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Never Can Say Goodbye


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"93.5 K-DAY, givin you the taste of good life, your girl Yo-Yo. “ 93.5 K- DAY ,得到安宁,你的美好生活的味道,你的女孩溜溜球。

Should I say is it still all good? 我应该说是它仍然是所有好?

Today at 12:45 outside the Petersen Museum here in Los Angeles, 今天在彼得森博物馆在洛杉矶以外的12:45 ,

Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down and pronouced dead at 1:15 this morning. 臭名昭著的B.I.G.被枪杀,并在1:15今天早上名字发音死亡。

As a result of the ongoing feud between East and West coast, 由于东海岸和西海岸之间的持续争执的结果,

the tragic death of Tupac Shakur who was gunned down in Las Vegas 图帕克克沙克惨死谁在拉斯维加斯被枪杀

just six months earlier, our prayers go out to the families." 仅仅半年前,我们祈祷出去的家庭“ 。


"Westside Radio, Julio G. “西城收音机,胡湾

A sad day today for the West coast; we lost an icon y'all. 悲哀的一天今天的西海岸;我们失去了一个图标你们。

Eric 'Eazy-E' Wright, passed away today at 6:45 PM, 埃里克“ EAZY -E赖特,今天过世下午6:45 ,

Cedars Sinai Hospital, due to complications from AIDS. 雪松Sinai医院,因艾滋病并发症。

A definite West coast legend, brought you N.W.A., 一个明确的西海岸的传说,给你带来了N.W.A. ,

brought you Michel'le, brought you D.O.C., and the list goes on. 给你带来Michelle ,给你带来的DOC和这样的例子不胜枚举。

We definitely gon' miss you Eazy." 我们一定会去想念你EAZY 。 “


[The Game - impersonating 2Pac] [游戏 - 模仿2Pac的]

Picture me rollin in that black B-M-dub, headed to the club 想象着我罗林在黑色BM -DUB ,前往俱乐部

Fresh out the Tyson fight, Beamer all rimmed up 新鲜出炉的泰森,默所有镶边起来

Shinin with the big homie, five-car caravan 与大亲密的照耀,五辆车的车队

Ridin shotgun, put that chronic smoke in the air 坐车的猎枪,把慢性烟雾在空气中

"Me Against the World" is what I told my foes “我对世界”是我告诉我的敌人

So it's me against the world, 'til they poke them hoes 所以这是我对世界, “直到他们捅他们锄头

Leanin out the window, flickin ashes off the indo Leanin窗外, flickin骨灰落印

Throwin up Westside, I see, some of my kinfolk 肆意了西边,我明白了,我的一些亲属的

Pull that blunt closer to my mouth cause only she know 拉那生硬贴近我的嘴的原因只有她自己知道

I'm feelin bad about that nigga we stomped out in that casino 我感觉不好的兄弟们,我们踩在了赌场

But fuck it it's Death Row - the big homie never told me 但他妈的它的死囚 - 大亲密从来没有告诉过我

that my next blow could be my fuckin death blow 我的下一个打击可能是我他妈的致命一击

Tell Kidada I'm not ready, I ain't even let my momma know 告诉Kidada我还没准备好,我是不是还让我的妈妈知道

I ain't got no kids, I'm only twenty-fo' 我没有得到任何孩子,我只有二十佛

Before I can let the smoke out, niggaz let twenty go 之前,我可以让出的烟雾,兄弟们让20去

The thirteen that hit the car was through the passenger do' 十三是打车是通过乘客做

Now come wit it 现在就来机智


[Chorus: Latoya Williams] [合唱:拉托雅·威廉姆斯]

Never can say goodbye, never can say goodbye (to my friends) 永远不能说再见,永远不能说再见(我的朋友)

Never can say goodbye, never can say goodbye (to my friends) 永远不能说再见,永远不能说再见(我的朋友)

Never can say goodbye, never can say goodbye (to my friends) 永远不能说再见,永远不能说再见(我的朋友)

Never can say goodbye, never can say goodbye (I will always keep you near) 永远不能说再见,永远不能说再见(我会永远守在您附近)


[The Game - impersonating Notorious B.I.G.] [游戏 - 冒充臭名昭著B.I.G. ]

I love it when they call me Big Popp-a 我喜欢它,当他们叫我大波普-A

I only smoke blunts if they roll prop-a 我只抽减弱,如果他们推出的道具-A

Look I gots ta, catch the first thing smokin in Cali 大牛:我全球有机纺织品标准助教,赶上第一件事戒掉卡利

And hit one of my bitches in the valley 而在山谷打我的母狗1

Gotta call my nigga Sean, tell him reserve the don 我得叫我黑鬼肖恩,告诉他保留唐

Tell him to get the chron' and the teflon 告诉他得到了历代志下“和聚四氟乙烯

I think they trippin off the homie gettin shot 我认为他们践踏掉亲密刚开拍

But God bless his soul, Lord know it wasn't Pop 但是,上帝保佑他的灵魂,上帝知道不是流行

or the M.A.F.I.A., Kim tell Cease get the fuckin truck 或黑手党,金告诉1:16得到他妈的车

We 'bout to hit the Wilshire district, get fucked up 我们回合打威尔希尔区,被踢的

Pop mad bottles son, twist up the Phillies 流行音乐疯瓶儿子,扭曲了费城

I'm thinkin 'bout T'yanna, these niggaz is lookin silly 我在想回合Tyanna ,这些兄弟们是看着傻

If this was Blook-lyn I would up the 9-milli 如果这是Blook - 林恩我想了9毫

But fuck it we to the truck, roll the dutch, we out of Phillies 但是,他妈的,我们的卡车,滚动荷兰,我们出了费城人队

Hop in the front seat, of that dark green Suburban 一跳深绿色郊区的前座,

Heard another car swervin, gunshots close the curtains; Biggie! 听到另一辆车swervin ,枪声关闭窗帘;大不了!


[Chorus] [合唱]


[The Game - impersonating Eazy-E] [游戏 - 模仿EAZY - E]

Layin in this hospital bed with bronchitis, I can't talk 开始裁员与支气管炎该医院的病床上,我不能说

Walked myself in and all of a sudden I can't walk 走在自己和所有突然我不能走

IV's in my arm, my wife Tomica at my legs 四,在我的手臂,我的妻子托米察在我的腿

(Ruthless), I mean Records, we got married on my deathbed (狠) ,我的意思是记录,我们结婚了对我的临终

I could hear Jerry Heller in the hall 我能听到杰里海勒大厅

But I couldn't hear Cube and Dr. Dre no more at all 但我听不到立方和德瑞博士没有更多可言

Through all the bullshit them niggaz was my dawgs 通过所有的废话他们的兄弟们是我的dawgs

Niggaz With Attitudes spraypainted on the walls 兄弟们有了态度spraypainted在墙壁上

I'm flatlinin, it's bad timin 我flatlinin ,它的坏TIMIN

(Straight Outta Compton), the king of gangsta rap's dyin (直Outta坎顿) ,匪帮说唱的快要枯萎之王

Cause of death, the AIDS virus 死亡原因,艾滋病病毒

Conspiracy, I guess the government just hate violence 阴谋,我想政府只是讨厌暴力

They thought my group influenced the L.A. riots 他们以为我的群影响的洛杉矶骚乱

Woulda been here to see my kids grow, if I stayed quiet 这里的woulda看到我的孩子长大,如果我依然淡静

Took 12 years for a real nigga to break silence 花了12年的一个真正的黑人打破沉默

Eazy I had to let 'em know EAZY我必须让他们知道

You could catch me, cruisin down the street in my six-fo' 你可以追我, cruisin在街上,我的六佛


[Chorus] [合唱]

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