歌词 "Mob Niggas Don't Die" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Mob Niggas Don't Die



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Twista] [特斯塔]

Gang Bangin ain't go' never die, as long 刚Bangin不走永远不会死,只要

As niggaz ain't got nothing we go' be thuggin forever high 至于兄弟们是不是得了什么才好般的暴徒被永远高

Ain't no more drive by's, niggaz chase you down til they get you 是不是没有更多的驱动器,兄弟们追你下来直到他们得到你

Multiple slugz found in your tissue 您的组织中发现了多个slugz

Whatever it is you should've honored it 不管它是什么,你应该已经兑现它

when them niggaz told you not to come around here 当他们的兄弟们告诉你不要来这儿

And you was found here 而你在这里找到

Your death is now near 你死就是现在靠近

I'm bout to put a bullet in his gut, catch him at the stop sign 我就要将子弹射进了他的勇气,抓住他在站牌

And dump em' in his nuts. Now lets play a game of find and search 而在他的坚果抛售他们的人。现在,让我们玩个游戏查找和搜索

While your mamma cryin' in church 而在教会你妈妈哭泣

I'll be spyin for work 我会spyin工作

I'ma go right on 我是直行

Cause when your life's gone 因为当你的生命走了

Nigga there is no replacement 兄弟们有没有更换

And you got your work hid in the basement 和你有在地下室工作躲进

I got it, gothic 我得到了它,哥特式

Go for the endo, she's smokin hydro-ponic chronic 去的内切,她戒掉水力ponic慢性

Blow out the heart like entity injuries upon my body 在我的身体吹出像实体伤心脏

don't help heal up the scar, so baby don't cry 不利于愈合的伤疤,所以宝贝不要哭

cause mob niggaz don't die 引起暴徒的兄弟们不会死


[Liffy Stokes] [ Liffy斯托克斯]

Mob niggaz ain't go' never die 暴徒的兄弟们是不是去永远不死

We in the lot, callin shots, keeping 我们中的很多,呼唤出手,保管

Dope fiends forever high 涂料恶魔永远高

Forever fire get lit wit the trigger eye 永远的火得到点亮智慧的眼睛触发

Twenty split, gun the bitch, leave her dead I 二分裂,枪婊子,让她死,我

Man I put your block on four 男人,我把你的块4

Hit k town and come back wit a bus load 打K表镇回来机智总线负载

Full of niggas that's down and dirty, pushin thirty 全黑鬼这就是降浊,甩卖30

Minutes beef it gets muddy 分钟牛肉它变得浑浊

But I'ma swim through the murky water 但我是通过黑暗的水中游泳

Hold it down like a carter, live long like a godfather 按住它像卡特,长寿像教父

Kick Volvo's, fuck tight hoes 踢沃尔沃,他妈的紧锄头

Live a life many kill and fight for 过生活多杀,争取

And campaign in this rap game, cause ain't nothing out 而在这个说唱游戏活动,原因是不是出什么

here in these motherfucking 在这里,这些他妈的

Streets man, and that's comin from a nigga you know who chose 街上的人,而这从一个黑人,你知道是谁选择了科曼

To be legit and still rip foes 是合法的,仍然撕裂敌人


[Chorus 1 x2] [合唱1 ×2 ]

Mob niggas, cause drama, till it's hot 手机黑鬼,造成戏剧,直到它的热

get shot, see the dot 被枪杀,见点

Same day back on the block, set up shop 当天回块上,设店

hat throw thuggin, throwin up 帽子扔般的暴徒,肆意起来

Fo's and forks, strapped up FO的刀叉,绑起来

screamin out I ain't gon' never die 叫得出来我是不是坤永远不死


[Chorus 2 x2] [合唱2 ×2 ]

we can be shot at, battered and bruised 我们可以在拍摄,伤痕累累

bloody and left out in the cold 血腥和冷落

But real niggaz never fall, if I'm a hundred years old 但是,真正的兄弟们永远不会下降,如果我是一个百年老店

I'm still gonna murder you 我还是会谋杀你

Cause mob niggaz don't die 因为暴徒的兄弟们不会死


[Turtle Banxx] [龟Banxx ]

We release no doubt 我们释放无疑

Just close are eyes and open fire 只要闭上双眼都开火

Mash and bang on niggaz let them hot boys fly 捣烂爆炸的兄弟们,让他们热的男孩飞

You can tell a maniac got a look in his eye, card green, two 你可以告诉一个疯子挡在他的眼睛一看,卡绿两种

Magazines and a throw away knife 杂志和扔掉刀

My position is thorough composition 我的立场是彻底的组成

Competition is minimum blocks 竞争是最小的块

We bendin them shots 我们bendin他们出手

We're sendin them at the rhythm 我们寄来他们的节奏

Hit them put venom in them 打他们把毒液在其中

Bloody up him in his jeans 血腥了他在他的牛仔裤

And watch the white shirt study the scene 看着白衬衫的研究现场

Gang bangin aint go' Never cease 刚bangin AINT去永不停止

As long as there's streets, police and heat, dope rocks and weed 只要有街道,警察和热量,涂料岩石和杂草

Chronic, empty stomachs and mouths to feed 慢性,空肚子和嘴喂

Who want it niggaz off the deed 谁想要它的兄弟们离开契税

The K Town we spray round 在K城,我们喷轮

So stay down, this aint no play ground around here 于是住了下来,这不是没有理由打在这里

You could get found around here 你可以到这里找到了解决

Shot up, battered and bruised 狂涨,伤痕累累

Headline of the news 新闻头条

The chosen, the few, mob niggaz don't die fool 所选择的,为数不多的,暴徒的兄弟们不会死的傻瓜


[Chorus 1 x2] [合唱1 ×2 ]

[Chorus 2 x2] [合唱2 ×2 ]


[Liffy Stokes] [ Liffy斯托克斯]

Hey, my papa told me, boy if, you wanna be a G 嘿,我的爸爸告诉我,如果男孩,你想成为A G

you gots, to flip them keys 你GOTS ,翻转它们的键

And avoid, them federalies 避免,他们federalies

Cause they, be on that ass 因为他们,是对的屁股

Ready to blast fast 准备快爆炸

Nigga fuck ask they take it, an' I'm shakin' off 他妈的黑鬼问他们吃的,一个我颤抖了

charges like Payton 收费佩顿一样

Hot stepping out the courtroom in gators, true playaz 热点走出的鳄鱼法庭上,真正playaz

No the business 无业务

No case without a witness, its senseless to resist this 无证人任何情况下,它毫无意义的抵抗这个

Hostile take over 敌意接管

To late to pray to Jehovah, death closer, I lit him up like a toaster 晚祷告耶和华,死亡近了,我点他起来像烤面包机

Then put my shit back in my holsta 然后把我的屎回到我holsta

Blood crumbled on the posters 血崩溃的海报

I gave a foe like a nigga was supposed ta 我给了敌人像黑鬼应该TA


[Twista] [特斯塔]

Shit, was wit the bogus bird, I don't want it 妈的,被机智的假鸟,我不希望它

I can tell when I rub my finger across it it got sumthin on it 我可以告诉大家,当我擦我的手指穿过它,它有sumthin就可以了

Fuck it if you niggaz wanna get killed wit a chick in the coat 他妈的,如果你的兄弟们想获得的外衣杀机智小鸡

Cause you can die wit the dick in the throat, hittin the dro 因为你可以在喉咙死机智的家伙,地球上的DRO

Back on the block servin 回到块塞尔

After the murder packin 杀人后包装;

For work cuz we're lucky popo's ain't havin 'em nervous 工作cuz我们很幸运POPO的不就吃时间紧张

Think what I was in, family show up, an' the enemy 觉得我在家庭中显示,一个敌人

they lay, got it locked wit ten rolls 他们躺着,知道了锁定机智十卷

If they spray, fuck it 如果他们喷,他妈的

I'ma come back in the buck n'bloody fractures on my body 我是回来在我身上的降压nbloody骨折

Bustin out on the public, bringin' the ruckus 巴斯廷了市民, bringin 骚动

Screamin, die punk motherfuckers 尖叫,死亡朋克怎么就

Reminice on how them hoes put the nigga on crutches Reminice对他们的锄头如何把拄着拐杖的黑鬼

Smokin' on dutches, fifty sack in my clutches 斯莫上dutches , 50袋在我的魔掌

Ballin no flows go, hataz Askin' how the mob's so strong 巴林没有流走, hataz阿斯“如何暴徒是如此强烈

I belong to the breathin' niggaz that wanna take over after pop 我是属于呼吸了兄弟们想弹出后接管

Label me the verbal aftershock 标签我的言语余震

I'ma never die! 我是永远不会死!

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