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Next Man



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Haha 哈哈

'And there, but for the grace of God, go I' “在那里,但神的恩典,去我

It's kinda neat 它还挺整洁

I wonder what it means 我不知道这是什么意思


I rock a jam for love 我摇滚卡纸爱情

I quit my band for love 我不干我的乐队为爱

I'll smack the chrome tool right out your hand for love 我会嫌镀铬工具右侧伸出你的手爱

Make you cry like a dove 让你哭的像鸽子

Leave you standin' alone 让你站在孤独

In a world so cold 在这个冷酷的世界

Watch the drama unfold 观看话剧上演

'Cause you sell your soul “因为你出卖自己的灵魂

Now you're fearin' your death 现在你fearin 你死

Sniffin' crystal meth 'till there ain't none left Sniffin “冰毒” ,直到没有都不剩

But, rock bottom hurts when you hit it 但是,谷底伤害时,你打吧

You start to reflect on all the friends you shitted 你开始思考你shitted朋友

You probably won't admit it 你可能不会承认这一点

So you start to sink lower 所以,你开始下沉低

You're caught in the flood 你陷入洪水

And you're tryin' to find Noah 而你试着寻找诺亚

If you hungry and your near me yo, you gonna get fed 如果你饿了,你在我身边哟,你要吃顿饱饭

If you sleepy and you need a place to lay your head 如果你困了,你需要一个地方把你的头

Then come take my bed 那就来把我的床

I'll sleep on the floor 我会睡在地板上

'Cause these are the times that friends are for “导致这些都是朋友们都为次


[CHORUS (X2)] [合唱( X2 ) ]

I see everybody out here doin' for self 我看到每个人都在这里干什么自我

And they don't give a damn on the next man 他们不给一个该死的下一个男人

Puttin' status and wealth over God and health Puttin “身份与财富在上帝和健康

I can't wait 'till you the next man 我不能等待,直到你的下一个男人


I get uptight for love 我得到紧张的爱情

You know I'll fight for love 你知道我会争取的爱情

I might keep my wifey up all night for love 我会保持我的wifey了一夜的爱

And when the daylight comes 当白天来

I be seein' mad bums 我该看见的“Daddy狂烧伤

With no shoes on their feet 用他们的脚没有穿鞋

Plus nothin' to eat 再加上没什么吃

I can't save the whole street 我无法保存整条街

So I feel like I'm beat 所以,我觉得我拍

And why play the game when nothin' goin' to change 而为什么玩游戏时没什么布莱恩的变化

The only change that's wanted is loose in my jeans 该公司希望,唯一的变化是散放在牛仔裤

I get rushed on every corner by a bum or a fiend 我得到一个流浪汉或恶魔冲到每一个角落

Tryin' to keep my dean 试着让我的院长

I try to give to the poor 我试着给穷人

Tryin' to get through this life 试着去度过这一生

And get through that door 并通过这扇大门让

I'm all up in this mix 我都在这混

For these final tics 对于这些最后的抽动

Goin' all the way to seven 布莱恩一路至七个

And it's half past six 而且这六时三十分


[CHORUS (X2)] [合唱( X2 ) ]


I pray to God for love 我祈祷上帝的爱

I'll make Jihad for love 我会让圣战爱

And I just might pull your freakin' card for love 我也许会拉你的刻着卡爱

Make you sing 'Hey Love' like my man King Son 让你唱嘿爱就像我的男人王的儿子

I freak the art noise í发飙艺术噪音

Over all you toys 在你的玩具

Better bring your boys 最好带上你的男孩

Summon all your crew 召集所有船员

No matter what you do 不管你做什么

It's comin' back on you 它的科曼回你

Just like a planet orbits 就像一颗行星轨道

Let your sponge absorb it 让你的海绵吸收它

It's logical conclusion 这是合乎逻辑的结论

It's b-boy fusion 这是B-男孩融合

And confusion say that he want control 和困惑说他想控制

Of your mentality 你的心态

Your body and your soul 你的身体和你的灵魂

So if you lose your whole 所以,如果你失去了你的整个

Come and take my hand 来吧,牵着我的手

And link up this jam 而这种阻塞连接起来

'Cause money that's the plan 因为钱是这样的计划

Tryin' to get through this maze 试着打通这个迷宫

Not to win this race 没有赢得这场比赛

We either ridin' on our horse 我们无论是坐车我们的马

Or walkin' on our face 还是走着我们的脸

So come take your place on the side of love 这样一来代替你对爱情的一面

And swallow up your ego and your pride for love 吞了你的自我,你的骄傲的爱


[CHORUS (X2)] [合唱( X2 ) ]


Can't wait 'till you the next man 不能等待,直到你的下一个男人

Can't wait 'till you the next man... 不能等待,直到你的下一个男人...

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