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Pledge Allegiance To The Swag



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro] [简介]

Ay count that money for me partner 哎数着钱,我的合作伙伴

Ay Ross make sure that nigga got that shit right, ya hear me? 唉罗斯确保黑人获得了狗屎,雅听到了吗?

Ay, let a motherfucker go ding, that’s a 150 thou 哎,让娘去丁,这是一个你150

Yeah, that shit should add up to about 5.4 是的,那些歌应该加起来约5.4

I be right back, I’m finna go get dressed 我算是右后卫,我FINNA去穿好衣服

Tell tha nigga to gas up tha jet 告诉THA黑鬼来气了塔喷


[Chorus: T.I.] [合唱: T.I. ]

I stay on my grind cause that come first 我留在我的磨因为那是第一位的

If he get outta line his feelings finna get hurt 如果他得到失控行他的感情FINNA受伤

All that’s on my mind is get that dough 所有这一切在我心中是拿到面团

He try me Imma take you places you don’t wanna go 他尝试了我伊马带你去的地方,你不想去

50 60 stacks of more and I’m in your town 50 60堆栈更多的,我在你的城市

Just to shake some booty home but it finna go down 只是动摇了一些战利品回家,但它FINNA下去

Hear that click clack roll, better get back fast 听说,点击瓣卷,最好马上回来快

Have attention when you see me pledge allegiance to the swag 必须注意,当你看到我宣誓效忠的赃物

Pledge allegiance to the swag [x8] 宣誓效忠的赃物[ X8 ]


[Verse 1: T.I.] [诗歌1 : T.I. ]

Ay, I do my thang you don’t know 唉,我做我胜你不知道

Off the motherfuckin’ chain, play the game how it go 离娘链,玩游戏怎么去

I ain’t in the game still Imma problem on the low 我是不是在游戏上的还低伊马问题

Whip them thangs well just know I know who got it for the low 鞭打他们thangs也只是知道,我知道是谁得到了它的低

Triple O.G. so sucker free, I swear 三重乌龙球所以傻逼免费的,我发誓

You don’t know me homie you can get the fuck from round here 你不知道我的哥们,你可以从轮得到他妈的在这里

I don’t care who you will, who you with or who you know 我不关心谁你愿意,你和谁或你认识谁

Let’s be clear, I’m a motherfuckin’ G and you a hoe 让我们清楚,我是一个娘 G和你一锄

Keep that Remy XO pulled up, bankrolled, swole up 记住这人头马XO拉升,提供资金, swole了

Smell money in the air soon as I roll up, ayyy 财运在空中当我卷起, ayyy

I’m the coolest in the city bitch 我是最酷的城市婊子

While you lame trippin’ on that goofy stupid silly shit 当你瘸了愚蠢的愚蠢的愚蠢的狗屎践踏,

Who you ever seen it really did, super fly filthy rich, any with it killin’ shit 谁你见过它真的做到了,超飞财大气粗,任何与它扼杀了狗屎

Came in that bitch with my ego and got cash 就在那个婊子与我的自我,并得到现金

I demand you to raise your hand and 我要求你提出你的手,

Pledge Allegiance To The Swag 宣誓效忠赃物


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 2: Rick Ross] [诗2:瑞克·罗斯]

World got no money call me David Copperfield 世界上没有钱叫我大卫·科波菲尔

A bitch’ll disappear or the bitch will disappear à bitchll消失或母狗会消失

We control the corners, that’s usual politics 我们控制的角落,这是通常的政治

Push a button from the mansion, hit you with a hollow tip 从豪宅按下一个按钮,打你一个空心尖

We two different niggas, I’m servin’, he sniffing his 我们两个不同的黑鬼,我是塞尔 ,他嗅着他

And I love that new Bugatti, how that bitch be shifting gears 我喜欢这个新的布加迪,怎么说婊子是换档

Movin’ how I move, I fuck with a selected few 居无定所我怎么动,我他妈的与选定的几

Aviators and Audemars, tha bezel flourescent blue 飞行员和爱,塔挡板荧光灯蓝色

Down south nigga, had to climb up out the barrel 南下的兄弟们,不得不爬上了桶

Outfox these niggas, now we rock out on apparrel 智胜这些黑鬼,现在我们摇滚的apparrel

Pledge allegiance to the swag cause this shit is top notch 宣誓效忠的赃物原因这一切,是一流的

Jumpin’ in and outta bitches like I’m playin’ hopscotch 冒险在和失控母狗像我在玩“跳房子

Jumpin’ in and outta sixes like I got a car lot 在和失控就像我乱七八糟冒险得到了很多车

And I got the type of digits that your bitch’ll dial by 而我得到的数字,你的bitchll拨号类型由

Young niggas bow down to the kings 年轻的黑鬼跪拜国王

In the presence of a Don, pay respect, kiss my ring 在唐的情况下,瞻仰,亲吻我的戒指


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 3: T.I.] [第3节: T.I. ]

The Enzo off set, neck, wrist frosty 恩佐断集,颈部,手腕冷若冰霜

Deal ain’t hundred mil, you ain’t talkin’ bout shit 这笔交易是不是百密耳,你是不是在说回合狗屎

Nigga wanna beef, he get the whole cal quick 黑人想牛肉,他得到整个CAL快

If you talking bout some paper step into my office 如果你说话回合一些纸踏进我的办公室

On some pimp house shit, written out chicks, 在某些皮条客的房子,妈的,写出来的小鸡,

Fuck ‘em from behind, they be spitting out dick black 他妈的时间从背后,他们被吐出家伙黑

Excuse me now but if I may make an announcement 现在请原谅我,但如果我可以作出公布

I smoke no more but when I did I was blowin’ ounces of gas 我抽烟不多,但是当我做了我吹盎司气

Ask the feds what I had when they found me 问我的时候,他们发现了我的联邦调查局

We down with whatever, just don’t interrupt my countin’ 我们打倒一切,只是不要打断我数

Ballin’ on a daily basis, call my accountant 劈腿每天,叫我的会计师

Only time you make it rain when you throwin’ change in a fountain 只有一次,你让它下雨的时候你肆意变化的喷泉

Flow sick, crazy, derranged, need counselin’ 流病了,疯了, derranged ,需要counselin “

He say I ain’t all that, she say I’m outstandin’ 他说,我是不是所有的,她说我outstandin “

Them lames all cheesy, square’s outta season 他们LAMES所有的俗气,多的季节失控

When you see my swag, nigga, pledge your allegiance 当你看到我的赃物,兄弟们,保证你的忠诚


[Chorus] [合唱]


[T.I Talking] [ T.I浅谈]

Ay my nigga I’m the type of stars and stripes you know what I’m saying, 唉我的兄弟们,我的星条旗,你知道我在说什么的类型,

you come fuck with me on that bullshit you’ll be seeing Stars and Stripes nigga, you understand that nigga, say I’m lying, think its a game if you want to partna 你来他妈的跟我说废话,你将会看到星条旗黑鬼,你知道,兄弟们,说我在说谎,认为它是一种游戏,如果你想partna

Ay Ross I see you my nigga, I bump that Maybach music nigga when I’m playing music in my Maybach, ya dig 唉罗斯我看你我的兄弟们,我碰到了迈巴赫音乐黑鬼当我播放音乐在我的迈巴赫,雅挖

Aye listen, all you other sucker ass nigga homeboys 埃听,你其他的吸盘蠢货的homeboys

I don’t see you dogg, you transparent, translucient dog 我没有看到你狗狗,你透明, translucient狗

my nigga get out my way nigga let money get through here dog 我的兄弟们离开我的方式让兄弟们的钱打通这里的狗

you understand 你明白

say you niggas aint even on my muthafucking resume dog 说你黑鬼AINT甚至在我muthafucking简历狗

aye my nigga if I did take you out the game my nigga it was my mutha-fcking pleasure to move fucking move you out my God Damn way you know what I’m saying 赞成我的兄弟们,如果我没把你的游戏我的兄弟们,这是我穆萨 - fcking高兴地移动他妈的招你了,你知道我的该死的方式我在说什么

niggas say no more homes 黑鬼说没有更多的家庭

nigga you could have died in the hand of another man, you know what I’m saying 黑鬼,你可以在另一个男人的手已经死了,你知道我在说什么

nigga I’m the best thing that ever happen to you, nigga 兄弟们,我曾经发生在你身上的最好的事情,兄弟们

you know, say homeboy 你知道,说巨蟹座

nigga my worst muthafucking mistake was the best you could ever hope for 兄弟们我最糟糕的muthafucking错误是你所能希望的最好

you nigga, you understand know what I’m saying, I forgot more shit than you could remember 你的兄弟们,你们知道知道我在说什么,我忘了更狗屎比你能记得

nigga, I got more muthafucking money in my chain draw than you got in your God damn bank roll nigga 兄弟们,我得到了更多muthafucking钱放在链的平局比你在你他妈的银行卷黑鬼了

nigga anytime you want to nigga I match my change to your muthafucking dollars see who come up first know what I’m saying 要黑人兄弟们只要我符合我的改变你的muthafucking美元见谁想出第一个知道我在说什么

Big bank take little bank nigga wassup nigga? 大银行采取银行小黑鬼日wassup黑鬼?

These niggas thought I was just talkin when I came in this mufucka talkin that Cage shit nigga 这些黑鬼以为我只是在说,当我来到这个mufucka说话笼狗屎黑鬼

Look at me know nigga what you see nigga? 看我就知道黑鬼你所看到的黑鬼?

Huh? 咦?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 是啊,是啊,是啊,是啊

Get your pen out take notes nigga 让你的笔了记笔记的兄弟们

Don’t Hate nigga! Ha! 不恨黑鬼!哈!

Fuck that bullshit, Partna. 他妈的废话, Partna 。

It’s the mufucka... 这是mufucka ...

Aye man, Jay.. Ay, Jay talkin bout.. 赞成的人,周杰伦..哎,周董说话回合..

Jay say he made the Blueprint my nigga 周杰伦说,他提出的蓝图我的兄弟们

This the muthafuckin’ Foundation nigga, ok? 这个的muthafuckin 基金会黑人,好吗?

Yeah, everything else would be built up off of this shit nigga. 是啊,一切将被建立起来了这个狗屎黑鬼的。

All Red-y yeah, yeah 所有红-Y是啊,是啊

Say no more nigga everything understood don’t need to be explained 说没有更多的黑人一切理解不需要进行说明

Ross I got you nigga, say no more 罗斯我把你的兄弟们,不再多说

It’s all good my nigga 这一切都很好我的兄弟们

Grand Hustle PSC For Life Bitch Nigga! 大川流力晶对于生活母狗黑鬼!

West Side! 西城!

It’s on one bank here nigga 这是这里一家银行黑鬼

Count, I told you! Didn’t I muthafuckin’ tell you? yeah! 算,我告诉你!难道我的muthafuckin “告诉你吗?是啊!

Aight then, I’ll holla at ya’ll niggas on the motherfucking Flipside nigga! Aight话,我会在呼啦你们大家黑鬼在他妈的黑鬼贫乏!

A hundred million plus, a bus nigga, bitch nigga! 一百多万,一辆黑鬼,黑鬼婊子!

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