歌词 "On & On & On" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

On & On & On



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[scratching] [刮]

"The beat" "Goes!" - "The beat-beat" "Goes!" “节拍”,“去! ” - “节拍拍”,“行” !

"The beat" "Goes!" - "The beat-beat" "Goes!" “节拍”,“去! ” - “节拍拍”,“行” !

"The beat-beat" "Goes!" - "The beat" "Goes!" “拍子拍” “去! ” - “节拍”,“行” !

"The beat" "Goes!" - "And the beat" "Goes!" “节拍”,“去! ” - “音乐的节奏”,“行” !


[Big Gipp] [大吉普]

Well it's the dip monk (?) execute parachute 那么它的浸染和尚( ? )执行降落伞

(?) this Gipp man, lovin that orange brother ( ? )这个吉普的人,就喜欢那橙色的小弟

Make you stay up all night, make ya eyes puffy 让你熬夜​​,使雅眼睛浮肿

Eyes wide like the back wheel of a Huffy 眼睛瞪得象哈非的后轮

Could never be ya cousin brother, rather be a relative 不可能是雅堂弟,而成为一个相对

In ya (?) seat-painted we could settle it 在雅( ? )座椅画,我们可以解决它

DF the Family, below they still sellin it DF家庭,下面他们仍然出卖它

Knickerbocker socker on the weekend type fella 周末类型家伙尼克博克多功能转换插座

Black crow nest don't buck back 黑乌鸦的巢不推诿回

Love jokes, getcha ass jacked, put the bullets in his dick 爱开玩笑,俘获屁股抬高,把子弹在他的鸡巴

Another comin for the excaliber hit 另外科曼的excaliber命中

That shit, who the next gon' dip with this? 那些废话,谁是下一个本坤探底?


[Hook - 2X] [钩 - 2倍]

And the beat goes, 和拍去,

On and on and on and on and on and on and on and on 论和和和和和和和

and on and on and on and on and on and on and on 和和和和和和和

"And the beat" "Goes!" “音乐的节奏”,“去! ”


[Big Boi] [大博伊]

In the middle of the ghetto, the rhythem of the rebel takin over 在贫民窟的中间,反叛的rhythem羚牛过

Crappy clubs and burros 蹩脚的俱乐部和驴

You'll try to censor it and stop it 你会尝试审查,并停止

But we still won't settle, Pinnochio and Gepetto 但是,我们仍然不会平静下来, Pinnochio和Gepetto

They tellin lies to my fellow Americans 他们在告诉谎言来我的美国同胞

Besides the heroines and heros, dope fiends and zeros 除了女主人公和英雄,涂料恶魔和零

The Dungeon Family steady jammin as the beat goes 地牢家庭稳定jammin的节拍去

We know famili that the Dirty ain't no equal 我们知道famili的脏是不是没有平等

My name is B-I-G and keep me to a tree hoes 我的名字是B- I-G ,与我为一棵树锄头

White Gutz, white wall ties, and white name 白Gutz ,白色的墙壁领带,白名

With so much love why do we need hate? 有了这么多的爱,为什么我们需要恨?

Cuz everybody played it fool, we bouncin in ya place 每个人的Cuz玩过傻瓜,我们bouncin雅到位

Gotta grind till he give me yo' shine, you shake and bake like 得粉碎,直到他给我哟闪耀,你震动和烘烤类


[Hook - 2X] [钩 - 2倍]


[Cool Breeze] [清风]

Even when a G be bustin, ice-cold crushin 即使当G是巴斯廷,冰冷的crushin

Ladies be touchin, and the club be rushin 女士们要touchin ,和俱乐部是仓促

For the stage, bitches see a second page in this chapter 为舞台,母狗看到第二页本章中

See me to the fullest cuz I'm more than just a rapper 见我发挥到淋漓尽致因为我是不仅仅是一个说唱歌手

Slash actor - and producer on the news sir 湿地的演员 - 兼制片人的消息爵士

Pimp or breeder, strong house leader 皮条客或饲养员,家强的领导者

The game get deeper, sweeper, Yamaha creeper 本场比赛得到更深,清扫车,雅马哈爬行

DF each a rider, like a wood driver DF每个骑手,像木材司机

With 'em on the court I'm hittin jumpers outside-a 随着时间在球场上我是地球外的跳线-A

Southwest rider, deep like a diver, +Rich+ like Pryor 西南骑手,像深潜水员+丰富+像普赖尔

Ain't no higher! 是不是没有更高!


[Hook - 2X] [钩 - 2倍]


[Witchdoctor] [巫医]

Witchdoctor come wit it! 巫医来的机智吧!

I'm your words from your heart beat skip 我是你的话,从你的心脏跳动跳

Hit me, I'm workin off my hip 打我,我在工作了我的臀部

And I keep a box of extra clips 而且我一直一盒额外片段

Cuz haterism is a trip 的Cuz haterism是一趟

And I come out the +blue+ like a Crip 我走出+蓝+像CRIP

And believe me asses'll get whipped 相信我assesll得到鞭打

Georgia's biggest mess 格鲁吉亚最大的烂摊子

My new bone gon' drink milk from his momma's breast 我的新骨坤喝牛奶从他妈妈的乳房

Fielders of this stress 这种压力的外野手

It was the music that took you 这是把你的音乐

Put you in a pot and cooked you 把你放在一个锅和熟你

If this was (?) I'd cook you... 如果这是( ? ),我会做饭,你...


[Hook - 2X] [钩 - 2倍]


[Khujo] [ Khujo ]

It's so gritty 它是如此坚韧不拔

Mayside gladiator, blue and gold raider Mayside角斗士,蓝色和金色袭击者

Northwest alumini dwellin in Decatur 迪凯特西北alumini dwellin

Skin ya like a gator, bust yo' head like a baked potato 皮肤雅喜欢鳄鱼,胸围溜溜的脑袋就像一个烤土豆

I can't stand on purpose tellin you didn't know yo' poppa 我不能忍受的目的在告诉你不知道哟波帕

Now I hate her, so "Kiss the Game Goodbye" like Jada 现在,我恨她,所以“吻游戏再见”之类杰达

We comin up like escalators 我们马上就要像自动扶梯

And if you say you the best then we ten times greater! 如果你说你最好的话,我们10倍!

Candy-ass and seeds melt away like Now-and-Laters! 糖果屁股和种子融化像现在 - 和 - Laters !

Erase yo' data! With this nigga chaser! 删除哟的数据!有了这个黑鬼猎!

And if I have to, I'll hitchu with the maser! 如果我有,我会用微波激射器hitchu !


[Hook - 2X] [钩 - 2倍]


[scratching to fade] [刮褪色]

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