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Payback Is A Grandmother



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[Common] [通用]

Yo.. I don't know what was on y'all niggaz birds(?) 哟..我不知道什么是对的兄弟们你们都鸟( ? )

to go up to the boat - and start robbin old folks 去到船 - 开始罗宾老人

Now see you done messed with the wrong old lady 现在看到你做了混乱与错误的老太太

You done went wild; yo, check it.. 你做去野外;哟,检查它..


There was a Hardy Boy mystery I tried to solve again 有一个强壮的男孩谜我再次尝试解决

Dude that broke in my crib - it wasn't involvin him 好家伙,在我床边打破了 - 它不是involvin他

Four in the mornin, my phone ringin 四,在早上,我的手机在响

I'm thinkin, "Who da fuck is this," on the other line screamin 我在想, “谁DA他妈的是这样的, ”在其他线路尖叫

Told em, "Keep(?) down," but they was breathin hard 告诉他们, “让( ? )下来,”但他们是很难的呼吸

It was my grandmother tellin me that she had been robbed 这是我的祖母在告诉我,她刚刚被抢劫

I told her hold (hold) tight (tight), I'd be right over 我告诉她保持(HOLD )紧张(紧张) ,我马上过来

Freezin but this situation made the night colder Freezin但这种情况作出的夜更冷

Knew this was the night (that what?) that she played poker 知道这是夜(什么? ) ,她扮演的扑克

with some friends in a club at the boat gettin bub' 在一家具乐部的一些朋友在船刚开小家伙

Said she seen these thugs on the boat for a while (uhh) 说,她看到船上这些暴徒一段时间(嘘)

Not gamblin but every now and then they'd smile 不是布林但每一个现在,然后他们会微笑

Then BLAOW! They had(?) Mag's 然后BLAOW !他们( ? )弹匣的

and told everybody, "Put your shit in the bag" 并告诉大家, “把你的狗屎袋”

Made people strip naked, quicker than a Luke record (what?) 制作人脱光衣服,快比路加记录(什么? )

Had the place took in a minute and some seconds 曾经的地方参加了一分钟,几秒钟

Asked her how many of it was em? (How many of it was em?) 问她有多少是他们吗? (有多少人是他们吗? )

Said she couldn't remember 说她不记得

She was spooked and buzzin, couldn't describe em 她被吓坏了,并buzzin ,无法描述EM

cause it happened too fast (what?) said they looked like me 导致它发生得太快(什么? )说,他们长得像我

with they pants hangin off they ass 与他们的裤子上挂着他们的屁股

Got her some water - and begin to think 得到了她一些水 - 并开始思考

How these niggaz take her wig, her bracelet and her mink? 如何把这些兄弟们把她的假发,她的手镯和她的貂皮?

Somebody round the crib know the deal (uhh) 有人一轮婴儿床知道交易(嘘)

Whoever did it better have Blue Shield for real 谁做的好有蓝盾真正

cause yo, it's the big payback.. 原因哟,这是很大的回报..


[cuts n scratches, Com ad-libs] [削减Ñ划痕,玉米的即兴表演]


[Common] [通用]

Later that day I went to the 'shop, to see what was up 当天晚些时候,我去了“店,看到什么了

Them niggaz probably knew somethin plus I needed a cut 他们的兄弟们可能知道事端,再加上我需要一个切

Walked in they was playin Jigga (jihh-gga..) 走进他们是在玩Jigga ( jihh - GGA ..)

Discussin how Da Brat titties done got bigger Discussin多么大顽童的titties做了较大的

These niggaz next to me, was talkin bout the heist 这些兄弟们我旁边,是说话回合的抢劫

Whoever did it even got Jordan for his ice 谁做到了,即使得到了乔丹为他的冰

Said that it was done so precise the cops ain't know nut-nin 说,有人做过这样精确的警察不知道坚果宁

Had to use all my might not to ask no questions 只好用我所有的力量不要问任何问题

Put down the magazine, went to the pop machine 放下手中的杂志,又到了流行音乐机

Noticin these cats, had the Bling Bling Noticin这些猫,有金光闪闪瑞气

They wouldn't be talkin if they did it; it could be they team 如果他们做到了,他们不会说话;这可能是他们团队

A week ago neither one of these niggaz had a ring 一个星期前,没有这些兄弟们中的一个有一个环

This Hype(?) came in, sellin CD's; said the BD's ( ? )这个炒作进来,出卖光盘;表示,屋宇署

was braggin bout robbery they had done 被braggin回合抢劫,他们做了

By now, I'm thinkin bout my gun if I see gramps bracelet 到现在为止,我在想布特我的枪,如果我看到GRAMPS手链

I'ma play racist (and what?) and make niggaz run 我是玩种族主义(什么? ),并运行的兄弟们

It's the big payback.. 这是很大的回报..


[cuts n scratches, Com ad-libs] [削减Ñ划痕,玉米的即兴表演]


[Common] [通用]

My imagination roamed as I got in the chair 我的想象漫游,因为我在椅子上了

Thinkin - when shit went down, I was I was there 想着 - 当狗屎去了,我是我在那里

Fuckin with fam' - who you are, I don't care 他妈的与FAM “ - 你是谁,我不在乎

Have your guys pourin liquor witch'ya name in they swear 有你的家伙pourin白酒witchya名字,他们发誓

These chicks claim they was there, knew the niggaz who done it 这些小鸡声称,他们在那里,就知道谁做了它的兄弟们

Said it was Smoke and them from the Wild 100's 说,这是烟雾,并从野生100

Eight million stories got me runnin in place, it's gettin tricky 八百万的故事让我飞奔的地方,它的棘手开始报

(like who?) like dude, that do drum'n'bass (喜欢谁? )像花花公子,那些drumnbass

There was a air in the place, that made me suspicious 有一个空的地方,这让我怀疑

Normally, they'd be talkin like bitches 通常情况下,他们会在说话像母狗

My barber cut me with a quickness (what?) 我的理发店把我带敏捷(什么? )

Asked him where he got the new bracelet; 问他在那里,他得到了新的手链;

he said it was his sister's - I knew then 他说这是他妹妹的 - 我知道再

What made it official, he gave me my change 是什么让这官员,他给了我的变化

The money clip had gramp's initials (c'mon) 钱夹子有gramp的缩写(来吧)

As I, whooped his ass up, six niggaz masked up 正如我,直喊他的屁股,六兄弟们掩盖起来

Pulled up in a Cadillac truck [gunfire] 停在一辆凯迪拉克车[枪声]


[police scanner] [警察扫描器]

.. three-alarm fire ?? and a possible homicide ..三火警?和可能的凶杀案

The building is entitled "The Ultimate Barbershop" 该建筑名为“终极理发店”

There are six unidentified bodies in the building 有大楼6无名尸体

They are all presumed dead 他们都以为死了

I repeat they are all presumed dead 我再说一遍,他们都以为死了

However there are no suspects 但是有没有嫌疑人

I repeat the subjects are at large 我重复的主题是在大

we might need some backup.. 我们可能需要一些备份..

Inform O'Malley that we need backup, over.. 奥马利告诉我们需要备份,过..

The skit definitely needs more ?? added to it 小品肯定需要更多?添加到它

plus a new writer for the script, thank you.. 加为脚本的新作家,谢谢。

Someone get Prince Paul on the phone please.. 有人得到保罗亲王在手机上,请..

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Fred Wesley, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, James Dewitt Yancey, John Stark, James Brown


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