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Poet Laureate Infinity V003



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[Sample:] [范例: ]

"Cycles of time; it is ubiquitous it goes all over the place “时间周期,它是无处不在的它去所有的地方

It's ancient, it's one of the most ancient symbols there are 这是古老的,它是最古老的符号有一个

And this is an interpretation of what that actually means" 这是什么,其实就是一个解释“


[Canibus:] [ Canibus : ]

This is never been done before with a rhyme outside the realm of time 这是以前从未有韵做的时间范围之外

It's the first of its kind 这是首开先河




Nobody do it better, there ain't a truer Ripper 没人做的更好,还没有一个更真实的开膛手

I did this separate imagine what we could do together 我没有这个单独的想像,我们可以一起做

Inspired by GOD, inspired by the sufferin' 神所默示的,灵感来自于在痛苦

Was it done by a prophet? - it must of been 它是由先知呢? - 必须的了

Who was it then? (Rip the Jacker) 是谁呢? (RIP的Jacker )

Hot but cold blooded, many utter the name but very few love him 热,但冷血,许多叫不出名字,但很少爱他

Other emcees be nervous or somethin' 其他司仪紧张或事端

Rhymes in abundance, Hip-Hop Justice 丰富,嘻哈司法韵

Rappers are captured and punished 说唱歌手被抓获和惩罚

The Polar Manitoba's melted by lava 极地马尼托巴省的熔岩融化

A team of ER doctors climbed aboard the chopper 一队急诊室医生赶紧爬上菜刀

My skull is a submarine hull 我的头骨是潜艇的船体

I empty the ballast tanks I could smell the shit from the sea gulls 我空的压载舱,我可以闻到从海鸥狗屎

My mind dives deep beneath yours 我的心潜深下你

Poseidon Trident Seahorse bubbles form I scream with extreme force 海神三叉戟海马气泡形成我叫喊了极端武力

Marinari's Trench detour to Ultima Thule Marinari的海沟绕道终极勒

Let me explain what my sonar saw 让我解释一下我看到的声纳

This is the greatest rhyme of all time supposedly 这是有史以来最伟大的假想韵

Through a term I'd like to call "Pulse Detonation Poetry" 通过一个学期我想称之为“脉冲爆震诗”

Industrialists, civilians women and children directly 工业,平民妇女和儿童直接

Military chiefs, aristocrats in buildings 军事首领,在建筑物的贵族

Membership is based off your raw intelligence 会员是基于把你的原始情报

400 screen video editing with hard evidence 400的屏幕的视频编辑用确凿的证据

Imagine being fined over a rhyme for steppin' over the line? 想象一下,被罚款超过一韵的垫脚过线?

When I inspired Hova and Nas 当我灵感HOVA和NAS

Recite 33 3's 33 times 背诵33 3的33倍

For 24 hours, 21 thousand Nautical miles 24小时, 21000海里

Don't be upset with Canibus yet, the kids just want respect 不要心烦Canibus然而,孩子们只是想尊重

You been a success but what do he get? 你是成功的,但什么他得到什么?

Devine design, a miracle of Metallurgy 迪瓦恩设计,冶金奇迹

Every clergy member from Mecca who heard of me worshipped me 从麦加谁听说过我的每一个神职人员崇拜我

I got away nervously, talked about it purposefully 我有离开紧张,谈到它有意

Next time I see it, it's gonna have a word with me 当我看到它,它会有个字与我

The Biological Chemical emergency 在生物化工紧急

I purchase the beat; I resumed PsyOps on the enemy í购买的节拍; i在敌人恢复心理战

Mix the blood so it don't coagulate 混血所以它不凝结

The sex magic won't work if the bitch masturbates 如果母狗自慰的性幻将无法正常工作

Nobody can hold me back, my flow bloviates into a spiritual shape 没有人能阻止我,我流bloviates成一种精神状

A capsule in Space, no emcee could rhyme like this, there's no challenge 在太空囊,没有司仪也押韵这个样子,没有挑战

His Poet Laureate should pontificates balance 他桂冠诗人应该pontificates平衡

Telencephalon olfactory lobes I had to practice 端脑嗅叶,我不得不练习

When a woman has her period I smell it on the mattress 当一个女人把她的时间里,我闻到它的床垫

Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility 先进的步骤在创新移动

Most emcees try to clone me lyrically 最司仪尝试抒情克隆我

They can't battle me so they'd rather embarrass me 他们不能战斗我,所以他们宁愿让我难堪

But I need a volunteer, do I have any? 但我需要一名志愿者,我有什么?

The NASA contractor with a satchel of answers 美国航天局承办的答案的挎包

I passed up the Nobel Peace Prize for my passion 我通过了诺贝尔和平奖我的激情

Most of you will never understand what I mean 大多数时候,你永远不会明白我的意思

My dreams are broken into storyboard scenes 我的梦想破碎成故事情节的场景

Kill you with green Lasers, evaporated weed vapour 杀了你的绿色激光,蒸发杂草的蒸气

Electromagnetic Scalar then somethin' they call a Maser 电磁标量则事端他们所谓的微波激射器

"That is not dead which can eternally lie “这不是死的,可以永远的谎言

And with strange aeons even death may die" 并用异样的劫甚至死亡可能会死“

The leaders lies got me reassigned, my loyalty was redefined 领导人的谎言让我抽出来,我的忠诚被重新定义

They will not be allowed to see the rhymes 他们不会被允许看到的童谣

In a town near Kadam and Kakrak Jalalabad 在不久的噶当派和Kakrak贾拉拉巴德镇

I pray in a hut constructed from Sago Palm 我祈祷从西米棕榈建造一间小屋

I'ma take you for a walk thru a beautiful place called Honey Swamp 我是带你通一个叫蜂蜜沼泽美丽的地方散步

We'll shoot hoops at Mosquito Lagoon Park 我们将在蚊子泻湖公园打篮球

Emotion manifest Thought 情感思想的体现

Thought manifest Words Actions and Reality 想到清单词操作与现实

That's how it has to be 这就是它必须是

The overseer of poetic antiquities 诗意文物的监督者

Victoria and Albert Museum kept them for me 维多利亚和阿尔伯特博物馆保留了他们对我

Inject the gas into the centrifuge mass 注入的气体进入离心机质量

The Teleological Dynamic will enhance 目的论的动力将增强

I remove the veil from in front of me 我是从我的面前除去面纱

Suddenly, truly, there is too much to see 突然间,真的,有太多的看

The Law of Attraction is attracted to me 吸引力法则是吸引我

The Laws of Poetry in action is practiced quite actively 诗歌在行动的法律是相当积极实践

My body did not melt beyond the Van Allen Belt 我的身体没有融化超越了范艾伦带

I was transformed into a spirit with no shell 我被改造成无壳精神

I'm modifying the weather from behind a weather shield 我从后面的天气盾牌修改天气

Writing with a feathered quill, gettin' more ill 有羽毛的羽毛笔书写,刚开了更多的病

I hope I am not alone, that would be terrible 我希望我不是独自一人,那将是可怕的

If I am celebrating and that'd be a miracle 如果我庆祝,而会是一个奇迹

At least for my interconnected introspective perspective 至少在我的相互关联的角度反省

The more pretentious, the more apprehensive the sentence 越是自命不凡,越是害怕的句子

Hip-Hop made me, Hip-Hop praise me HIP-HOP让我,嘻哈表扬我

Ain't nothin' changed me since 1980 没什么改变了我自1980年以来

Involuntary catalepsy, BATTLE ME BABY!!! 非自愿僵住,巴特尔我的宝宝!

1000 BARS NIGGA!!!, Zero Vector System 1000巴NIGGA ! ,零矢量系统

Brain waves reveal High Yield E&D Fields 脑电波显示高收益勘探开发领域

Chew emcees like I'm eatin' a meal 咀嚼司仪像我eatin 一顿饭

Normal life is not real; we are just cogs in a wheel 正常的生活不实;我们只是齿轮上的齿

We work, we hurt, we search, we feel 我们的工作,我们伤害,我们寻找,我们觉得

The microphonist that utilizes the study of Conics 它利用二次曲线的研究中microphonist

Circular motion in both the Para and the hyperbolas 在这两个段落和双曲线圆周运动

Mad Max beyond Thunderdome under Red Rock 在红岩超越Thunderdome疯狂的麦克斯

It's no use if you can't use what you got 这是没有用的,如果你不能使用你得到了什么

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si-Do 这样做, re,mi ,法,溶胶,拉,思待办事项

These are the tones that will activate your ohms 这些都是音调,将激活您的欧姆

Who have lost their faith, who have lost their hope 谁失去了他们的信仰,谁失去了他们的希望

Who have lost their point, who have lost their own 谁失去了他们的观点,谁失去了自己的

Are you food for the moon? The potion is you 你的食物月亮?药水是你

Just in case you try to poison my food but I want you to 万一你试图毒害我的菜,但我要你

Rap music and those who listen to it don't owe me nothin' 说唱音乐和那些谁听它不欠我什么也没

I don't want nothin' from you, not even your judgement 我不向你要没什么,甚至没有自己的判断

I ride on a flatbed chariot, four Ostriches carry it 我骑在战车上平板车,四鸵鸟携带

I control their movements with lariats 我控制自己的动作与lariats

Polygraphs flutter, the Love Craft, Craft Lover 测谎仪扑,爱工艺品,工艺情人

I don't want it, that's why I'm rarely seen in public 我不想要它,这就是为什么我很少在公共场合

If I were you I wouldn't waste time readin' rubbish 如果我是你,我不会浪费时间看书“垃圾

I don't care what you say nigga, you're a nigga lover 我不在乎你说什么黑鬼,你是一个黑人的情人

The relative radiance of the rhyme makes it shine 韵的相对四射使得它闪耀

Increase the star wattage with longer cycle time 增加功率明星较长的周期时间

How's my driving? Run you off the road smiling 怎么是我的驾驶?运行你过马路的微笑

1-800 Road Rage, Start dialing 1-800路愤怒,开始拨号

Don't care if I make history, I wanna be a part of INFINITY 不关心,如果我创造历史,我想成为一个无穷大的一部分

Look at what your SUN GOD did to me 看看你的太阳神对我做了

I submit to the will of the creator willingly 我向造物主的意志心甘情愿

The possibilities present a probable infinity 准备提出一个无限可能

I climbed the slope shaped like a stop sign in record clock time 我爬形如签到记录的时间停止的迹象坡

Hot Lava lock rhymes, rock slide topside 炽热的岩浆锁押韵,滑坡体上部

At the Observatory summit of Mount Graham 在格雷厄姆山的天文台峰会

Lookin' through the starlight scope in my hand 看着“通过我的手星光范围

Creative writing and rhythm, grammar and composition 创意写作和节奏,语法和组成

Don't ignore me, ignore the fool who tell you don't listen 不要不理我,不理谁告诉你不听傻子

Strivin' my principle findings by designing a new style of rhyming Strivin通过设计押韵的新风格“我的原则调查结果

That you could take home and try out 你可以带回家试用

A 100 Bars per hour, sometimes I doubled the writing 每个小时100条,有时我一倍的写作

Secret signature time equals the hardest part to figure out 揭秘签名时间等于最难的部分要弄清楚

Poetically Paralyzing, Where Are You? Are you hiding? 诗意麻痹,你在哪里?你在隐瞒什么?

No! I am Sandbag diving? 不!我沙袋跳水?

From the Kinetic to the Energetic 从动力学的高能

St. Germaine was made to explain the lesson with a 1000 bar message 圣杰曼是为了有1000条消息解释的教训

Straight out the freak show no pre show 直出的怪胎秀没有预展

Limited oxygen when I rhyme fast you breathe slow 当我韵快,你慢呼吸氧气有限公司

The Pope shook; they ransacked Rome and burnt books 教宗震撼;他们洗劫了罗马和烧焦的书

I ran back home to hide mine in the woods 我跑回家躲雷在树林

MOSES is a new weapon system secret code 摩西是一个新的武器系统的秘密代码

CONUS is the continent of the US, I suppose 美国本土是美国的大陆,我想

I don't have all the answers I am not in the know 我没有全部,我不能在知道答案

I can only see what is above and only from below 我只能看到的是上面的,只有从下面

Substratum of reality through the thick cloud canopy 透过厚厚的云层树冠底层的现实

How can it be Canibus? Answer me! 怎么会这样Canibus ?回答我!

My shelter is not far, you can borrow what you need 我的住所不远,你可以借你所需要的

The bunker doors sequestered beneath the tall tumble trees 隔离高大的暴跌树下的沙坑门

Gold chords from the organ cut down your swordsman 从器官黄金和弦减少你的剑客

Tell everybody to SHUT THE FUCK UP when I'm talkin' 告诉大家闭嘴的时候我对你说他妈的

From a very cold place called Faraday Base 从一个叫法拉第基极冷的地方

Right next to the South Poles longest Ice Strait 毗邻南极冰最长的海峡

My dream was identical seven nights in a row 我的梦想是相同的七夜在一排

I saw a sideways 8 wrapped around a microphone 我看到了一个横盘8缠麦克风

Extraterrestrial Isotopic ratios 外星同位素比值

A broke Scientist in his Lab with no place to go 一个一文不名的科学家在他的实验室,没有地方可去

Fire and Ash fallout, that's what it's all about 消防和灰脱落,这就是它的全部

We must construct a shelter then build a wall around it 我们必须建立一个庇护所,然后围绕它的墙壁

Geography is conducive to Astronomy 地理有利于天文

And the study of celestial bodies, biopsy 和天体的研究,活检

My austere designs are so ahead of their time 我的简朴设计是如此超前了

Even when you press rewind you're still left behind 即使当您按下倒带你还是留下来

I blasted thru the limestone with water, mixed with a dissolver í抨击通水石灰石,具有溶解混合

Then I signaled the remaining cave crawlers 然后,我示意其余洞穴爬虫

Dig a hole for the collateral carnage, battle the hardest 挖抵押品屠杀了一个洞,战斗最难

Take out Hip-Hop trash and garbage 取出嘻哈垃圾桶和垃圾

On the Sabbath I write preplanning for the Planet 在安息日本人写的预先计划为地球

Drawin' mechanics, suspended in space as holographic 画图力学,悬浮在空间中全息

The Quarantine Isolation Unit is where I house it 检疫隔离模块是我这房子

My team and I salvage the work of Dr. Fritz Albert 我和我的团队挽救弗里茨·艾伯特博士的工作

Hip-Hop is blackened pot placed next to a kettle 街舞是黑锅放在旁边的水壶

With my logo in it, a rigid rehomogenized metal 随着我的标志在里面,刚性再匀浆金属

Greetings and Salutations, my equations are inundated with information 问候和敬礼,我的方程飘着信息

Electro Cranial Stimulation 颅电刺激

Password please? Have patience, verification 密码吗?有耐心,核实

I repeat, "What's Your Character String Verification?" 我再说一遍, “你叫什么字符串验证? ”

Battle rap is just aimless entertainment 巴特尔说唱只是漫无目的的娱乐

+2nd round K.O.+ was one of they favourites, fuck all the haters +第2回合KO +是他们的最爱之一,他妈的所有的仇敌

Responsibility entrusted 受托责任

There's only one way for me to prove that I love it 还有让我证明我爱它只有一个办法

That's why I'm bustin' 这就是为什么我认真过

I turned the page, wrote a turn of phrase, 我打开网页,写了一句一转,

Verbal X-Rays, they say "I don't burn I blaze" 口头上的X射线,他们说:“我不烧ì杀出”

Attach the piezoelectric transducer to your computer 安装压电换能器到电脑

Poet Laureate is the future!!! 桂冠诗人是未来!

Next time we meet this whole song will be a new mix 下一次,我们达到这个整首歌将是一个新的组合

For all the Rippers out there who need a new fix 对于所有的松土在那里谁需要一个新的修补程序

With these lyrics, I consecrate the spirit 这些歌词,我奉献精神

Whenever I spit it, concentrate you could hear it 每当我吐出来,集中精力,你可以听到

I've almost perfected this 我已经差不多完成了本

I'm one word away from excellence 我一个字离卓越

Cyclotronic Resonance, patents are pendin' it Cyclotronic共振,专利PENDIN 它

Can-I-Bus a/k/a "The Spitzberg Beast" 灿I总线A / K / A “的Spitzberg野兽”

Gave his Bicentennial Speech on Emerald Peak 给他的二百周年纪念讲话翡翠峰

What are you building Bis? Is it a flyin' Silver Disk? 你在构建双?它是一个飞翔“银盘?

GW I'm positive it's him 毛重我肯定这是他

I proof read my writtens, eat a chicken with the skin missin' in 10 minutes í校对我的writtens ,吃了10分钟皮肤想着鸡

Now that's some shit! You think that's fast? Nah 现在,这是一些屁话!你认为这是快?罗

That's faster than you think, by the time you blink, the whole Universe shrinks 这就是比你快想通过你眨眼的时候,整个宇宙收缩

We'll observe the Gods, my thoughts graduated to the Stars to infinity 我们将观察到的神,我的思绪毕业的明星到无穷大

Listen to the bars, thick rhymes compartmentalized 听吧,厚重的童谣条块

Seperatized to prevent bootleg pirates gives me energy when I'm tired Seperatized防止盗版盗版给了我能量,当我累了

I'm hooked on Hip-Hop, I can't live without it 我迷上了嘻哈,我的生活不能没有它

You can mix this song a thousand ways I don't doubt it 您可以混合使用这首歌曲一千种方式我不怀疑它

Several million years into the past 几百万年的过去

The primitive future in a world without oil and gas 原始未来的世界没有石油和天然气

Gather the evidence then give it to the President 搜集证据,然后把它交给总统

Don't reprimand him, ask him for help next 不要训斥他,请他帮忙下一个

I hold Hip-Hop responsible 我认为嘻哈负责

Every magazine writer that wrote bullshit in his article 每本杂志的作家,在他的文章中写道废话

Always remember I'll be gone forever 永远记得我会永远消失

I made these bars so you could all remember 我做了这些酒吧,所以你能都记得

The rhymes in my mind when I autograph sign 在我的脑海,当我亲笔签名的标志押韵

I can't wait to sign an autograph for the last time 我等不及要最后一次签署的签名

The ungrateful dead reoccurring images playin' in my head 忘恩负义的死再次发生图像弹唱“在我的脑海

Every color in America bled 在美国的每一种颜色放血

Canibus grabbed the mic like an energized amulet Canibus抢过话筒像一个精力充沛的护身符

Then spit a rap that you can't forget 然后吐了RAP ,你不能忘记

"With this sacred water -- “有了这个神圣的水 -

I consecrate this Talisman so that it will make me POET LAUREATE" 祝圣这个护符,这样就会让我桂冠诗人“

This is a no brainer, stop the complainin' 这是没有道理的,停止抱怨来

If Hip-Hop was dead I came here to save it 如果嘻哈死了我来这里保存

Classified payloads, no frequency safe modes, no safety 分类的有效载荷,没有频率的安全模式,没有安全

And I still made time for the ladies 而我仍然抽空为女性

No corruption, no disruption, no destruction, no budget, no nothin' 没有腐败,没有干扰,没有破坏,没有预算,没有没什么

It's never that easy you just gotta trust it 这是从来没有那么容易,你只是爱它的信任

The spin off from the Press should be able to feed you 来自新闻界分拆应该可以养活你

But I declined, 'cause I'm familiar what greed can do 但是我拒绝了,因为我是熟悉的贪婪什么可以做

I sit down and think, when I write I can smell the ink 我坐下来想,当我写,我可以闻到墨

It's the dark skinned Lizard King 这是黑皮肤的蜥蜴王

Metronome Man will never take commands from the drum 节拍器的人永远不会鼓带命令

The beat is my slave and it will behave as I want 节拍是我的奴隶,它会表现为我想

I heard Hip-Hop was dead, that's not fair 我听到嘻哈死了,这是不公平的

Who I talk to? "Go he there, Nasir" 是谁倾诉? “去他那里,纳西尔”







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