

I rock genue death so dam sensless 我摇滚genue死亡等等坝sensless

big houses what the fucking radio been missing 大房子是什么他妈的无线电失踪

and theres one more nigga that be true to my heart 和theres多了一个黑人那是真实的我的心脏

Mr. Motion you the reason while I'm breaking em off 运动先生你而我打破时间关闭的原因

so our 所以我们

I peed em to dead ì撒尿EM死

whole reason was love 整个原因是爱

to that nigga twist for believing in me 到黑人扭曲对我的信任

I got a shorty to feed 我有一个矮个子喂

my priority is to make sure this shit dont have to struggle like me 我的首要任务是确保这一切,不要有挣扎和我一样

and if I could ask for one more wish 如果我可以问一个更心愿

I tell em I wanna hug ya cuz I'm missing ya since 我告诉EM我想拥抱雅因为我很想念雅自


[chorus] [合唱]


so I'm asking to pray for me 所以我说要为我祈祷

mamma pray for me 妈妈为我祈祷

daddy pray for me 爸爸为我祈祷

baby pray for me 孩子为我祈祷

please pray for me 请为我祈祷

pray for me 为我祈祷

pray for me 为我祈祷

pray for me 为我祈祷

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