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Po Pimp


歌词相关歌手:DO OR DIE

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus: Johnny P] [合唱:约翰尼P]


Do you wanna riiide? 你想riiide ?

In the backseat, of a Caddy 在后座球童的,

Chop it up, with Do or Die 砍了起来,用做或死

Do you wanna riiide? 你想riiide ?

In the backseat, of a Caddy 在后座球童的,

Chop it up, with Do or Die 砍了起来,用做或死


[Verse One: Belo] [诗一:贝罗]


Seven double oh P.M. 七双下午哦

Fly low to them hoes in the B-M 低空飞行给他们锄头在B -M

Sippin Seagram, chewin on a wheat stem 啜饮着施格兰, chewin对小麦茎秆

Touchin on my fo' fin Touchin我为翅

Move it to the back so I can see who beepin this Po Pimp 将其移动到后面,所以我可以看到谁beepin此宝皮条客

Spring to the phone with a slow limp 春天到手机用慢跛行

In a trip that shitted with 3-1-2-7-6-2-10 在与3-1-2-7-6-2-10 shitted之旅

Three line connection 三线连接

As the rest of them wanted affection 由于他们的休息通缉亲情

Just bring the weed, we got the drinks you need 只要把杂草,我们得到了你需要的饮料

And plus we strapped with two protections 而且再加上我们绑了两个保护

I put the phone in the hook, then I pause for a minute 我把手机中的勾,然后,我停顿了一分钟

Cause I forgot where I met the hoe 因为我忘了在那里我遇到了锄头

And the feeling I've forgotten if the hoes wanna snap 这种感觉我已经忘了,如果锄头想捕捉

I straight up check the hoe, really doe 我马上查了锄头,真的母鹿

To the crib 到婴儿床


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse Two: AK-47, Belo] [诗二: AK- 47 ,贝罗]


Seven deuce five, the ride the point to spot the live hoes 七平手五,乘车点当场活锄头

Three miles per hour 三英里每小时

Like we runnin up on some ri-vals 就像我们飞奔了一些RI-丘壑

Never to deny though, these bitches look fly 'Lo 从来没有否认,不过,这些母狗看看飞罗

Introduce myself 自我介绍

A to the motherfuckin K finna recognize A到他妈的ķ FINNA认

Then I loose myself juice myself 然后,我失去我自己的果汁

As you take one pull, uhh, pass it to the left and umm 当你把一拉,呃,它传递给左和Umm

Self-centered niggaz'll take two pulls cuz they thinkin about samplin umm 以自我为中心niggazll需要两个拉的Cuz ,他们在想约samplin乌姆

P-I, M-P, ology, but logically P- I,M -P ,易学,但在逻辑上

We learnin these hoes biology, and obviously, well... 我们设计学习这些锄头生物学,显然,还有...


Mmm, ain't this some shit, pull up in the C-A 嗯,这不就是有些事情,拉起在C -A

D-I, Double-L, with ah A-C, A-C hoes D-I ,双升,啊A-C , A-C锄头

They peep those, P-I, M-P, and they think that automatically 他们窥视者,有价证券,国会议员,他们会自动认为

Cause he's a pimp, he gotta be, full of that 因为他是个拉皮条的,他得是,充满了

M-O, N-E, but why? M-O ,N , E,但是为什么呢?

Cause nigga be sportin nice cars and fancy clothes 因为黑人被sportin好车和花哨的衣服

Fresh jewels Girbaud flexin one five oh (chop chop) 新鲜的珠宝Girbaud的flexin一五哦(劈斩)

Chop up that paper hoe, chop up that paper hoe 砍了那纸锄头,砍了那纸锄头

Watch where your lips go, caress my tip slow 看在您的嘴唇去,抚摸我的尖慢

To the tempo, instrumental 到了节奏,乐器

Real simple when you fuckin with a pimp doe 当你他妈的一个皮条客母鹿很简单的

Get involved in the backseat 涉足后座

Let's have me in the cab betcha mess with ya young ass 让我们有我在驾驶室有喜惹雅驴驹

Smokin on that finest grass 斯莫上最好的草

Never miss what you never had, at last 决不会错过什么,你从来没有过,最后

P-I, M-P, ology, but logically P- I,M -P ,易学,但在逻辑上

We learnin these hoes biology, and obviously, well... 我们设计学习这些锄头生物学,显然,还有...


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse Three: Tung Twista] [诗三:东特斯塔]


Well a motherfucker might be broke and shit 好娘可能破产和狗屎

And then collecting no dough from tips 然后搜集没有什么秘诀面团

But I be spittin mo' game than a mouthful of poker chips 但是,我要吐口水莫游戏比筹码了一口

To get them hoes with the Oprah lips and the provokin hips 让他们与奥普拉的嘴唇锄头和provokin臀部

And never gotta tell her many lies 永不要告诉她很多的谎言

I been lookin in the city skies, get up in the kitty's thighs 我一直在看着这个城市的天空,起床Kitty的大腿

Cause I'm blessed with a look of innocence, good sex 因为我很幸运只有一脸无辜,性好

Peanut butter complex and some pretty eyes 花生酱复杂,一些漂亮的眼睛

Pity cries on my strategy side, yo when outta me gotta be 可惜在呼喊我的策略方面,哟,当我失控得是

Right, that'd be the flatter me right 对了,那会是平坦的我的权利

But if the head the bonk c'mon suck a nigga dick 但如果头撞墙来吧吸了一个黑人鸡巴

Members of my click, wanna see what that'd be like 我单击成员,想看看这会是什么样子

I know you wanna try it out, to the rhythm of a high hat 我知道你想尝试一下,以高礼帽的节奏

Don't be bogus and deny that 不要被虚假的,并否认

I done got a hold of dem my fellas on the train 我做错了一抱DEM我的小伙子们在火车上

While she lie back, now motherfucker can you buy that? 当她躺下来,娘现在可以买吗?

Where your ride at? 在您乘坐在哪里?

On the passenger side of your hoe 在你的锄头的乘客侧

Tryin ta come up on another G 试着TA上来其他G

The broad all up under me tryin ta smother me 广阔的一切都取决于我在试着TA扼杀了我

Lookin love-ly while I roll another bead, suddenly 看着爱LY ,而我又滚珠,突然

She learned that I don't deal with emotions 她知道我不处理情绪

But when we in the room she rubbin me with lotion 但是,当我们在房间里,她鬼混我用洗液

Comin like an ocean coastin have a cig thinking 今儿如大海般coastin有CIG思考

Me and Do or Die dig drinkin love potion 我和做或死挖边喝边爱情药水

The word that was never said 这个词这是从来没有说

Twisted be givin women dick in the bed, until they sick in the head 扭曲是得到安宁女性家伙在床上,直到他们生病的头

And if I ever leave whoever dead 如果我永远离开谁就死

They ain't trickin the Feds or spittin game but it's chicken and bread 他们是不是trickin美联储或吐口水的游戏,但它的鸡肉和面包

Kickin them legs in the air like a playa do 唱歌他们的腿在空中像一个花花公子做

Then belittle in a day or two 然后贬低了两天

After words I'ma slay a crew 之后的话我是杀死船员

Now that's some pimp type shit that B-Low and AK'll do 现在的一些皮条客型狗屎的B- Low和AKll做

Wearing gray and blue 身穿灰蓝色

If a hoe wanna holler then you a playa if you hit them ends 如果锄头想大声叫喊,你一个花花公子,如果你打他们结束

And get the dividends 并获得股息

But you a pimp if you can get the same hoe to wanna freak your friends 但是你一个皮条客,如果你可以得到相同的锄头想发飙你的朋友

Cause I studied P-I, M-P, ology, but logically 因为我学的P- I,M -P ,易学,但在逻辑上

Be learnin these hoes biology, obviously, well... 被设计学习这些锄头生物学,显然,还有...


[Chorus] [合唱]

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