歌词 "New Whirl Odor" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

New Whirl Odor



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

Check that soul in 检查的灵魂

Tape is rollin 磁带是罗林

Black dont crack 黑色DONT裂缝

Where the party at? 凡派对?

Stax, jumpback STAX ,跳回

Wax them tracks 他们打蜡轨道

Barkays cut it live Barkays剪活

Like 45s 如45S

Strong songs survive 强烈的生存的歌曲

On records 在记录

95 beats per second 每秒95次

Get it mike on the guitar cmon wreck it 得到它迈克的吉他CMON沉船它


You go ooh ahh there go them superstars, of soul 你走哦啊有灵魂去​​他们的超级巨星,

20 times better than gold, stax, 比黄金的20倍, STAX ,

Keep it here 请在这里

Cuttin them tracks, relax Cuttin这些曲目,放松身心

Pop them fingers, play it barkays 弹出他们的手指,玩barkays

Jumpback baby 跳回宝贝

Soul gotcha crazy 灵魂疑难杂症疯狂

Cold feet thanks 手脚冰凉的感谢

For the groove 对于槽

And them bomb beats 和他们原子弹次

To make me move 让我举


Color of dead 死色

Looks like the future is history 看起来像未来的历史


Why you dissin me 为什么你dissin我

Aint no mystery 是不是没有神秘感


On the outside peekin in 就在外界peekin

End of your freeride 您的自由式结束

No way you can win 没办法,你可以赢得

Beginnin of the end 结束的搁


Of your liberal friends who pretend 您的自由派朋友谁假装


Everythings changed 万物变化

While nuthins changed much 虽然nuthins太大的改变

Uhh this is chuck 呃,这是吸盘


Stays to the left of this 撑到这个左

And to the right of that 并以该权利


Just black where my mind be at 就在黑的地方我的心是在

Shit wheres the rest of my cats? 妈哪来的我的猫的休息吗?


High trees catch a lotta wind my friend 高树赶了洛塔风我的朋友


My shits in a bind 我在绑定妈

Fine line between aware and blind 之间的认识和盲目的精品路线

Dont mind 不介意

Some of them aint got a mind 有些人是不是得到了心灵


Mind over matter 精神高于物质


They dont mind 他们不介意

And we dont matter 我们不事


[verse 2] [诗歌2]

I flock to refugees ì涌向难民

Who flock to me 谁涌向我


The roots the coup 根政变

And kick aside the genocide and the juice 踢一边的种族灭绝和果汁


Comedians actors nuclear reactors 喜剧演员演员核反应堆

Players and ballplayers 球员和棒球运动员

Singers dancers and rhyme sayers 歌手和舞者韵塞耶斯


Why do us like you do 为什么我们喜欢您做的

Ska doo 斯卡斗

Fuck da residue 他妈的大渣

Frustrated 5 on 2s 在2秒5受挫

No breaks for madd crews 没有休息的MADD船员

Nowwho the fuck is you Nowwho他妈的是你

Sick a you 生病你


Community hoesis 社区hoesis

Who posin as moses 谁posin摩西

In street clothist 在街上clothist

Who be the closest who blows it 谁是谁吹它最接近的


Every ryme be for the future of mankind 每ryme是人类的未来


Crazy heads cuttin off the dreds 疯狂头cuttin关闭上将小于

Ruin health 毁健康

Wit no knowledge of self 机智没有认识自我


Incomin taxes breakin backs off a blacks Incomin税唱到背上掀起了黑人


Who done 400 years in this abyss? 谁在这深渊做400年?

And so im pissed the fuck at this new whirl odor 等IM生气了他妈的在这新的旋风气味

So i piss 所以,我小便


[verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

Some things in the air 有些东西在空中

When the smoke clears 当硝烟散尽


Will it only be white folks and black jokes 将它只能是白人和黑人的笑话


How many be gone 有多少消失


If they bomb barbershops and hair salons 如果他们轰炸理发店和美发沙龙


Time to dot com 时间点com


Before they rub out clubs 才擦了俱乐部

Where you get your drink on 你在哪里得到你的饮料上


Mother father sister bro 父亲母亲兄弟姐妹

Love is the message 爱是消息


But war be the front page 但战争是头版

In this mess-age 在这个混乱时代


Ghetto celebs spread by the hundred 贫民窟的名人传播的百

Macked by the same tactics 通过同样的战术Macked

Wit us in a tundra 我们的智慧在苔原


Goin under 在布莱恩


Avoidin cries from sodimized Avoidin从sodimized哭


Society 社会


Scary getting screwed without a dictionary 吓人越来越拧没有字典

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