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On Bail



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Daz Dillinger + (T-Pain)] [哈根达斯迪林格+ (与T-Pain ) ]

Yeah, help for the helpless! 是啊,帮了无奈!

Big money, big cars.. big weed! [T-Pain adlibs] 大资金,大排量汽车..大草! [T -Pain合作adlibs ]

Y'all know what time it is! But you better stack that money! 你们都知道这是什么时候!但你最好叠钱!

(Awww shit! Ha ha ha ha...) (噢狗屎!哈哈哈哈...... )

For baaaiiilll.... 对于baaaiiilll ....


[Chorus 2X: T-Pain] [合唱2倍:与T-Pain ]

I'm on bail, got that weight for sale 我保释,得到了重售

Strawberries and blueberries all on a nigga's tail 草莓和蓝莓都在一个黑人的尾巴

I'm on bail, bet not 'nare nigga tell... bet not 'nare nigga tell 我保释,不赌“纳雷黑鬼告诉...不赌”纳雷说黑鬼

Yeah! 是啊!


[Daz Dillinger] [哈根达斯迪林格]

I'm on a two million dollar bail 我在一个200万美元的保释金

Caught with the product that them young niggaz sell 补时的产品,他们年轻的兄弟们卖

I'm fresh outta cells, twelve hours later.. my clientele hit my pager 我很新鲜失控的细胞, 12小时后..我的客户打我的呼机

The situation gettin thick, Dat Nigga Daz is major! 这种情况刚开厚,DAT黑鬼哈根达斯是主要的!

I live the life of a gangster, I rob gangsters 我住一个流氓的生活,我抢歹徒

Ten years up on the table, I deny that flavor 十年了桌子上,我否认的味道

She a fighter to the fullest, if I lose I catch a bullet (bullet) 她战斗机发挥到淋漓尽致,如果我输了我抓住子弹(子弹)

Can't tell a nigga nuttin when he starvin and losin 不能当他starvin和失去感到讲述一个黑人尼坦

Now I'm back up on the street, completely correctly 现在我回来了在大街上,完全正确

You disrespect me, it's the same that's it's gon' be 你不尊重我,这是相同的,就是这样的安好

Automatics get tragic when you let niggaz have it 自动化得到悲惨的,当你让兄弟们有它

Then I'm caught back up like before, I gotta stack my cabbage 然后我抓回去了像以前那样,我得栈我白菜

Monday morning, 8:30 right back in court 星期一早上, 8:30右后卫在法庭上

Couple of homeboys, my momma give me full support 情侣的homeboys的,我的妈妈给我的全力支持

Raised up filthy but the Lord be with me 提出了污秽,但主与我同在

Like an addict, it's the verdict and the jury, "NOT GUILTY!!!" 就像一个瘾君子,它的裁决,陪审团, “无罪! ”


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Xzibit] [ Xzibit的]

They used to have me on that paperwork 他们曾经有过我这句话的文书工作

'cause I used make my paper.. work, lifestyle covered with dirt 因为我用让我的论文..工作,生活布满灰尘

See I was first on my block with .40 caliber glocks 见我是我的第一个块上用0.40口径glocks

Similarities to my uncut, they ready to rock (ready to rock) 相似之处,我切断,他们准备摇滚(准备摇滚)

'Cause everybody wanna ball, nobody wanna get caught 因为每个人都想要球,没有人想被抓

Only the pros and the cons get to stack these knots 只有优点和缺点将得到堆栈这些结

Motherfuckers want that Benz with the millions by the karats 怎么就想要那个奔驰与数以百万计的克拉

When they fencing all day, they start talkin like a parrot 当他们击剑整天,他们开始说话像鹦鹉

Information they sharing so be cautious where ya walk 他们分享这样的信息要谨慎在亚走

Never pillow talk behind closed doors in the dark 从来没有枕边风闭门在黑暗中

It might creep back and bite you, indict you, convict you 它可能悄悄回来咬你,起诉你,你有罪

to a five by nine for a very long time 到了五九个了很长一段时间

Fuck droppin dimes, niggaz is droppin whole hundreds 他妈的丢下硬币,兄弟们被丢下整个数百

So the hood's gettin skinny and the one-times love it 所以油烟机的刚开瘦,一时间爱它

If I don't go get it, then the next nigga will 如果我没有去得到它,那么下一个黑鬼会

So I kill at will with my gauge in them killin fields 所以我杀的意愿与我在他们杀人场计

Yeah! 是啊!


[Chorus] [合唱]


[The Game] [游戏]

Yo X, tell my momma to put the house up, wait, the house cost too much 哟X,告诉我的妈妈把房子了,等待,房子成本太高

Tell her to get a hundred grand out the Porsche truck 告诉她获得百大出保时捷车

It's just like a house 'cause I take a bath in it 这就像一所房子,因为我洗澡它

Get ass in it and I gotta stash in it 获取的屁股它,我在它藏匿得

Smoke hash in it, blueberry chocolate tah 在这烟雾散,蓝莓巧克力TAH

Smokin chronic make me see shit, like 2Pac alive 斯莫慢性让我看到狗屎一样, 2Pac的活着

Bandana knotted in the front like 2Pac alive 头巾打结像活着2Pac的前

Walkin out the courthouse spittin on the camera guy 走着出相机的家伙法院吐口水

I bang (Thug Life), but this ain't Death Row ì一声(暴徒生活) ,但这不是死囚

This some gangster shit for my niggaz down on death row 这一些黑帮狗屎我的兄弟们倒在死囚牢房

Exhibit A - watch how I let the tec go 附录A - 看我怎么让TEC去

And Exhibit B - burn the rubber on the West coast 和附录B - 烧橡胶的西海岸


[Chorus - 2X] [合唱团 - 2倍]


[Xzibit (laughing)] Y'all know y'all miss that shit [ Xzibit的(笑)你们都知道你们都想念的那些事

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