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One Night Stand



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Y'all ready to get this thing started (YEAH) 你们都已经准备好这件事情开始(耶)

Y'all ready to get crunk (YEAH) 你们都准备好旷课(耶)

Aww Shit 噢妈


[Intro] [简介]

Lets go baby girl, Let's go 让我们走的女婴,让我们去

Lets get the muther fucking flow, baby girl let's girl 让我们得到了muther他妈的流程,宝贝,让我们的女孩

Everybody in the club got the flow for sho' 每个人都在俱乐部得到了流翔

Some mother fuckers slap on backs for sho' 有些不要脸就打上背部的翔

Now let's go 现在,让我们去

Let's go baby girl, Let's go 让我们的女婴,让我们去

Let's get the muther fucking flow, baby girl let's girl 让我们的muther他妈的流程,宝贝,让我们的女孩

All my niggaz in the club got the flow for sho' 在俱乐部我所有的兄弟们得到了流翔

Some mother fuckers slap on backs for sho' 有些不要脸就打上背部的翔

Now let's go 现在,让我们去


[DJ Kayslay] [DJ Kayslay ]

I don't think y'all understand whats about to go down right now 我不认为你们都明白什么有关下去,现在

DJ Kayslay the drama king in the building with my nigga E-40 DJ Kayslay戏王大厦与我的兄弟们的E- 40

Yo Rick Rock, this is cracking right here baby 哟里克摇滚,这是破解这里的宝宝

I need everybody to turn this shit up loud as you can 我需要大家把这个狗屎响亮,你可以

And rock to this shit like never before, Let's go!! 岩本狗屎从未像现在这样,让我们去!


[E-40] [E - 40 ]

Never running out of lingo 从来没有用完的行话

Forty water right back at 'em with another single 四水权回到了时间与另一个单

Money longer than the neck on a flamingo 钱比在火烈鸟的颈部较长

twenty-thosand on a bet in a casino 在赌场赌二十thosand

I got a partner on parol that just got out of Chino 我得到了刚刚奇诺出对口头方式设定一个合作伙伴

Not a rookie but a vet, like Dan Marino 不是菜鸟,但兽医,像丹·马里诺

My favorite actor on the set, Al Pacino 我最喜欢的演员的设定,阿尔·帕西诺

This is a heater man, hot, like jalepeno 这是一个男人的加热器,热,像jalepeno

Follow the leader 听从领队

Forty from Califoolya, you hear it and you speago 四,从Califoolya ,你听到它,你speago

My life ain't no cartoon, i'ts not animated like Zito 我的生活是不是没有卡通, its不喜欢动画司徒

High like a hot air ballonist, i'm just an opportunist 高像热风ballonist ,我只是一个机会主义者

The sooner the better you let me know you we can do this 越快越好,你让我知道你可以做到这一点


[Chorus] [合唱]

Exuse me lady I've been looking at you from over here 任何借口我太太,我一直在看你看过来

I was wondering if I could buy you a beer and maybe later we can cut 我在想,如果我能请你喝杯啤酒,也许以后我们可以削减

I don't wanna be your man, I don't wanna be, let's have a one night stand 我不想成为你的男人,我并不想成为,让我们来一夜情

I know I don't know you and stuff but maybe we can get to know each other 我知道,我不知道你之类的东西,但也许我们可以去了解对方

over a couple glasses of whatever in this cup 在一对夫妇的眼镜什么的这杯

I don't wanna go and dance, I don't wanna, let's have a one night stand. 我不想去跳舞,我不想让我们有一夜情。


[E-40] [E - 40 ]

Let's get it cracking like some broken bones, money mackin' 让我们把它裂像一些碎骨头,钱麦金

Talking on those burnt out phones, Cadallackin' 浅谈那些烧坏手机, Cadallackin “

Wood grain dash and doors and floor mats 木纹仪表板和车门和地板垫

Good game, cash, I stash and store raps 好游戏,现金,我藏匿和存储斥责

PS2 clarity, diamond watches, super bad botches PS2的清晰度,钻石手表,超烂搞砸

Ankler and Cotches and Choppers fresh out the boxes Ankler和Cotches和切碎的新鲜出箱

I like to polish my rims and tires, hundred spoke wires 我喜欢我的打磨轮辋和轮胎,百丝说话

With Armorol baby wipes because them Daytons require 随着Armorol婴儿湿巾,因为他们Daytons要求

Nothing but the best on flesh, just like sex 不过最好的肉,就像做爱

Rubbin lotion all on her Gluteus Maximus 鬼混乳液​​都在她的臀大肌

I don't see no ring, all I see is miss sixty jeans 我不认为没有戒指,我看到的是MISS SIXTY的牛仔裤

Walking through the club like she ready to do some things 通过俱乐部一样,她准备做一些事情走

Full of that turtle got Forty smelling like skunk 充满了龟有四十气味就像臭鼬

But everybody know you can't smell yourself when your drunk 但大家都知道,你不能在你喝醉了闻自己

Posted at the bar lookin like a star, I ghetto ball 发表在酒吧看着像一个明星,我贫民区球

Two way me your number, I'll give a player a call 两种方式我你的号码,我给球员打电话


[Chorus] [合唱]


[E-40] [E - 40 ]

This is for my folks in Zalets and all my guys 这是我在Zalets乡亲们和我所有的球员

There's a new rapper in town, E-40's on the rise 有一个新的说唱歌手的魅力,E - 40的上升趋势

Known for having Sic Wid It records and Jive ties 已知具有骰妇女参与发展它记录和扎领带

Business man, always at work like Barry Wise 商人,总是像巴里聪明工作

The guy with all the slang in the game, up out the Yeh 所有的俚语在游戏中,上涨了星爷的家伙

Gorillas, Marie world Africa USA, ya feel us 大猩猩,玛丽的世界非洲美国娅觉得我们

Its sick out here in the Bay where we stay 其病在这里的海湾,我们住的地方

We killas, I wish someone would come and pray 我们killas ,我希望有人会来祷告

Live life like their ain't no tommorow, ain't no tommorow 活得像自己是不是没有明天一早,是不是没有明天一早

Life is something that you can't borrow, that you can't borrow 生命的东西,你不能借,你能不能借

Every days a holiday, every day man we celebrate 每隔几天放假,每天的人,我们庆祝

Every day we modulate, every day man we perculate 我们调控每一天,每一天的人,我们perculate


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Intro] [简介]

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